Chapter 28: Encounter—— thanks to Van Gogh

Coffee brewed inside the distiller, dark liquid that was unable to reflect the clock.

Ten o’clock in the morning. A rain had suddenly come over the city, bringing even more customers into the cafe.

Zhang Lei also came out from the back to help with the workload. In the melancholy blue, the sounds of Xiao Er and the customers’ conversations reached every corner of the cafe, accompanied by the occasional sound of shattering plates.

She seemed to be really clumsy. It had been a month, but she would still break dishes. Xiao Er once asked him why he would use someone as stupid as YouYan for so long. He had replied lightly, “The cost of replacements come from her paycheck.” He wasn’t a kind person, and he knew what was right and wrong. But then when he thinks about it again, she really was clumsy.

But. After sending her home last night, seeing where she lives, he never really thought that such a girl would live in a place like that. The slums of City G, which were full of evils and dangers.

But she had happily given him her thanks for sending her back. As he watched her jump around the trash and puddles, he felt his heart ache slightly.

He was a controlled person. Yet, in one night, his emotions had gone out of control twice. Was it when she told him that her Big Brother Chi was dead with those sorrowful eyes, then immediately changed the topic to a happy one? Or was it at that strong but fragile view of her jumping across the slums?

He laughed mockingly at himself, but before he had time to ponder more deeply, a tiny cry came from the cafe, interrupting his thoughts. Looking in the direction it came from, he saw a young girl who covered her face as she cried, her friend was frantically trying to calm her, but there was no effect.

Many customers looked at her in curiosity.

YouYan furrowed her brows and went forward to comfort the girl and her friend.

“There aren’t even two hours till the interview, but my friend’s artwork is ruined beyond saving!”, explained the round-faced girl, her voice filled with traces of crying.

Many people gave them looks of sympathy, but quickly carried on. The world goes on no matter what happens, as long as it’s not one’s own matter. It was all just like some drama.

Xiao Er twitched his mouth and called: “Sis, I’ll give you a cup of cappuccino, extra milk. Don’t cry.”

“But she went through so much just to get an interview from that company!”

“Where is she interviewing?” What time?” Xiao Er furrowed his brows.

“Yi Xun Group at 12 o’clock.”

YouYan froze, her hands shook and the platter fell. Xiao Er glared at her as he caught it.

He whistled and laughed: “Your friend really has some talent, I heard that it’s almost impossible to get hired there. That agency really is weird, having an interview at noon? Are they not expecting you to eat?”

The girl, who had her head lowered, suddenly raised her eyes and said as tears streamed down, “I’ve been learning art since I was ten. I practiced for all these years, and when other people were playing around, I was struggling to improve my skills. Ever since four years ago, after I saw Gu Senpai’s drawing, my goal has been to join the Yi Xun Group he owned. But this drawing, the one he required, who knew this would happen……”

“Her mother just finished a surgery and everyone in her family was hopeful about this. She was hoping to take down this position as a present to her mother.” The friend was ready to cry.

“You’re a student of University G?” YouYan paused.

The two girls didn’t think anything of this question, they nodded their heads.

“Can I see the drawing?” YouYan asked.

Xiao Er hmphed as he said: “So meddlesome, do you even know art?”

The girl also looked dubiously at her, but nodded her head. With the initial thought that a waitress wouldn’t actually know art, and that it was out of an act of kindness, her shaking hand took out the piece. YouYan carefully wiped her hands on her apron before taking it.