Chapter 36: Hidden

“Why does she still get the position?”, Linda asked after the two had left.

“Her skills are enough for this position, she’s only missing time and experience.” Finished, he picked up his cup, but placed it back down. He hated it, but he was still holding onto her lingering taste.

Gu YeBai’s eyes darkened.

“Since she has spent the time, why should I waste it?”

“The idea and thought?” It was rare for Linda to joke around.

“Someone provided the idea and the opportunity.”

“Someone?” Linda furrowed her brows, “Do you mean the person who painted the drawing? I’ve gone to this “Time” before, but I didn’t see a single waitress. This drawing is surprising though, however, I’m not professional enough to judge. But I would make a guess that you, President, are interested in this drawing, or maybe the person who painted it.

“L, what would you say about YiNong.”

“YiNong is one of our best artists. You brought her up yourself and she’s the one closest to being an apprentice of yours. The media has already given her such a great image, what else could I add? Her drawings, I can only say that they’re beyond beautiful.”

Gu YeBai’s smile turned even colder.

“Regarding. The effects of this drawing, YiNong could indeed achieve it, but if she only had two hours, she wouldn’t be able to achieve it even in ten years time.”

Linda was shocked but continued to sigh. She focused and responded, “I would have never thought such a tiny cafe would have so many hidden secrets and talents.

“Oh? Why would you say that?”

“The famous Zhang family of the underground society. Didn’t their heir change it so that they are now a legal company? But he later disappeared without a trace. And regarding those matters in the business world, you must know better than I do, so I won’t bother mentioning it. But the owner of the cafe is that heir. If I hadn’t seen him previously years ago, I wouldn’t ever have thought such a person would be the owner of a cafe.”

Pushing his chair back, he stood up. Gu YeBai stood next to the window, his brows furrowed as he responded lightly, “That person… actually quite impressive.”

“But I would say that the girl who drew the drawing is even more mysterious.” Linda laughed.

“Mysterious?” His voice lowered, Gu YeBai repeated the word.

“If even YiNong can’t compare with her, who else in our company can?” Linda looked out into the streets, her gaze landing on the tiny cafe.

“I, maybe, could try.” His gaze was sharp as Gu YeBai responded in a casual tone.

Linda was shocked, looking towards Gu YeBai only to see him with a calm expression. It was impossible to tell what he was thinking.

Yan. I’ve known you for years, but Gu YeBai has never understood you. Regarding talent in art, you may not have reached my level, but regarding games of the mind, you wouldn’t lose to HuaiAn.

Six years ago, you and I met in a game of truth and dare. But actually, the game begins today.