Chapter 39: Danger

The night has always been more trustworthy than humans. No matter what happened, it would come every day as promised.

After work, walking down the same path that she walked on daily, YouYan felt like her heart had been hollowed. The promise of a month: instead of being a promise to Xu Qing, it may as well be a promise to cut herself off completely.

An embrace, a kiss—as long as it involved him, she’d lose her reasoning. She couldn’t meet him again because if she saw him again, she would never want to leave.

The conversation she had with Xu Qing went against her heart. Regarding him, she would never be willing to let him go. No matter who she gave him to. Even though she knew HuaiAn loved him deeply.

Around the corner was the bus stop.

The atmosphere suddenly grew taut. YouYan paused and someone grabbed her arm. Shocked, the pace of her heart quickened.

“Shush, don’t be so loud. Take this woman!”

She used her hands to pry the hands off her, but it was no use. She opened her mouth to bite, but someone laughed coldly and pulled on her hair, and she had to stop in pain.

Now, she could see them: five or six men around her, one gripping her while another placed his hand over her mouth, shutting it tightly. The others looked around cautiously.

Quickly, she was pulled towards a car in an ally.

Scared, she shivered but she wasn’t unable to make a sound. Internally, she called his name again and again.

“Fuck! Where are these idiots from!” A voice came from behind.

The men bunched around her in the middle, staring at the person who came.

YouYan saw hope as two people stood beneath the dim streetlights. One furious and one cold, with tension in the atmosphere.

Xiao Er and Zhang Lei. It was clear that Xiao Er was furious, cursing under his breath.

YouYan tried to judge whether the boss and Xiao Er could win, afraid to get them involved.

Zhang Lei narrowed his eyes, sweeping his gaze towards YouYan, one filled with anger yet traces of comfort at the same time. YouYan suddenly felt a soothing wave of calmness.

“Don’t be afraid.” As his words resounded, he moved, disappearing on the spot.

A still steaming cup of tea. YouYan stared at the cup Zhang Lei handed over.

A certain someone was unable to remain patient any longer.

“Xiao San, helloo?” Xiao Er waved five fingers in front of YouYan.

Zhang Lei patted YouYan lightly.

“Yan, it’s safe now.”

YouYan thought for a moment stood up, and bowed towards the two, “Boss, Xiao Er, thank you.”

Seeing her serious expression, Xiao Er fell to the floor laughing.

Zhang Lei laughed, “It’s not like you’re calling me boss for nothing.”

“Umm——” YouYan tilted her head, continuing, “Did the two of you own a slaughterhouse or something? You were so fierce back there.”