Chapter 2: Missing One of Four

At night time, colorful lights, cars, and people decorate the busy streets. Avenues shine brilliantly with luminance and glow.

Coming out from the coffee shop, Lu You Yan leaned against a pole on the streetside. Gazing at the skyscraper on the other side, her lips curved upwards at the thought of the little secret hidden deep inside her.

Those who worked in the skyscraper often came to the coffee shop called “Time”.  She would always get bits and pieces of information about him from the customers’ conversations. She would remember them, and reminisce leisurely at home. There wasn’t much to remember, but they were generally all pleasant.

Resigning from her job in a foreign trade company and coming to work in this coffee shop had been a wonderful decision.

“Mommy, look, there is a weird lady over there. Why is she giggling to herself?” The little boy looked with curiosity as he tugged on his mother’s belt strap.

“This kiddo has no manners at all. Go, run along now.”

Lu YouYan stuck out her tongue, making a funny face at the little boy. Frightened, the boy hid behind his mother and quickly walked away.

Lu YouYan continued her nonsensical, cheerful routine.

Mmm, it’s been three months since coming to City G. She continued her old profession, working at foreign trade company. However, even after two months, the contract she was responsible for was still stuck in the same position without any progress at all.

Frankie was very much the traditional Jew, picking mistakes out of anything. Though she does acknowledge him for his stubbornness, he refused to pay 50% of the fee beforehand when they were securing the contract. As a result, the negotiations had split even until this very moment, and they were at a stalemate with the other side.

Her co-worker Mandy suggested that she should just work on another contract, but she didn’t really care. Not only did she not take into account the probable lack of pay for the month, she didn’t even think about how her quarterly report would turn out.

But how could Mandy understand? She sighed. If none of those things happened, she would still be focused on work as she had been for her whole life prior. Despite the fact that she had told herself long ago that she didn’t want to be a strong independent woman, she realized that she had to at least prove herself in society. But when had things ever gone according to her plans?

After a couple conversations with Frankie, they became quite close. One time when they went to have afternoon tea together, she told him that she admired his “career”.

Frankie answered, “ I admire your unprofessional work ethics more.”

You Yan’s face scrunched up, and she jokingly replied: “Ah, screw off!”

Unfazed, Frankie continued to ask, “Yan, I heard you resigned. Why don’t you come over to my side?”

You Yan hesitated: “Didn’t you say I was unprofessional?”

With a serious tone, Frankie replied, “Don’t you know Arabian people can have four wives? I currently have one from Arabia, one from England, and one from France. You see how I’m missing one? Why don’t you—–”

Cutting him off, You Yan said, “Frankie, get me a large drink.”

Surprised, Frankie asked, “Huh, Why?”

You Yan replied, ”To dump it on your head. Why else?”

Frankie laughed, and continued to question why.

You Yan replied, equally serious: “Just because I’m unprofessional doesn’t mean I would forget that you are a Jew. Jews and Arabs are arch enemies. Also, you and your three wives are perfect for a match of mahjong; if you get a fourth wife, she’ll end up serving tea.

Frankie howled and choked on his drink, his forehead clanging against the table. You Yan wondered to herself, how did she somehow get a friend who has three wives and yet wants another?