Xiao Yuan was shivering all over and her fingertips were cold as ice. So these two people had already colluded with each other, and they even had a pregnancy in secret. How could she have been so silly in her past life that she couldn’t even tell?

No wonder Xiao Ruo had to get rid of her in a hurry; she couldn’t wait any longer.

Zhao Zun mindlessly touched her fingertips, which were cold as iron. Xiao Yuan clenched her lips tightly as her small shoulders kept shuddering.

He felt somewhat painful about this; she was plotted against horribly , despite being so young.

Lian Jiye laughed loudly, “You’re right Ruo. For our child’s sake, how will sparing her life matter? If she knows how to live on the street  and is willing to cut her own throat, I will even throw her a compliment.”

“Your highness!” Xiao Ruo wrapped her hands around Lian Jiye’s arm without letting go, and soon, the two of them flirted away with increasing intensity, while more and more dirty words came out of their mouths.

Zhao Zun lowered his head to peek at Xiao Yuan, whose face was now deathly pale. She was biting her lip so hard, she was close to drawing blood.

“Little ninth.” Zhao Zun called out to her lightly. Xiao Yuan suddenly raised her eyes, which were filled with sharpness, detestment and hatred. Droplets of tears trickling as she bit her lips with rough pride. Zhao Zun suddenly felt his heart going soft; all of this was too cruel for her.

Rather awkwardly, Zhao Zun extended his hand and cuddled Xiao Yuan, who pushed him away, “Are you satisfied now? This is on purpose, isn’t it? You saved me so I will surely repay the favor one day. Why do you toy with me so?”

Zhao Zun had no words for that. He had never felt sorry for a girl, so he fumbled for words as he was unsure about how to explain.

He could see that Xiao Yuan had only hatred for Lian Jiye without a trace of affection. As for the rumors… No. This girl was simply being plotted against.

“Tonight, the Right Minister will come and take you back.” Zhao Zun held back the words which were at his tongue. He would bring her back after Xiao Yuan had calmed down.

Upon returning to Zhao Manor, Xiao Yuan closed herself inside a room, forbidding anyone from seeing her.

Zhao Qi touched his own nose and thought, ‘It has only been a few days, how did the kitty cat become a tiger?’

What was more surprising, though, was the fact that Zhao Zun was actually not mad.

“My lord, the Minister is here.” At this, Zhao Qi remembered his business.

Lotus Garden Gazebo

The Right Minister fumed angrily, almost to the point of overturning the entire Zhao Manor. Zhao Qi shrunk his neck at that. The only one in the world who could infuriate the Right Minister this much could only be his family’s head, who was calm and collected right now.

As Zhao Zun approached, the Right Minister asked in displeasure, “Where’s my daughter? You are so capable, Zhao. I searched the skies and the earth yet you haven’t spoken a single word. Are you intent on killing me with anxiousness?”

Zhao Zun didn’t flinch. He replied calmly, “Miss ninth has been having high fever for days and just woke up today. I didn’t know that she is your daughter at first.”

Zhao Zun didn’t even bat an eye while lying. The Right Minister let out some hot air to show that he didn’t believe Zhao Zun in the slightest. With his range of resources, how could Zhao Zun not know who she was? ?

The Right Minister sat down while huffing angrily. He changed the topic, “Just tell me what you want. I dislike owing others favors the most. Since you saved little ninth, I owe you a favor.”

Smart people don’t mince words. The Right Minister was a famous sly fox. Earning a favor from him was harder than reaching the skies.

Zhao Qi was totally shocked, for this was like a gift from the heavens had been befallen to him. Emotionally, he looked at Zhao Zun as this was a hard to come by opportunity.

Zhao Zun narrowed his eyes and held up a cup of tea gently. “I lack nothing. What does the Right Minister think can move me?”

The Right Minister squinted his eyes and thought for a moment, then stared at Zhao Zun while smiling fakely.  “I do not object to the view that one should obtain something with one’s own power.”

Zhao Qi was utterly confused by his words. He didn’t know what the two of them were getting at. But Zhao Qi couldn’t figure out why a single favor was gone like that.

“Thank you, Right Minister, for the promise.” Zhao Zun raised his cup, and substituting wine with tea, drank it in one go.

Yet the Right Minister was not so easily brushed away. He huffed and didn’t touch the tea on the table. Zhao Zun wasn’t bothered by this.

“You are compelled to escort her back home intact at midnight.” Like the way the Right Minister came, he left in a hurry.

Zhao Zun raised his head to look at the time and then turned to Zhao Qi, “Are the arrangements in order?”

Zhao Qi nodded. “Rest assured. It’s all in order.”

Xiao Yuan alone cried loudly in blankets. She hated herself for being too gullible. How could she not have seen through the two’s schemes and even let them wrong her in this way? She sat up, rubbed her tears off, took a deep breath, then clenched her fists. She swore to herself that she would never forgive those two.


The knocking on the door interrupted Xiao Yuan’s thoughts.

“Miss, it’s servant Jin Hua. It’s time to eat.”

Xiao Yuan rubbed her tears away, took in a deep breath and composed herself before opening the door.

Standing at the door,  there was one more person other than Jin Hua. Xiao Yuan closed the door without a single word, but Zhao Zun’s slender palm was in the way. His hand got caught between the door and the frame yet his face didn’t even flinch.

Xiao Yuan huffed in anger, “Take the meal away or else don’t blame me if I’m rude.”

Jin Hua’s face was full of distraught. Upon handing the platter over to Zhao Zun, she left in a hurry.

Xiao Yuan stared at Zhao Zun. He used both his hands now, yet dared not use force, in fear that Xiao Yuan would be injured. Xiao Yuan looked at how red Zhao Zun’s hand had become and turned around, not able to get angry any further.

Zhao Zun stifled a giggle. What a silly girl.

“After a whole day of not eating, you must be hungry. . Please eat.”

Xiao Yuan huffed angrily, “Take it away. I’m not hungry…”

A gurgle came out. Xiao Yuan almost went to bury her own head into her chest. She wanted to die from the embarrassment.

Zhao Zun kept a straight face. If he laughed, Xiao Yuan would get angry.

“I took you out for a day long stroll and you ate nothing. I have to send you back home tonight, but I’m not about to do so while you’re starving. If you don’t eat well enough, how will you have the strength to deal with bad people?”

Zhao Zun tempted her by opening the meal box. The aroma from within was very enticing.

Xiao Yuan became a lot less angry when she saw that Zhao Zun wasn’t laughing. Her face was still a little red. She stood up and walked to the table. “You’re right. If I’m not well fed, how will I have the strength to deal with them?”

Zhao Zun listened with a smile, and brought a bowl and chopsticks to Xiao Yuan. She was quiet when eating, and her appetite was small. Even when she was hungry, she only ate a small amount, maintaining her integrity and grace as one from an established family.

With the rice and dishes moved away, some well made desserts was next. Xiao Yuan ate several pieces of them and as Zhao Zun was in a good mood, ate one with her. He stopped at that since he didn’t like the ones that were too sweet.

Very soon, Xiao Yuan waited quietly for the night after having eaten and drunk well enough. Surprisingly, Zhao Zun didn’t leave. Instead, he flipped through some ledgers while lounging on a bench. Meanwhile Xiao Yuan was too sleepy to stay up. She fell asleep after closing her eyes.

With each page, Zhao Zun would glance over to Xiao Yuan. His lips had a very faint smile on them, which vanished along with the gentleness of his eyes. They vanished so fast, even he himself didn’t realize it.

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