Chapter 1: The Strange Waitress Who Makes Tiramisu

“One, two, three.” Zhang Lei threw the dice onto the table.

They created elegant arcs through the air.

Right when the dice hit the table, a loud crash reverberated from inside the store, clear as crystal.

Dian Xiao Er covered his eyes, “Oh, my god! Another one!”

Nonchalant, Zhang Lei merely said: “Our shift is over, let’s head home.”

Dian Xiao Er glanced at his watch, confused, “Boss, how did you know the time? There isn’t a single clock in this room. I just took a couple days off for vacation, now you can magically know the time without a clock?”

Zhang Lei’s lips curved upwards slightly. “In the past three days, she hasn’t left work without breaking at least one plate.”

Xiao Er finally exploded, “God, why did you even hire her!?”

His tone of voice was no different to how one would ask “Why would you ever marry her?” Zhang Lei pretended to brood over his decision for the sake of calming his long-time coworker, but was unable to suppress the trace of a smile.

Hiring that person had probably been sheer coincidence.

That day, the coffee shop had just been about to close when she happened to barge in.

“I would like to apply for a job as waitress.” Tilting her head and looking at the hiring advertisement in her hands, she thought she would be able to do well in this position and make a lasting impression.

“Show me what you’ve got.” At first glance, she wasn’t very pretty. Her looks were fairly moderate, but her sparkling eyes made her a pleasant sight.

Arching her brows into a questioning look, she asked: “I need a special talent to be a waitress?”

“If not, please your make your way out.”, he replied lightly.

“Alright, I know how to make tiramisu.” She looked a little dejected.

To this day, he still hasn’t figured out why he hires a waitress who can make tiramisu but ends up breaking plates everyday.

As for tiramisu, both Xiao Er and the pâtissier knew how to make it. He himself did, too.

However on that day, even though her tiramisu had a hint of bitterness, he could taste a trace of longing in the dessert.


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