Chapter 32: Stirring Emotions

Not yet.

The door opened once again. This time, it was to the crisp sound of high heels clicking against the floor. YouYan slowly stretched herself out, and from under the table, she could see a pair of pale legs in extreme proximity to him.

YouYan felt her heart ache, hurriedly covering her mouth.

A soft female voice rang out.

“Oh, so you are here.”

This voice, she recognized it! It was Chu Ke!

Gu YeBai didn’t reply. Silence reigned in the room and the scent of the food began to fade, sharpening the scent of that woman’s perfume.

Hearing Chu Ke’s giggles and seeing her feet tip up, she was sitting in Gu YeBai’s lap.

 Her long legs rubbed against his pants, and in the end, her heels fell to the ground with a little kick of her legs, her pale feet stepping onto his shoes. Her toes were decorated with a bright red nail polish, bouncing on him with a pattern, once light then once hard.

YouYan’s eyes opened wide, with her heart about to leap out of her chest.

Xiao Bai, push her away! You already have HuaiAn. A dull pain throbbed inside her. Seeing her leg twist slightly and the bottom of the skirt move up, she was completely upon him now.

YouYan hands clenched into a fist, pushing down the will to climb out.

In this quiet atmosphere, the girl’s legs wrapped around his, tightening as fragmented moans leaked from her mouth, bringing ambiguous unclear sounds of xxxxx. It hurts. YouYan broke through the skin of her lips in her agitated biting, and every single cell in her body was in pain, thinking about the scene just above the table.

On the other side.

Her tender lips moved across the man’s adam apple, hands sneaking under his shirt and drawing circles on his lean muscular chest.

With her eyes half closed, she looked towards him hazily, falling into those dark pupils. Chu Ke’s heart suddenly fell, the handsome man in front of her was smiling, but there wasn’t a single trace of heat and excitement inside his eyes. Instead, they were slightly narrowed and held a trace of sharpness.

But he didn’t stop her, right? So did he crave this as much as she wanted him? This man’s personality was definitely cold, but she knew he gave her special rights. That day, he gave her the position of director, or else how else could she have gotten this position? When she asked him why, he answered coldly, “You have potential.”

No. It can’t be this reason. She knew her worth. Enough to make any man crazy over her. But that was only under the circumstances of knowing her love for him, so she would do anything.

Since there was love, she would do anything. She even stepped onto HuaiAn’s bottom line several times.

She clenched her teeth, and her pretty face moved against his, trying to kiss his lips.

But suddenly, he seized her chin and the smile on his lips grew.

It hurts, she silently moaned in pain.

At the same time, she heard a raging female voice, kind of raspy, and filled with a trace of grief.

“You, let go of Xiao Bai.”