Chapter 31: A Drilling Conversation

A subtle wine aroma suffused the air, leading her to feel drunk and sleepy.

Hugging her knees under the table, YouYan sniffed the air, wondering why this smell seemed so familiar. Is this food from Bu Ye Tian? But she hesitated at this—he didn’t eat food from Bu Ye Tian.

The name may seem grand, but it was just a street food stand in City G. She really loved eating their wine balls, and even though he simply hmphed at her taste, he went there with her every weekend.

The owners were a middle aged couple, to whom many young couples came. In the warm streetlights, the couple busied themselves with the stand, but every so often looked at each other with happiness and content.

She would close her eyes in content from the food and then rub her oily lips on his, like a little pig. But he was easily embarrassed and scolded her in a low voice: “Behave, there are people watching.”

She hmphed and ignored his warning. When he got annoyed he would squish her nose and say, “This is what you get.”

The wife of the couple really liked her, and every time they went she would give them extras.

Between them, even if many things disappeared over the course of these past years, there were too many proofs of their occurrence.

She pondered for a long time, before YouYan suddenly felt annoyed—she was so hungry. She thought inside, Xiao Bai can’t you eat any faster? Get out! Is your company dying or something, why do you have so much spare time to just sit here!?”

But he was so close to her, and a spot in her heart went soft, compelling her hungry stomach to tone town a little. Curling herself up, she carefully moved closer to his feet.

To be even just a little closer to him.

His hand wasn’t flipping through any of the food on the table, but instead piles of paperwork. The corners of his mouth curled up into a tiny smile, in no haste.

He never ate at noon. It was the same for today. And he didn’t actually like eating all these items that he had just ordered. His eyes narrowed slightly and looked out the large window, seeing the raindrops are still falling though the sun was out.

A lively voice came to his ears, past the rays of the sun and the halls of time.

12 p.m. at University G, in the busiest cafeteria and accompanied by a bustling crowd. He stood away from the crowd, watching her slip through the throng people with sweat glistening on her forehead.

——Chef, can I have some more?

——Oh! Are you here to buy your boyfriend his lunch again?

——It’s the last portion? Aye, you in front, my Xiao Bai really likes eating that, can I trade my wine balls for your portion?

——I don’t like eating wine balls. Huh? Wait! My portion!

Linda would say that as a president, he was not hard to please. Even though he could have the best of the best, he was never picky, especially with regards to clothing and food. Signing his name on a file, he threw it aside, laughed coldly, and then focused once again.

Gu YeBai was always a picky person. Lin ZiYan laughed when he heard this.

She would wrinkle her nose and ask Xiao Bai, can you not be so picky?

He would reply, no.

And then she would give the same answer as always, fine.

Ever since then, she would run around the cafeteria grabbing everything he liked to eat.

But after he created his agency, he was never picky about what he ate. ZiYan would tease, “Yo, President Gu got rid of his picky taste.”

How funny. When that person left, it was like his taste buds lost their will to taste.

Later, Director Wang made an unofficial rule throughout the group. He knew, but never bothered to stop him.

Xu Qing had joked with him, that the higher-ups weren’t allowed to light fire, so the citizens couldn’t turn on their lights.

He laughed coldly. Every once in a while he would pass by the cafeteria, and cheers of happiness would echo past his ears, but it was always her laugh. The laughter that he learned to hate.

He felt movement next to his feet, and once again closed up a file.

Taking out his phone, his voice was calm.

“L, give an announcement, all meetings in the afternoon are canceled and postponed to another day.”

A muffled groan came from underneath the desk, and he tapped his fingers against the table, deep in thought. He wasn’t in a hurry at all.