Chapter 29: Encounter—— thanks to Van Gogh (2)

At her serious expression, Zhang Lei, who was watching the whole time, felt his heartbeat quicken. He coughed to hide this, but instead realized he was the only one who knew about it. He shook his head and laughed.

“Van Gogh’s Iris Lily?” An oil painting recreated with watercolor, but the ruined colors destroyed the artwork. YouYan furrowed her brows.

“You know what this is?” The girl was surprised, she and her friend looked at each other.

  The irises of May bloomed like butterflies,it had nothing to do with the national flower of France. They were bright, but they were also Vincent Van Gogh’s favorite. Blooming unaccompanied in the years the thousands of worlds and the life in them may just be like a simple iris.

Xiao Er was already raising his brows, and when he heard this he looked at YouYan in surprise.

“Do you have your paints with you?” YouYan asked

“Yes, but what can that do?” The girl grabbed her paints, palette, and brushes out of her bag, and threw them onto the table as she laughed at herself mockingly.

YouYan thought for a while, suddenly running back into the employees-only room, and to everyone’s surprise, she came with a pile of printer paper.

“Draw it again!” YouYan handed the paper to the girl.

“It’s impossible! Do you know how long she took to draw this? An entire day. It took an entire day for her to finally grasp a little of the meaning contained in the painting. But now there are not even two hours. How is she going to redraw it? It’s Van Gogh’s drawing, not some child’s scribbles! Plus, the drawing is on quality watercolor paper, look at your paper, its small——” The round-faced girl was agitated, she pushed herself up from the table and her face flushed red.

YouYan bit her lips, the customers sitting next to them were laughing as they watched.

“Xiao Shuang, what are you going? She has good intentions——” The girl looked apologetic as she held onto YouYan’s hands.

YouYan smiled and responded: “It’s fine.”

She picked up the drawing and studied it closely. Finished, she looked into the girl’s sorrowful eyes, began to mix the colors, and said in a low voice: “You still have a chance, why would you give up? Unless you’re certain that there’s not a single trace of hope, there’s no point in despairing.”

Just like me. She thought to herself.

The girl covered her face and sobbed, unable to speak.

The girl’s friend glanced at YouYan and, unable to resist, she mocked: “How would you know the difficulty of this matter.”

“Xiao San, don’t bother.” Xiao Er laughed coldly: “She doesn’t even want your help, why would you bother?”

YouYan didn’t make a sound, but looked towards Skyscraper 120. She smiled.

She took a brush into both hands, dipping the tips in the water and paints, and placed a stroke onto the paper. Her gaze settled, focusing on the paper.

All of a sudden, the cafe fell into silence, overlooking the gasps in the beginning. Someone picked up their cup but forgot to move, only remembering after a long while that they wanted to take a sip.

It’s not because I longed for you just now// It’s only because I thought of you// When my tears drop// Everything fell silent// Only because you loved did it forgive// Longing makes time pass by quickly

Time passed quickly. Music flowed elegantly in the coffee shop “Time”, and when the clock indicated 11:45 a.m., the girl landed her last stroke. The butterfly emerged from its cocoon, the sea of purple and blue, giving off the feeling as though one had landed in a nameless embrace, with the flowers blooming confident and glorious.

At this moment, silence filled the whole room, and no one left their seat. Next second, a thunderous uproar resounded.

Xiao Er covered his eyes and murmured to himself: “I’ve seen everything now.”

The two girls were shocked beyond words.

Reaching out to hold the girl’s hand, YouYan said: “The drawing isn’t great, but at least its fast. If you don’t mind it, you can take it. But from now on you will still have to depend on yourself.”

This type of artwork was considered not great? This one sentence clamped everyone’s mouth shut. Zhang Lei sipped his coffee and smiled. Most likely, it was the first time in his life that he guessed something wrong. Ever since he left the Zhang family, he had taken care of countless contracts and deals, but he had never met one so remarkably different.

The rain never halted. 11:53 a.m. Skyscraper 120. Floor 88. The waiting room.

YouYan opened her eyes wide, hesitating. Why did she not reject the girl’s invitation? They had hoped to share their success with her first if they made it……

She was about to leave quietly, seeing that the two had gone towards the interview room, going to the restroom.

It was decided. She was going to run away under the curious gaze of the crowd.

Lowering her head, she scurried down the hallways until she heard a clutter of footsteps, and a soft female voice speaking: “President, the interviewees are there.”