Chapter 3: Everyone is Unique in the Eyes of Their Lover

Glancing one last time at the skyscraper, she boarded the bus.

Skyscraper 120, the tallest infrastructure of City G which, even in the nighttime, majestically soars into the clouds.

The top companies of City G reside their headquarters here in these 120 floors. Those who walk out from this building aren’t just regular white-collared workers, they are those who decide the fates of every other white-collared workers.

And he, is one of them, sitting in the seat that everyone looks towards.

Is it time for him to leave work yet? What is he doing right now?

Stop, she can’t think of him anymore. The more she contemplates, the more her heart aches.

YouYan shakes her head as the bus crowds, looking out the window and daydreaming about nothing in particular.

All of a sudden, her conversation with Susan a couple days ago comes to mind. It was about how, apparently, 70% of those who were in the foreign language majors of their class obtain a job in foreign trade companies.

But out of all of them, Fang Ying and Zhou HuaiAn were definitely doing the best. They take on almost all of City G’s important translation jobs at international meetings and such. Seeing their success so far, they shouldn’t have any regrets in their life.

And Zhou HuaiAn? As the name passes through her mind, her heart stops for a split second, and starts to beat fast and soon faster. After many deep breaths, it finally goes back to normal.

It’s only because wherever Zhou HuaiAn is, he must be there.

So annoying. Annoying to the power of 100.

How is it that she is thinking about him again?

Gu YeBai, that talented and cold man.

Oh, and the phone call with Susan the other day.

Susan had asked, “Yan, do you still remember Zhou Qin?

She had replied,“The talented scholar? What about him?”

Zhou Qin was a talented student back in University G. He was a rather special individual in their class, becoming a writer and editor after he graduated, now with quite a renowned fame.

“I heard that on Zhou HuaiAn’s birthday this year, he wrote a poem for her.”

“What poem?” Her voice was calm at that time, but her brows furrowed.

“I can’t remember the first part, but the last two lines were, ‘Clouds have always been restless, but today they’ll stay for the mountain.’”

Her phone almost fell from her hand.

The night was bitterly cold.

Outside the window, there was the sickle-shaped moon, accompanied by the sounds of insects chirping, but to her, the view was suddenly very burdening.

Time seemed to rewind back to four years ago. She was still a student at University G at that time, still together with Gu YeBai. Nothing had happened yet.

Late at night, the two of them would go to the mountain nearby to watch the last of the sunset. His eyes would be enthralled as he held onto a sketchbook and focused on his drawing. Meanwhile, she would lean on him and go on and on about everything; recent gossip, the sunset, and even presidential elections.

At the times when he was unable to focus because of her, his brows would furrow and he would kiss her, silencing her. Her eyes would sparkle with laughter at such moments—she planned this, of course! She really loved it when he kissed her, and the way he faintly tasted like ferns made her feel calm.

By all means, he knew this, but he would always deepen the kiss anyways, at least until he saw the red on her cheeks spread.