I’m Not Scared Of Him

Xiao Yuan said nothing further and led Qing Le outside. Her small face had swollen from how angry she was. She had forgotten to wear a face veil when she left.

“Don’t be angry with her. If all that anger ruins your health, you’d actually end up making her happy with herself.”

Qing Le was trying to persuade Xiao Yuan, but in reality, her own heart was bursting with anger. If it hadn’t been for Xiao Yuan holding her back, Qing Le would’ve slapped Xiao Ruo a few times to blow off some steam.

Two angry yellow and red figures hurriedly walked past.

Zhao Zun narrowed his eyes and his gaze fell upon the eye-catching silhouette in red. Oh, her face was still a bit swollen and he suddenly felt somewhat guilty. The Third Prince had slapped her especially hard. If he had known earlier, he wouldn’t have stood by idly watching. A hint of annoyance flashed across his face.

The Right Minister’s brows furrowed but he quickly relaxed his face. He turned his head and said to Zhao Zun, “Lord Zhao, please come this way.”

Zhao Zun remained motionless before returning his line of sight. He nodded. “The scenery at Lord Minister’s manor isn’t bad.”

The corner of the Right Minister’s mouth twitched. There wasn’t any curving corridors or rugged rock gardens near them. The only things around them were rooms. What scenery could there be?

However, shortly afterwards the Right Minister understood Zhao Zun’s meaning. The scenery he was referring to was most likely those two figures.

“Second Lord Zhao has a keen eye. Unfortunately, some people are not as wise and take pearls to be fish eyes.”

The Right Minister sighed internally. Zhao Zun did not deny it. In the Right Minister’s presence, there was no need to hide his feelings. Xiao Yuan truly was a truly difficult to come by pearl.

“Many thanks Lord Minister for the praise. When a pearl hidden in the dirt like her blossoms, she will inevitably be dazzling. However, she still needs someone to put great care and thought into her for that to happen.”

Zhao Zun wasn’t polite when he said this. The Right Minister unhappily rolled his eyes at Zhao Zun. He wasn’t even being a little bit modest as he took full advantage of the situation.

“It’s true that pearls are precious. If they were to be bumped or knocked against and end up becoming damaged, now wouldn’t that be a pity?”

The day when Xiao Yuan had gotten hit, Zhao Zun was also on the boat. This guy was definitely the one who pushed Lian Jiye into the water. However, as Xiao Yuan had still gotten hurt,the Right Minister was angry.

Zhao Zun rubbed his nose. He had made a mistake that day and even the Right Minister could tell. Unfortunately, this stupid girl hadn’t become aware of anything.

Zhao Zun had let her return home with an injury just so the marriage agreement could be rescinded. He had also reached his desired goal. However, his heart was still out of sorts.

Upon returning to the manor, Zhao Zun looked for Zhao Qi. “Go to the storehouse and bring back that bottle of moisturizing paste.”

Zhao Qi was somewhat astounded. The moisturizing paste was extremely hard to come by and was very valuable; it was used to reduce swelling. Zhao Zun was simply wasting precious resources!

Zhao Zun saw that he wasn’t moving so he glared at Zhao Qi. “Go, quickly!”

Zhao Qi didn’t dare to mouth off so he rushed off to look for it. By the time half a stick of incense had burned, he was back and passed it over into Zhao Zun’s hands.

After waiting for nightfall, Zhao Zun stood on the tip of his toes and leapt into the air. He quickly blended into the night sky. Zhao Qi silently followed behind him, though with some reservations.

If they’re going to the Right Minister’s manor just like this, would they be shot full of holes?

At this thought, his legs went weak and he almost fell down. Zhao Zun turned his head and gave Zhao Qi a look. Zhao Qi was filled with anxiety but decided to throw caution to the wind.

They climbed over a wall. Zhao Qi’s eyes widened. He had followed Zhao Zun all the way to the Ling Long pavilion and had not run into any obstacles.

Zhao Zun appeared as if he had travelled this path all the time. Internally, Zhao Qi was giving him a big thumbs up. His lord had a highly retentive memory and had in an instant remembered the way to the Ling Long pavilion.

“Lord, your subordinate will be on watch.” Zhao Qi knew how to take the initiative.

Zhao Zun crouched under the window. He picked up on the sound of rushing water coming through the window. He could faintly see the room inside was filled with steam.

She was showering?

Zhao Zun was in a daze. He waited for a while, but Xiao Yuan liked to take baths, especially when she was in a bad mood and Xiao Ruo had infuriated her that morning.

“Miss, the water’s gotten cold. Be careful not to catch cold.”

Xiao Yuan stood up and wrapped herself in a eye-catching red outfit. She tasked a maidservant with drying her half wet hair.

“I’m okay. Everyone can go. I’m going to sleep.”

Xiao Yuan waved her hand. What Xiao Ruo said this morning kept replaying in her head and it was a little annoying.

Soon after, the maidservants all left. Xiao Yuan finally started to calm down. She didn’t know how her father’s side of things had been going. There were still a lot of people who didn’t believe her, but she truly didn’t want to marry Lian Jiye.

She fell into deep thought. The Commandant Cavalryman and his people naturally wouldn’t dare to come over again. However, she also wasn’t willing to marry that two-faced Lian Jiye.

She sighed and opened the door. The sound of footsteps grew closer, but Xiao Yuan did not notice. She kept unconsciously muttering to herself.

“Who is it that isn’t scared for Lian Jiye?”

Zhao Zun faintly smiled. She was still pondering this question.

“Ask the Right Minister.”

“Father didn’t say though.”

It was only after Xiao Yuan answered did she realize that something wasn’t right. She suddenly lifted her head and her eyes widened at the sight of another person. He was wearing an inky black robe and as she looked at his remarkably stunning face, her eyes grew larger.


Zhao Zun quickly walked over in front of her and placed a long, slender fingertip on the side of her red lips.


Xiao Yuan had interacted with him a few times now so she had some courage and wasn’t as scared of him anymore.

“Why did you come?” Xiao Yuan unhappily said as she slapped away his finger.

Even though she had just finished showering, Xiao Yuan’s body still carried a faint fragrant scent. Her long still wet hair laid across her shoulders. It was black and shiny like silk. Even without any make up, her skin looked soft and creamy.

Some water had gotten into her eyes and made them look as astonishingly bright as colored glass. They carried a hint of charm to them. If they were any bigger, who knows how breathtaking they would be?

Zhao Zun became distracted. His eyes hid a smiling expression and he suddenly had to restrain a smile. Her cheek was still red and swollen and looked entirely out of place with the rest of her face. Coupled with her wide eyes, she unexpectedly looked pitiable and adorable at the same time.

Zhao Zun took out a white porcelain bottle from his chest. He stick a slender white fingertip into it and removed some of the transparent honey. He reached out his hand to smear some onto her face.

Xiao Yuan’s immediate reaction was to take a few steps back, but a large hand grabbed onto her other arm. His fingertip gently swiped across her face. The ointment was ice cold but soothing so Xiao Yuan stopped struggling.

“Humph! I just knew it. You definitely have a guilty conscience, coming here and trying to curry favor with me.”

Xiao Yuan said angrily. She puffed up her cheeks. Zhao Zun almost laughed in spite of himself. His fingertip swiped across her soft and fair cheek as he gently rubbed in the ointment. Her skin was as a tender as a newborn’s.

This girl finally returned to her sense. It was him who had seen her in danger but instead chose to wait before rescuing her so she had a right to be angry towards him. After all, this injury was indeed quite serious.

Lian Jiye had dared to hit her? Zhao Zun thought to himself, somewhat angry that he had dared to hurt her.

He hadn’t yet opened his mouth, but listened to Xiao Yuan speak with an air of pride to her voice, “If Lian Jiye were to know that it was you who had kicked him into the water, he definitely won’t spare you. Don’t you worry. You helped me vent some of my anger so I won’t turn you in. But, this ointment is truly wonderful. After it was applied, my face actually doesn’t hurt anymore.”

After Xiao Yuan’s words fell, Zhao Zun was shocked. What was this girl thinking about?

He immediately replied somewhat rudely, “Seeing as you know what’s what, you should hold onto this medicine. Apply it twice a day, everyday. In just two days, it’ll reduce the swelling.”

Xiao Yuan was also not polite and reached out a hand to grab it. Zhao Zhun saw that she still hadn’t gotten things right and felt somewhat discouraged. The Right Minister was an old sly fox so how come not a bit of that had passed along to Xiao Yuan?

Zhao Zun looked at her and said slowly, “You said it yourself. I’m not scared. I’m not scared of the Third Prince, much less the Great Prince.”

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