When Zhao Zun saw Qing Le and her maid leaving, he gave a signal to Zhao Qi.

“Master… This isn’t a very good idea. ”

Zhao Zun glared at Zhao Qi, who immediately became well-behaved and hastily nodded.

In the blink of an eye, he had disappeared.

Xiao Yuan went to the window and opened it. There was a withered and empty lotus pond outside. Just looking at it made people feel vexed.

Xiao Yuan panted with rage and scrunched the handkerchief in her hands. “Just when one leaves, another comes. What kind of person would be that blind? They’re definitely after the money.”

While lost in thought, Xiao Yuan suddenly opened her eyes to see a man with a stunning face flying towards her with a tap of his shoes, moving as gracefully as a swallow.

“Could it be that I’m blind?”

Xiao Yuan rubbed her eyes, only to see that person standing in front of her in a flash of an eye . Her face immediately darkened and she turned around, wanting to leave.

Zhao Zun saw that she was still smiling just a while ago. Why did her expression change in the blink of an eye? He grabbed Xiao Yuan’s arm.

“I have something to say to you.”

Xiao Wan glanced at Zhao Zun and remembered that day at Yifang pavilion, as well as what Qing Le had just said. Her temper couldn’t help but flare up.

“Me? You found the wrong person, I’m Xiao Yuan not Qing Le. She’ll come back after a while.”

“What Qing Le?” Zhao Zun asked, confused.

Xiao Yuan sneered. “Stop pretending, this isn’t the minister’s residence, but the Princess’ residence. You wound up in this place, yet you still have the nerve to ask me?”

Xiao Yuan intended to push Zhao Zun away. She hated seeing his hypocritical appearance, hypocrite!

Zhao Zun’s face darkened. “Xiao Yuan, no matter what, I have saved your life once. But you say things about me behind my back. I haven’t gotten even with you yet. Why are you throwing a tantrum again?”

Zhao Zun had thicken his face just to see Xiao Yuan. He didn’t even argue with her about the homosexuality matter. She was being too pretentious.

Out in broad daylight with their arms around each other. Just thinking about it made him displeased. No wonder why she was so resolute in rejecting the third Prince.

It turned out that she was having a new affair. Zhao Zun looked at Xiao Yuan in the eyes filled with a hint of disdain and anger.

Xiao Yuan sneered. “If I’m willing to go crazy, do you think could you control me? Don’t call me to see you again or else I’ll shout!”

Xiao Yuan saw the disdain in Zhao Zun’s eyes and lost her temper. She didn’t care at all and wanted to push Zhao Zun away. However, Zhao Zun held her tightly and did not let go.

“Let me ask you, did you come here today to visit your old friend?”

Zhao Zun narrowed his eyes and asked seriously.

Xiao Yuan was stunned for a moment before retorting back, “What does that have anything to do with you?”

Zhao Zun was greatly angered. He grabbed hold of Xiao Yuan’s jaw and became increasingly belligerent. “Quickly answer me!”

Xiao Yuan struggled to free herself but she could not move at all. She felt ashamed and angry. Her pair of watery eyes were full of anger and stubbornness. Xiao Yuan stamped her feet. “Yes! Could you stop me? What does it have anything to do with you?”

Xiao Yuan tried very hard to push Zhao Zun away. However, Zhao Zun applied more pressure, holding onto Xiao Yuan’s arm tightly and not letting go.

Heng! I have thought too highly of you. I believed that you were pure and innocent and were set up by others. I didn’t think that you would turn out to be obstinate and wilful–someone who don’t know shame!”

Zhao Zun’s words were like a sharp blade, stabbing Xiao Yuan painfully. In a daze, she immediately became speechless with her eyes wide open.

Zhao Zun looked at her, his heart feeling a little bit stifled. He also did not want to see her upset. It was only after he spoke then he realised that he was a little bit too harsh and was torn for a moment.


Xiao Yuan smiled coldly and broke free using sufficient strength. “Whether I have a sense of shame or not, what does that have anything to do with you? Busybody!”

Zhao Zun looked at her chin, his eyes becoming red. Listening to her tone of slight disgust and stubbornness made him furious. The fires of rages in his heart kept surging up.

“Yes, yes! I’m a busybody. Xiao Ninth, looks like all these years the rumours in the capital were not groundless at all. You’re doing whatever you please by merely relying on the Right Minister’s support and being a beauty. I didn’t think that you would actually be someone who doesn’t have any self-respect for herself. I have misjudged you!”

While Zhao Zun was saying, Xiao Yuan’s chest heaved up and down, feeling irritated and angry.



Xiao Yuan’s heart was filled with and pain, she could not handle it anymore. Her tears at the corner of her eyes resembled pearls cascading off of a snapped necklace. They fell extremely fast, wetting her eyes and she clenched her teeth.

Zhao Zun’s chest felt stuffy, even if he got angry again, his legs couldn’t bear to move a single step. He took a deep breath.

Xiao Yuan’s tears streamed down on her face resembling raindrops on a pear blossom as she cried. She wiped her tears away and snorted, “If you knew that my reputation was bad then why do you still bother me? Since you knew that I was the daughter of the Right Minister, you must’ve only took a fancy on my position.”

[Raindrops on a pear blossom(梨花带雨) – This Chinese idiom refers to pear blossoms being soaked with raindrops. It was originally used to describe Yang Guifei posture when she cries, it’s later used to describe the delicate beauty of a woman.]

Xiao Yuan somewhat understood why Zhao Zun was so nice to her and it was because of the Right Minister Manor. He was the same kind of person as Lian Jiye.

Zhao Zun grasped the window sill , itching to sew up that mouth. He couldn’t control his anger. He had turned into someone with ulterior motives.

“Quickly go. In remembrance of you saving my life before, I will not tell anyone about this.”

Xiao Yuan said while turning around to walk away.

Zhao Zun sneered, he moved very quickly to grab a hold onto Xiao Yuan. This ungrateful girl. He didn’t argue with her over each and every time. He even persuaded himself to come knowing that she would come today. He looked around for her only to find out that she was laughing behind his back, but still he had endured it.

Now in front of his face, it was like this again. The gratitude for saving her life felt as if it was no big deal to her, making Zhao Zun angry!  

“What are you doing?” Xiao Yuan was stupefied for a moment.

In the next moment, Zhao Zun immediately hugged Xiao Yuan’s waist, looking at that face that haunted him day and night, he couldn’t even get angry. The pair rosy lips before him were trembling and tears were at the corner of her eyes. It was an innocent, seductive appearance,  extremely captivating.

Zhao Zun’s mind blanked out for a moment and he kissed that pair of red lips. Xiao Yuan opened her eyes wide feeling ashamed and indignant, struggling to break free from him.

Zhao Zun used one hand to pin both of Xiao Yuan’s hands behind her back, while the other tightened around her waist as he lowered his head and kissed her.

This kiss was addictive . It was accompanied with a sweet fragrance that seemed to fill his entire chest completely in a moment.

Zhao Zun tried his best to not think of those messy thoughts. As long as Xiao Yuan was willing to turn over a new leaf, he could let bygones be bygones and forgive her once!

Xiao Yuan opened her eyes,  the bottom of her eyes were filled with a hint of deep disgust. Zhao Zun was taken aback.

While he was distracted, Xiao Yuan used the opportunity to stomp  on Zhao Zun’s feet as she struggled. However to Zhao Zun, that amount of force was just like tickles, he didn’t feel anything at all.

However, that hint of disgust….

After he parted their lips,  Xiao Yuan bit her lips tightly and stared at him tenaciously . Zhao Zun was momentarily angered by her, and he couldn’t help but mock her. “What, other people can touch but I’m not allowed to?”

Xiao Yuan nodded her head without any hesitation. “Your uncleanness makes me sick! Let go of me. We don’t owe each other anything henceforth.”

Zhao Zun immediately froze, he laughed angrily and released his hold of her. “Xiao Yuan, I was wrong about you!”

Xiao Yuan was scared that Zhao Zun would go mad again so she wiped away her tears and left. When Zhao Zun saw that she didn’t turn back once, his heart ached even more.

“Master?” Zhao Qi was even more puzzled. Why did Xiao Yuan run away?

After turning his head, Zhao Qi was taken aback and his whole body shuddered. Zhao Zun’s expression was frightening cold. That icy gaze of his looked as if he wanted to kill someone!

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