“The princess is currently receiving birthday felicitations… ”

Zhao Qi unconsciously felt cold all over his body. It was extremely chilly.

Zhao Zun sneered. “Let’s go!”

He would like to see which gigolo that had charmed her so much that she had lost her soul. He better not be caught by him, or else… Zhao Zun snorted.

While on this side, Xiao Yuan ran out crying because she feared that Zhao Zun would chase after her. She didn’t dared to look back. She turned around to take a look, and then–bang!


Xiao Yuan’s head rammed into a hard chest, her eyes could see stars. She clutched her head and stopped moving.

“Miss, are you all right?”

Xiao Wan looked up and just so happen to see a man standing in front of her. He was wearing a jade robe made out of silk and there was a strong rouge smell emanating from him, making Xiao Yuan frown.

The man standing in front of her is Liu Qingzhou, Liu Qingwu’s twin elder brother.

When Liu Qingzhou saw Xiao Yuan, his eyes were full of amazement. Beautiful! Absolutely stunning! He stared at Xiao Yuan lustfully.

Liu Qingzhou had never seen Xiao Yuan before so he didn’t recognise her. He only treated her as one of the noble ladies who were guests for today’s celebration. Her eyes were glistening and she was still crying. Perhaps she was a concubine’s daughter of some family and was bullied by the daughter of the legitimate wife.

Liu Qingzhou had an idea struck his mind and pretended to be deeply moved. “Miss, are you all right? This one was too hot headed and had accidentally offended you. I hope this miss can forgive me.”

Xiao Yuan was dazed and glanced at Liu Qingzhou. A perfectly fine big man like him was dressed so conspicuously. When she looked at him again, she noticed that lustrous pair of eye.

Xiao Yuan’s face darkened.

Liu Qingzhou continued, “This one is called QingZhou, the son of the Princess Chang. In front is this one’s courtyard. Why don’t Miss head over and rest for a moment? This one will send someone to send for a physician.”

Xiao Yuan’s mood was already terrible, but then she was unexpectedly stopped by someone. Her face darkened greatly. “Get lost!”

Liu Qingzhou was taken aback for a while, he couldn’t seem to believe his ears. “Miss, This one is the son of Princess Chang…

“You? How could this Miss not know that the Princess Chang had such a big son? What’s more, great barkers are no biters. Step aside!”


[Great barkers are no biters(好狗不挡道) It refers to asking people to give way. It’s used to express the speaker’s discontent to a person who is blocking their way and it also carries some provocation. ]

Xiao Yuan sneered.

Liu Qingzhou’s complexion alternated between astonishment and embarrassment. . He came to the capital for almost a month already. Whoever saw him would always flatter him constantly. But the mere daughter of a concubine dared to look down on him.

Liu Qingzhou was furious and he signaled manservant behind him. The manservant understood and slowly moved behind Xiao Yuan.

“Miss, how could you say these kind of words? This one was just showing goodwill, unexpectedly caused Miss to misunderstood.”

Liu Qingzhou’s aggrieved expression was exactly the same as Liu Qingwu. Therefore, Xiao Yuan got angry when she saw it.


The manservant suddenly fell over. He held his leg in pain. The handkerchief in his hand was stained with white powder. When the wind blew, it fell onto the floor, making it extremely conspicuous.

Xiao Yuan pursed her lips, a stern ray of light flitted across her eyes and she said, stressing each word. “You dare to make a move on me?”

“Miss, you misunderstood. It’s all a misunderstanding. ” Liu Qingzhou’s knees went soft. A young lady could actually have such a penetrating gaze in her eyes. Her noble appearance made people feel overwhelmed.

Xiao Yuan held her whole bellyfull of anger and couldn’t help but explode. Without any demur, Xiao Yuan kicked and beated Liu Qingzhou up. She was extremely ruthless as if she was a crazy old woman.

Not far away, Zhao Qi was shocked,his eyes wide opened. The petite Xiao Yuan also had such a vicious side to her?

Zhao Qi gulped and glanced at Zhao Zun from the corner of his eyes.

Only to see that Zhao Zun’s original gloomy face darkened even more. His gaze was directed at Xiao Yuan, not moving at all.

Xiao Yuan became tired from all the beating and shouted at Liu Qingzhou snappishly. “Get lost! Don’t ever let this Miss see you again or else don’t blame me for not being courteous!”

Liu Qingzhou ran away in a haste. He realised that Xiao Yuan was not to be trifled with and hastily ran away with his manservant, but his eyes were filled with unwillingness. He definitely need to inquire which family’s miss was this–so fierce.

When Liu Qingzhou left, Zhao Qi threw away all the pebbles in his hands and patted his hands.

Suddenly, Zhao Zun looked at Zhao Qi in the eye and then glanced at the direction where Liu Qingzhou fled to, his expression dark. Zhao Qi understood and left quickly.

Zhao Zun hid behind the pillars. The place was desolated so very few people came here. Xiao Yuan sat beside the rock garden, looking extremely aggrieved and was constantly wiping her tears away.

Zhao Zun became even more uncertain and stood there for quite a bit. His mind was still constantly thinking about her. His feet wouldn’t listen to him and insisted on coming over to see what kind of person was it that wanted to ruin her

As his heart was concerned that made it even more difficult to let it go. What he had said to her a moment ago was indeed too hurtful. Zhao Zun thought about it and walked out.

Xiao Yuan wiped away her tears and adjusted her state of mind. Just when she was about to leave, she turned around and just so happened to see a silhouette. She turned around and ran away.

‘‘Why are you running?’’ Zhao Zun held Xiao Yuan in his arms. ‘‘You don’t feel any remorse for saying things behind my back? Now, everyone in the capital all know that a certain Zhao spent millions of tael just to listen to a song for a night. If he wasn’t either  incompetent then he was homosexual!’’

Zhao Zun begrudgingly said these words while he gritted his teeth.

Xiao Yuan suddenly froze and she almost laughed out loud. She bit the insides of her cheek just so she could restrain herself and she furiously said.

“Eavesdropping is something lowly people would do. You actually dare to eavesdrop on my conversation!”

Zhao Zun kept a straight face and pretended to be angry, his face dark to the point that it was a little bit scary.

“You still have to nerve to say this. You were shouting so loudly. Everyone could hear, don’t you agree?”

Xiao Yuan felt guilty and pouted her mouth. Who told her to talk behind people’s back, then get caught red handed?

If Xiao Yuan knew that this would happen, she would not have said anything at all. She pursed her lips and looked  at Zhao Zun. She angrily said, “Didn’t you say bad things about me too? We’re considered even now.”

Zhao Zun opened his eyes widely. “Even? That’s not possible. What I said about you, only the two of us know. However what you said about me, just how many people are waiting to see a joke?”

Xiao Yuan pouted her lips and was unable to say anything. Her eyes were glistening with tears as she looked at him. Zhao Zun’s heart soften in just an instant and coughed.

“Just now, it was my…”

Who knew that just at this time, the sound of footsteps could be heard and there were quite a few people.

Before Xiao Yuan could react,  one of Zhao Zun’s hands grabbed her waist, jumped and hid behind the rock garden..  

Just when Xiao Yuan was about to scream, Zhao Zun covered her mouth.


Xiao Yuan had no choice but to keep her mouth shut. She strained her ears and turned around. She still didn’t know what was happening outside yet.

“Don’t move!” Zhao Zun quietly said. A faint fragrance traveled to the tip of his nose, it was the scent of incense. An indescribable feeling made his heart content.

Xiao Yuan listened to him and really didn’t move at all. This made Zhao Zun absentminded for a moment. Her soft lips were gently rubbing against his palm, hot breath puffing, making him itch.

Xiao Yuan glared at him. Zhao Zun came back to his senses and looked outside.

“How is it?”

“Don’t worry, arrangements have been made at the Princess’s side.  Where’s Master? The celebration is starting soon and Xiao family’s Ninth Miss is nowhere to be found, disappearing in the blink of an eye.”

“Isn’t it good that she has left? Such an eyesore!”

“That’s true. Later, you have to seize the opportunity. This aphrodisiac has a low potency. If you put too little, she will sober up in no time. In the future, you can play with the Princess however you like, don’t spoil this Miss’s big plans.”

“Yes, yes! Miss Cai Ju, don’t worry. I know what to do. ”

While that person was saying that, he touched Cai Ju’s face, smiling vulgarly.

Cai Ju’s face darkened. “Go do your job ! If you mess it up,see if this miss will spare you or not!”

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