Chapter 27: Oh. You were Here All Along.

The day HuaiAn flew to Cuba, it was raining heavily and continuously in City G.

Skyscraper 120. Floor 90. The president’s office.

Currently, a group of higher-ups stood outside the office, either furrowing their brows or pacing around with stressed expressions.

“Linda, what’s the matter?” Finally, someone asked.

The head secretary Linda was known for her intelligence and calmness, but at this moment her brows were wrinkled.

“Everyone, go inside. The red alert is on right now, but it might turn into black.” At last, she shrugged her shoulders and concluded with this, contrarily filled with humor.

But no one was able to enjoy the humour, afterall it was a stressful time. They had to report things, but it rumored that ever since he came back in the morning, he had slammed the door shut. Now they couldn’t go in, but they couldn’t leave either. Even the older workers didn’t know what to do.

A shaking hand raised into the air.

“Miss Linda, then… should I still bring the president his daily coffee?!”

Linda smiled, raising her brow as she replied: “Of course! Even if the president doesn’t want it, these people need you to. Someone has to know what’s happening inside.”

Secretary Xiao Huang sighed sorrowfully inside and bringing out her courage, knocked on the door.

“Come in.” A low voice came from the room, a voice filled with coldness.

Xiao Huang stepped into the spacious office, with papers scattered over the floor. In a gray Armani suit, a tall figure stood in front of the window, his aura cold and frightening.

She stepped over the papers in fright, then heard Gu YeBai say: “Don’t step on them.”

She quickly responded, but was unable to resist the curiosity. Glancing towards the papers, she saw a picture on one of them showing a girl. The girl wasn’t beautiful, but she was bright and pretty in a different way. Her brows were curvy, and she smiled around the corners of her mouth, bringing the entire picture alive.

She was confused, the pictures on documents are usually new, but this one seemed like it had been flipped and held many times over numerous years.

Her heart beat faster, even more curious now, but further approach was stopped by the voice of Gu YeBai.


The door closed once again, hiding the mysteries behind it.

Gu YeBai’s pupils darkened.

Time. Great. Very well. Yan, you were within my reach after all.

His eyes landed on the papers scattered around the floor. One million, in exchange for speed.

In the timespan of one night, four years of emptiness had disappeared, leaving only details about everything. In those four years, he hadn’t looked, but now that he cared, an urge to kill her himself rose deep inside him.

He thought he’d gone crazy. When he saw her current address in the papers, his heart felt like a truck had run over it. She was living in a cheap apartment with a rent of two hundred a month. With crimes, riots and homelessness, and located in the most dismal place of City G.

Outside the skyscraper, rain poured down upon the city, dark clouds covering the sky. Next to the clock on the opposite side of the street, the cafe “Time” sat. He locked his eyes onto the cafe, into the darkness. Yan, since you refused the heaven I so carefully built, then we’ll just have to go to hell together.

The clock shows 12:00.