Chapter 42: Decided to Love (2)

Xiao Er muttered, “Xiao San, I already gave you guys the room, let me sleep——”

“Xiao Er, don’t you think this photo is wonderful?” Asking Xiao Er, YouYan waved her fingers in front of his face.

“Of course it is! It’s boss’ art piece, why would it not be great?”

“Because it’s by the boss? Only because it’s by boss?” YouYan continued to ask.

“No, I don’t really get the art stuff, but whenever I look at this, it makes me feel——stunned.” Xiao Er yawned and continued to say, “But instead he throws it on the floor over there.”

“Great, you’re done. You can leave now.”

He didn’t really understand what was going on and just as quickly as he was brought in, YouYan pushed him out. Xiao Er hmphed and went back to sleep.

Zhang Lei stared at YouYan, with her curved eyes and a bright smile plastered on her face, just like the first time he saw her.

“Boss, it’s such a shame you didn’t actually make a gallery. In the preview, it’s only the opinion of a few people, but in the actual gallery, there will be many more people. That’s your true stage, only all their voices together can decide whether you failed or not. See, tonight the two of us liked the photo.”

“Xiao Er said it was a stunning picture to look at, with all these different kinds of hands contrasting with each other. The basic background brings out the greatest effect. I would say it’s a feeling of warmth. All these hands together represent family, unable to be whole if lacking a single one. Everyone is unique, and together they make up the entire world.”

“So, Boss should show this piece to the rest of the world.”

She walked over and squatted down, touching the photo.

The soft voice shocked him, perhaps to an extent greater than the shock Xiao Er described.

It was just an unimportant night spent with an unexpected girl who barged into his life, but his heart had been moved.

Something that he had been thinking about for the past two years was unraveled by her  in a couple sentences. How dare she? There was a thin trace of anger, but it wasn’t enough to stop the feeling inside his heart.

She paused to think, turned around and asked silently, “Boss, do you think my drawing is good enough to be shown?”

Zhang Lei voice was slightly cold as he said, “If your drawing can’t be shown, then all the paintings in the galleries of City G can’t be shown.”

“Compared to mother, and him——” She stopped.

Her or him? If it’s him, who is he? Zhang Lei paused and as he looked at the slight smile on her face, his anger grew.

His voice held a faint trace of derision, she heard it. But she continued to describe, “My mother was intelligent. No matter what it was, she could draw it out after a couple glances, capturing the unique characteristics of it. Her sketches were always fast and beautiful, but despite how much I looked, I could never keep it in mind. My mother’s friends could all draw beautiful pieces, and they told me artists usually relied on instincts. They all said I was bad at it and that when I drew, it was slow and ugly, so I would look over it time and time again, drawing it time and time again.

“If my mother saw one iris lily, she would be able to draw an entire garden of them. But if I saw a garden of iris lilies, I would only be able to draw a single one. When my mother asked whether I liked drawing, I said I did. She told me that if I liked it, I should live up to my hopes. Even if I failed, it would just be a choice of starting again.”