Left Behind

The Right Minister glanced at the Commandant Cavalryman and the look he gave him made shivers run all the way down to the Commandant Cavalryman’s toes and a chill running down his back.

Su Fei was also shocked and it was obvious he had not predicted that this would happen, specifically that three people would suddenly appear from nowhere.

“Lord Minister, this is most certainly a misunderstanding…” the Commandant Cavalryman opened his mouth as he embarrassedly tried to explain.

Without waiting for the Right Minister to open his mouth, the old madam made a loud “humph” sound. “Lord Minister! Your daughter was just assaulted by someone and has yet to wake up. She’s recently been schemed against once again. You’re the Right Minister but yet, you’ve been such a cowardly Right Minister! This old woman might not understand the affairs of men. but if anyone wants to scheme against Little Ninth, this old woman would be the first to disagree!”

The old madam was not holding back her accusations. The Commandant Cavalryman’s old face had turned bright red and he rushed to explain, “Old madam. It was a misunderstanding. It was most definitely a misunderstanding.”

This was not the first time that the old madam had scolded the Right Minister in front of an audience and he had already gotten used to it so he kept a stoic expression.

“Lord Commandant, it’s too naive to think that if you bring over a white cloak, you can just marry my daughter. Lord Commandant, why don’t you go back home? We’ll still maintain our regular friendly relationship. This Minister will treat it as if you’ve never come before.”

The Minister’s words meant he was turning down his marriage proposal.

The Commandant Cavalryman wanted to speak up, but was stopped by Su Fei and decided it was better if he just kept quiet.

“So be it. This Commandant will take his leave.”

Xiao Ruo, who was standing on the sidelines watching the events play out, was surprised. How could they just leave like this?

The old madam gave the two people a death glare. She swung her sleeves behind her and walked into the room inside. The Right Minister was also worried about Xiao Yuan so he followed her inside as well.

Xiao Yuan had already slowly woken up. Her face was badly swollen and her cheek had a distinct handprint mark on it. The old madam flew into a fit of rage at the sight of her.

The Right Minister had to endure some more glares. He smiled weakly. “Little Ninth, how do you feel?”

Xiao Yuan’s small mouth frowned. “There’s a ringing in my ears. My head is dizzy. My vision is blurry. I’m close to throwing up. My entire body hurts.”

The old madam hurried over to Xiao Yuan and stroked the back of her hand. “Pitiful Little Ninth. Please don’t cry. Medicine was just applied to your face so in a little while it won’t hurt so much.”

Xiao Yuan sadly nodded her head. She had already heard about the cloak situation. She suddenly remembered what Zhao Zun said and looked at the Right Minister. The Right Minister was a worldly man so he immediately knew Xiao Yuan’s intentions. He looked for an excuse to get the old madam to leave. He ordered a maidservant to take her away.

Xiao Yuan had an indiscernible expression on her face. She started playing with a corner of her clothes. Her face was flushed out of embarrassment and she didn’t know where to start.

“Oh, just say it. What do you have to be embarrassed about with your father?”

Xiao Yuan bit her lip, “Father. No matter if it’s the Third Prince or the Commandant Cavalryman, Little Ninth doesn’t want to marry them. The reason for their scheming against me is you father.”

Hearing Xiao Yuan say this, the Right Minister almost choked. He thought about it carefully and realized that there was some logic behind it. He shook his hand.


“Father, after this mess, Little Ninth’s reputation will be completely ruined….”

Xiao Yuan spoke pitifully. Her black pearl like eyes had tears starting to come out. The Right Minister frowned and furrowed his brows. He wasn’t sure what to do.

“With father at your side, no one will dare to make fun of you. If you don’t marry him, that’s fine. In a short while, father will go to the palace and seek an audience with the Emperor and demand an imperial edict. We don’t care about becoming the Third Prince’s Imperial concubine. Father will definitely find someone better for you.”

Xiao Yuan lifted her eyes. “Even if Father’s authority can overrule all of society, who in the capital would dare to offend the Third Prince and the Great Prince? There’s also the Pure Consort and the Commandant Cavalryman.”

The Right Minister was nervous. After recent events, the matter of Xiao Yuan’s marriage had certainly become more complex. However, he was also proud of Xiao Yuan to be able to think this far ahead.

“Little Ninth doesn’t want everyone to worry about Little Ninth’s marriage situation forever. Little Ninth wants to marry. It’s fine if I’m married to someone further away. So long as it’s someone who isn’t afraid of the Great Prince and his people and who also won’t disappoint father, your daughter will definitely marry him!”

Xiao Yuan thought about it some more. Her life would be stable only after she was married. If there’s no eligible bachelors in the capital, then she’d have to marry someone further away.

Marry someone further away?

The Right Minister’s immediate reaction was one of disapproval. Someone who wasn’t afraid of the Great Prince and his people? He pondered for a while when suddenly a handsome face with a fox-like smile came to mind.

“All right. Firstly, don’t go jumping to conclusions. Let your father deal with this matter. Marrying someone further away is certainly not acceptable. As for who you will marry, I will go back and think about it further.”

Xiao Yuan nodded her head in response. Judging by the Right Minister’s tone of voice, he must have had some plan in mind. Zhao Zun was right. Her father definitely knew who it was.

As long as her father was by her side, Xiao Yuan could relax. Her mind was in a daze before falling into a deep slumber.

On the way back, the Commandant Cavalryman and his son were somewhat bewildered. How could this coincidence happen?

“Father, in my opinion we should just drop this matter. If it isn’t the old madam that is the Right Minister’s soft spot, then it’s Little Ninth. Third cousin has really done it this time. As for the Pure Consort, she will definitely forgive you.”

Su Fei especially couldn’t respect Lian Jiye. He was impulsive and brash. In comparison to the Great Prince, he was nowhere near his level. He truly didn’t understand how the difference between them could be so great.

The Commandant Cavalryman sighed. “This turn of events is probably for the best.”

Fan returned to her room after capturing Xiao Ruo. She asked her, “What was the Pure Consort planning?”

Xiao Ruo shrunk her neck. She had a bit of a guilty conscience so she took a few steps back. “The lady had no plans. If anything she realized that father loves Ninth Sister dearly so she wanted me to give up and accept the title of side concubine.”

“Fifth sister!” Xiao Ying walked in with a frown on her face. “The Pure Consort truly meant that? Then why would the Third Prince suddenly go looking for Ninth Sister today and asking her for her forgiveness?”

Xiao Ying believed that the matter was not this simple and that there was definitely some hidden intentions that Xiao Ruo was hiding and wasn’t willing to say out loud.

As for the child in Xiao Ruo’s stomach, it was definitely not going to be able to remain.

“Big sister….” Xiao Ruo’s face turned white.

Fan also realized something was up and glared at Xiao Ruo. “You aren’t lying, are you? In this family, except for me and your sister, who else is concerned about you? We aren’t out to get you!”

“Recently Little Ninth was badly hurt. Judging by grandmother and father’s attitude or even by the Pure Consort’s intentions, the child in Fifth Sister’s stomach can’t be kept any longer.”

After Xiao Ying’s words fell, Xiao Ruo’s face went paperwhite and she tightly grabbed onto Fan’s hand.

Things would be fine if Xiao Yuan married Su Fei but if she won’t, then it was unlikely the Pure Consort would accept a child born from a common woman as it would stain the Third Prince’s reputation.

Fan took a deep breath, “We cannot wait any longer. This child must be left behind or else even if you were to marry into their family, for the rest of your life, you would never be able to lift your head up again. As for children, you’re still young, you’ll have time to have more in the future.”

“Fifth sister. This matter won’t be able to be solved soon. Once another two months pass, you’ll start to show. You had a child out of wedlock. If you’re not destined to be a concubine, then it’ll be the nunnery for you. If Ninth Sister is not willing to marry and his highness wants to marry her, wouldn’t it better for him to properly marry someone?”

Xiao Ying followed suit in persuading Xiao Ruo.

Xiao Ruo was forced into a corner. Tears started falling one after another. She felt a deep hatred towards Xiao Yuan in her heart. It was all her fault!

After a good while had passed and she had cried enough, Xiao Ruo was reluctant to part with it and rubbed her stomach. She ground her teeth. She would not be a concubine. She would marry someone with dignity.

“Mother, sister, I have heard you.”

Fan nodded her head. “There’s no time to waste. Mother will ask for the Wet Nurse to get you the medicine.”

“This soon?” Xiao Ruo was shocked.

“Stupid child. Naturally, the sooner it is done, the better. Your body will recover faster that way. Let us not delay this any further. You’ll be fine after a few days.”

Fan was worried Xiao Ruo would be stupid and in a moment of weakness, wouldn’t be willing to go through with it. If that were to happen, she’ll ruin the rest of her life.

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