Chapter 25: I will Love You on the Clouds

Whistling lazily, Lin ZiYan pushed open the doors of “Sofia”

“Sofia” is a silent bar. The lights are perfect, not too hazy, allowing people to lose their minds. As one walks in, soft music surrounds them.

~♪~I heard that you often passed by, I heard that you’re no longer here, I heard that you fell in love with me……~♪~

Lin ZiYan suddenly thought of Susan, and how they are destined to be an unsolvable equation. Everytime he steps forward, she steps back. She said she gave her marriage up to the heavens, so thenceforth she just traveled from country to country.

Her reason for flying.

Fang Ying works as a translator, often traveling internationally with higher-ups. They often board the airline Susan works for, and the two meet in the sky. They enjoy the blue sky and clouds together, unlike him who stands in the city looking up into the sky.

Fang Ying is already married and Susan isn’t willing to step between their marriage, but she uses this type of method to follow him. When he comes, a cup of hot tea. When he leaves, she sends him off with a smile. Except this, they haven’t had anything, not even a hug.

Thousands of feet high in the sky, I will love you on the clouds. This fully expresses the beauty and the tragedy of this love.

Laughing sarcastically at himself, Lin ZiYan went towards the bar. He thought about how the appearance of YouYan tonight shocked him, reminding him of this love deep at the bottom of his heart.

When he looked around, he was shocked. Next to the bar, sat three men.

All three were dressed extraordinarily, simple yet elegant, having a quiet conversation with silent laughter. No wonder so many eyes were in this direction.

Not only was the stupid white dude and the doctor here, the man in the middle, the one with his eyes were narrowed, handsome and stylish—wasn’t that his boss Gu YeBai?

He quickly walked towards Gu YeBai, he pointed at him, and asked: “Why are you here?”

Gu YeBai’s expression wasn’t exactly happy and he didn’t even bother to look up, only focusing on his drink and having an aura that should belong to a dead body.

The other man had already pushed a glass towards him, laughing: “Oh, ZiYan is here.”

“Hey, coquettish.” Lin ZiYan greeted in humor and drank from the glass.

Tang Huang didn’t get annoyed, instead his tapped his fingers on the table. The white man next to him was unable to resist his laughter and called out: “ZiYan, why do you always call Tang Huang coquettish? It’s so rude to call a guy that.”

“Stupid foreigner, move aside! Tang Huang understands you should spend your time reading more books and getting some more ink inside of you! Don’t just think about getting wives everyday—being friends with you is an insult to our intelligence.” Lin ZiYan retorted back arrogantly.

Frankie hmphed as he grabbed the ice cubes and threw it at Lin ZiYan, but they went in Tang Huang and Gu YeBai’s direction. Tang Huang smiled as he dodged it while Gu YeBai’s eyes narrowed as he grabbed them and threw the ice inside Lin ZiYan’s cup, causing the alcohol inside to splash Lin ZiYan.