Chapter 4: Everyone is Unique in the Eyes of Their Lover (2)

Sometimes he would purposefully ignore her and continue drawing, listening to her talk until she was thirsty and tired. In moments like this, she would grab his sketchbook and pretend to ruin it.

The first half of the sketchbook pages depicted cloud-covered landscapes, amazing her with how he managed to draw this simple scene in so many different and unique ways. However, all of these drawings possessed an aura of distance and coldness within them.

In his later drawings, the clouds began to disappear, the landscapes became fancier, but his strokes seemed to get softer. It made the drawings feel as if the artist had been smiling when he was drawing it, at peace with the continual flow of time.

One time as she was resting on his firm legs, she nodded her head as she asked about why he stopped drawing clouds.

He replied lightly, “Yan, sometimes we see a cloud staying still in the middle of the sky, but it’s actually moving. It’s just that it is moving in a way that we can’t tell.”


She looked at him, confused, but nodded her head anyway.

His quiet laughter resounded in her ears, bearing a trace of doting within.

After a long time, just when she had almost fallen asleep, she heard him whisper to her.

“But now I have you.”

Before she had the chance to ponder his words, her eyes closed and she fell asleep.

This feeling of drifting asleep upon the chest of one’s lover would make anyone feel content, even if the world were to sink into darkness forever, even if life was to disappear in ten minutes time.

In her sleep, she felt the sensation of his lips on her eyes as he kissed her with love.

Time, seemed to halt.

She didn’t understand what he was saying back then, but thinking back on it now, thinking back on every detail from his smile to his words, she finally seemed to understand what he meant.

He was like the wind and the clouds, never stopping for anyone. Nevertheless, he stopped for her.

“Clouds have always been restless, but today they’ll stay for the mountain.” Today, this man who is like the clouds has quietly stood by Zhou Huai An for the past several years. Zhou HuaiAn’s English name is Jebel, which also means mountain.

It is said that the two of them are like the fish and water, the clouds and the sky, a perfect match.

Her fingers clung to the railing by the roadside, her knuckles becoming prominent. Her heartbeat went up again, before eventually calming down after a long time.

The sound of an incoming text rung from inside her bag, and she took out her phone, looking at the newest message. It was an unfamiliar number, but the name and information were familiar, reading, “You Yan. Why didn’t you tell us that you came back to City G? It has been several months already! If Susan didn’t let it slip, we still wouldn’t have known. My birthday is tomorrow—you probably forgot, but please come tomorrow at 8:30 pm. There’s just going to be a couple of our old classmates coming and it’s in Times Square, the fourteenth floor of “Lavender”. Sincerely, Xu Qing.”