Chapter 45: My Chinese Wife

The room was filled with violet aesthetics, quiet music, detailed displays, and a  unique red wine rack. A classical French restaurant, with an even more handsome man.

His cold eyes looked at the fluid inside the glass.

“Bai, I just need your word, what do you think?” Tang Huang started.

Lin ZiYan had on a rare serious expression.

“I never really thought about it, but Tang Huang’s idea is pretty good. I’m curious about YouYan’s background too, you should just let Old Xu investigate it for you.”

Gu YeBai’s lips curled up.

“There’s no need.”

Lin ZiYan and Tang Huang glanced at each other. Gu YeBai simply raised up his glass.

“I want her to tell me herself.”

Tang Huang shook a bit and Lin ZiYan was about to say something when a voice interrupted.

“Hi, everybody.”[1] Someone called out with a voice overflowing with excitement.

“Idiot foreigner, who the fuck wants to say “hi” with you!!! You’re late and you’re still laughing, you’ll be paying for this meal!” Lin ZiYan hmphed coldly.

“No problem! That’s not a problem at all. Friends have little care for money”

What the hell is going on. Tang Huang and Lin ZiYan glanced at each other. It’s no big news that this foreigner is horrible at using Chinese idioms, but saving wealth and slavery and what? Even Gu YeBai’s lips curled up and looked towards Frankie.

Frankie heart was beating in proudness, he cleared his throat and announced: “On this beautiful evening, we gather together——”

Tang Huang sighed: “Just get to the point already, there are only four people here, not three or five.” (Frankie used a Chinese idiom wrong again)

“Tang Huang, you always hold a knife, do you not know what is

The doctor rolled his eyes and ignored him.

Gu YeBai and Lin ZiYan exchanged looks and focused back on their drinks.

Frankie was getting anxious, he continued: “I brought my Chinese lover here, are you guys not curious?

Lin ZiYan didn’t stop himself in time and sprayed his mouthful of alcohol. Next to him was his boss, who raised tapped his foot on Frankie ankle, Frankie then lost his balance and lurched forward. Gu YeBai grabbed onto his elbow just in time to have the alcohol sprayed straight in Frankie’s face.

Frankie was pissed, he was about to do something as a female voice interrupted, the atmosphere of the room suddenly changed.

“Um, hi, it’s the first time meeting you all, I am——” She lowered her head and politely bowed.

“Wait don’t you guys think this voice sounds really familiar?” Lin ZiYan screeched.

Tang Huang furrowed his brows, then with a surprised look he laughed.

“I also think this chinese lover of his looks very familiar.”

Frankie was still in his state of pride, but suddenly his eyes met with Gu YeBai’s gaze that landed on his Chinese lover’s body.

The girl was still in a bowed position, having no idea about what is going on.

“ Gu Lao San, don’t you know not to look at your friend’s wife like that, where are you putting your eyes? Frankie puffed out his chest unhappily.

Lin and Tang quickly exchanged glances, this is going to be fun!!

The girl finished her bow and with her lips slightly pursed she looked up, and at that moment she covered her mouth and her eyes opened wide.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Chinese Lover, I’m Tang Huang.” Tang Huang smiled.

“And I’m Lin ZiYan.” Lin ZiYan was laughing so hard inside, his expression was twitching from resisting his laughter.

“This, this, this——” YouYan used her hand to cover her eyes and pinched the foreigner next to her. Frankie howled in pain.

YouYan reluctantly peaked at that person through her fingers, thinking about how she was ready to die.

The person’s lips curved up into a smile, but his gaze had darkened. He was thinking, if it wasn’t because he was holding a cup, he would choke her to death.

TL notes:

[1] “Hi, everybody” – this was originally written in english