Still Not Okay

Xiao Yuan laughed carefreely, resting one hand on Qing Le’s arm while the other clutched at her stomach. So overcome with laughter, she almost couldn’t straighten her back.

Qing Le glowered at Xiao Yuan. “You’re too gutsy. A million tael? If my first cousin found out, you’d never hear the end of it.”

Qing Le had inadvertently noticed the person next to them had been the great prince, whose gloomy face had fell ashen. She couldn’t help, but shrink herself in fear but fortunately he didn’t manage to recognize her.

Xiao Yuan haughtily smirked, “What should I be scared of? I even kicked the third prince into the water so why should I be scared of him?”

To Qing Le, it seemed like Xiao Yuan’s character had recently undergone a drastic transformation. She had been acting differently ever since she came back from the Dazhao temple. Much to her surprise, Xiao Yuan no longer worshipped the very ground the third prince walked on and her innocent, smiling expression now had a secret quick wittedness hidden behind it.

Xiao Yuan met Qing Le’s questioning gaze. But, out of a guilty conscience, Xiao Yuan averted her eyes. Qing Le, however, wasn’t willing to let her off so easily and grabbed ahold of Xiao Yuan’s arm.

“Out with it. Have you fallen in love with some other man and that’s why you no longer have feelings for my third cousin?”

Xiao Yuan suddenly remembered how that person leered at the goddess-like beauty; Xiao Yuan’s anger bubbled forth and she quickly denied Qing Le’s accusation, “How could I? When have I become acquainted with a man? All men are big, fat liars. I’ve decided. I will never marry. So long as my dad’s by my side, I will spend the rest of my life quite happily, without care or worries.”

Xiao Yuan felt like no one was dependable. If she married someone, they’d definitely end up betraying her so might as well not marry. She raised a red lip.

“Now how can that be okay? Wouldn’t it be a waste of this beautiful face if you don’t marry? Why don’t you marry me then?”

Qing Le smirked as she playfully flicked Xiao Yuan’s chin.

Xiao Yuan played along with Qing Le’s suggestion and nodded her head in agreement without the slightest hint of hesitation, “Sure. If you dare to bring out a palanquin supported by eight carriers to marry me then I’ll dare to marry you!”

The two people’s conversation had coincidentally been heard by Zhao Zun. Zhao Zun was just standing in front of the door’s screen, staring at the two people as they left. A fiery rage rushed forth inside of him as he watched how familiar they acted with each other.

He was both annoyed and angry; annoyed at his own cowardice that he had actually been dead set on finding an excuse to follow them downstairs, and angry that Xiao Yuan had no sense of self-respect. He spat out various obscenities; he had really misjudged her!

Forget it, Zhao Zun thought as he swung his sleeves behind him and headed back upstairs.

“Many thanks to the great prince’s kind offer. It would certainly be impolite for this Zhao to refuse.”

The great prince was taken aback. This was the only good news he had all night and nothing could surpass it. He chuckled, “A virgin’s first night is worth a million gold. This prince will not disturb you anymore then. Brother Zhao, take your time enjoying her. If you have some time to spare, you must come by the prince’s manor.”

Zhao Zun’s face contained a flicker of rage. He raised his lip and spat out two words, “Of course.”

The great prince paid his bill and left with his subordinates. The people observing also slowly dispersed. The night sky gradually darkened.

The brothel keeper was effusively courteous to Zhao Zun, “Please come this way my lord. The goddess-like beauty is currently in this room waiting for you, my lordship.”

“Well then, why aren’t you leading the way yet?”

Zhao Zun coldly said. When the brothel keeper noticed his chilly glare, a shiver ran down her body. The great prince had spent such a large amount of amount to curry favor with this person so that could only mean this person’s status was extraordinary. The brothel keeper could not afford to offend him.

“Yes, of course. My lordship please come this way.”

Zhao Zun was led to a room. He ordered his subordinates to leave him before pushing open the door and entering the room.

Good wine and food were already laid out in the room and there was not a soul in sight. The pitter patter of water floated into his ear. Separated by just a screen, a figure could be faintly made out standing in the shower.

Her foot took a tentative step out and, with a free hand, draped a muslin dress over her body, wrapping it tightly around her lithe and graceful figure. While her body could not be clearly made out through the steam, the mystery only served to enhance her fatally seductive appearance.

Zhao Zun glanced over but quickly redirected his gaze. He sat down by the side of the table and turned the wine cup over in his hand.

The beauty heard the sound of the opening door. Her face turned deathly pale out of fright and her body started trembling pathetically. She could make out an elegant, long figure through the screen.

However, shortly afterwards there was no more movement. The beauty knew that tonight wouldn’t be something she could escape from. She wrapped herself in non-revealing clothing and slowly walked out. Her hair still dripping wet, was draped without much thought over her shoulders. Her jet black, shining eyes revealed her bashfulness when she couldn’t bring herself to raise her eyes to meet his.

She was the very picture of a beautiful woman exiting a bath; her skin fair and creamy and a faint fragrance of flowers wafted off of her. Zhao Zhun directed his line of sight over to her. The beauty was timid and shy. She removed the face veil that was covering half of her face so that he could more clearly see her sweet and charming face.

Zhao Zun became absent-minded; he felt as if he had seen the silhouette of another arrogant and bossy figure, with a pair of water-filled eyes that gave off an unusually intelligent aura.

“Lift up your head!”

The beauty was shaken. The sound of a cold voice that was also aggressively commanding attacked her ears. It was a voice that could make anyone feel like they had no other choice but to submit.

The beauty gradually lifted up her head and in that instant was frozen still. Directly across from her was an exceptionally stunning man, who had an aura of nobility about him. She suddenly became even more bashful, but also felt somewhat happy.

Zhao Zun’s brows knitted into a frown, those eyes did not have any trace of smug self-satisfaction and craftiness. He quickly turned his eyes away and ignored the dainty, beautiful woman.

The beauty internally let out a sigh of relief and courageously slowly walked forward, dropping her two arms that had been hugging the front of her chest.


Zhao Zun wasn’t paying attention as he was too preoccupied with thoughts about that person and he couldn’t seem to shake off the thoughts. A rush of anger built up within him and he downed the wine in his cup somewhat aggressively, drinking cup after cup.

This chick didn’t have a conscience. How could he have so shamelessly helped her?

The beauty was surprised. Her face was still covered in a layer of mist from the shower and she tearfully said, “Lord, has this beauty disappointed you?”

Her beauty was not limited to just her appearance, even her voice was charming. Zhao Zun was somewhat annoyed but lifted his eyes to meet her gaze. True, she was beautiful but she was not the least bit similar to that person. Zhao Zun shook his head; that person truly was a temptress!

But today he wouldn’t place any faith in that demon. After Zhao Zun placed down his wine cup, he grabbed the beauty’s arm and dragged her down.

The beauty cried out in alarm and felt somewhat dizzy as she had, in a blink of an eye, fell over and there was suddenly another body pressing down on top of her.

Her shoulders suddenly felt a chill as her clothes were ripped off, the sound of tearing cloth pierced their ears and her exceptionally seductive and well-developed figure was finally revealed.

Zhao Zun quickly ripped off his belt and removed his changshan, revealing his well-built, strong figure. His two hands tightly held onto the beauty as he climbed on top of her.

The beauty trembled for a moment, but quickly threw herself into the action. She held onto Zhao Zun’s arm with both hands and pursed together her red lips.

Zhao Zun buried his head into her hair and smelled a waft of delicate fragrance, sending a jolt to his brain and he suddenly realized what he was doing. He looked again at the woman beneath him, but Zhao Zun realized no longer had any interest.

“Damn it! This she-devil!”

Zhao Zun lifted himself up and forced himself to forget about that other person. However, it turned out the more he wanted to forget, the more he thought about her.

Her every facial expression was clear as day in his mind and realizing this, Zhao Zun’s facial expression drastically changed.

The beauty’s eyes widened; she gently asked, “What’s the matter?”

Zhao Zun stood up and put on all his previously discarded articles of clothing.

But this only made the beauty more confused. While still completely naked, she plucked up the courage to go up behind him and tightly hold onto him while slowly caressing his body.

“Lord, did this beauty do something to annoy my lordship? This beauty doesn’t know what she’s doing.”

The beauty had already made up her mind. If Zhao Zun was this rich, he was certainly an influential official and in comparison to having her beautiful arms serve as a pillow for a thousand men, she would much rather focus on serving him alone. She would even accept becoming his side concubine.

The beauty’s self-confident appearance and physique were all first class. How many people have prostrated themselves in front of her pomegranate red dress? Knowing this, the beauty made use of all her natural gifts in hopes that Zhao Zun would buy her freedom for her.

Behind his back was a wave of a tenderness and softness, but Zhao Zun surprisingly did not feel it and continued to put on his clothes before finally pushing aside the beauty.

Seeing that he wanted to leave, the beauty became desperate, but saw that Zhao Zun had momentarily stopped his movements and he faintly spoke out,

“Bring out the zither. I remember that you’re not bad at playing the zither. Play two songs to liven things up a bit.”

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