Must Ask For Forgiveness

As the madam spoke, the angrier she became and the more she felt sorry for Xiao Yuan. People had schemed against her for no purpose. The third prince was not a good person and lacked a conscience.

The old madam’s words pierced Xiao Ruo’s heart like a dagger, making her both ashamed and angry. She immediately started grumbling about the old madam and how biased she was. Even if Xiao Yuan did not want the marriage, the old madam still wasn’t willing to help her get married.

Xiao Ruo simply thought because it was publicly announced that she was carrying a child from the royal bloodline, they wouldn’t dare do anything to her even if she gave them the cold shoulder.

“An explanation for this matter must be given to Little Ninth!” The old madam did not feel like ever seeing these two again. Her face revealed how fed up she was.

Xiao Ruo anxiously looked at the Right Minister, so long as the Right Minister nodded his head in agreement, she wouldn’t be scared of anything.

“Father….” Xiao Ruo’s face was filled with anticipation.

“Lord Minister, the third prince has already made up his mind on marrying Sister Ruo. After all, this child is the royal family’s heir. Furthermore, the third prince has always been greatly doted on. I fear if anything is done in haste, it will offend the third prince. As a matter of fact, this child of Sister Ruo will be the emperor’s eldest grandchild.”

Fan couldn’t keep herself from speaking out. To be honest, this child was indeed special. The emperor’s eldest grandchild, the significance of that was not to be understated.

Xiao Ruo hurriedly nodded her head in agreement. “Oh, yes! Father, how ever you want to punish your daughter, I will accept it. Daughter was unfair to Ninth Sister. I beg father to be lenient with me.”

What the two of them said did have some sense to it. The old madam fell silent. But if they were let off just like this, the old madam would truly be unable to restrain her anger. They might as well just be turning a blind eye.

The Right Minister pursed his lips. “Seeing as how they were engaged to be betrothed at birth, and at that time the Emperor was aware of the engagement. We must inform him. As for everything else, we can only see what the Emperor’s opinion is.”

Wouldn’t the Emperor just listen to the Right Minister’s opinion?

Xiao Ruo firmly bit down on her lip. The Right Minister was once again being partial to Xiao Yuan. She was filled with hate; she truly did not understand what was good about that idiot.

The Right Minister looked at Fan with a look that slightly carried a deep meaning. His complexion was dark and gloomy. Fan quivered, in the end, would this child not be preserved?

Imperial Palace

When Pure Consort* heard the news, she immediately flipped over the teacup in her hand, making her splendid skirt wet and staining it with tea. This outfit was Pure Consort’s most favorite; however, Pure Consort did not have time to feel bad about it. She did not dare believe her own ears.

(TN: Pure Consort, irregularly the designation of a high-ranking imperial concubine, normally 2nd only to Honored Consort)

“You broke off your marriage with Xiao Ninth?” Pure Consort said coldly, raising her voice. Lian Jiye nodded.

“Mother, Xiao Ninth did not return for a few nights, her innocence has long been gone. How could she be your son’s princess consort? Miss Xiao Fifth is dignified, well educated and reasonable. When compared to Miss Ninth, she is much more suited to be my princess consort. Your son in the beginning was somewhat unwilling and was willing to take Xiao Yuan to be my side concubine*. What a pity. Who told her to not recognize good from bad? She immediately rejected.”

(TN: A concubine that is a rank lower from princess consort/queen.)

Once Lian Jiye finished speaking, the palace lady Su Ya bent over and muttered for awhile in Pure Consort’s ear, telling her all about this morning’s matter of shou gong sand. Xiao Wan had been able to be anointed with a dot in front of everyone.

Pure Consort was surprised and asked, “Really?”

Su Ya nodded her head.

Pure Consort waved her hand, her pair of beautiful eyes had a flash of fierceness, “If you want to marry Miss Xiao Fifth, this temple* will not nod in agreement. Tomorrow morning, you will personally go to the minister’s manor and offer a humble apology, even if that means you have to beg for Miss Xiao Ninth’s forgiveness. The position of princess consort must be given to her.”

(TN: Imperial concubines refer to themselves as this temple or gong.)

“This Miss Xiao Fifth, if you like her then mother can allow her to enter the manor but at most as a side concubine. As for anything else, don’t even think about it.”

Pure Consort was somewhat angry and took in a deep breath. She thought Lian Jiye had been too headstrong. This was such an important matter and he hadn’t even so much as discussed it first. He dared to rashly make his own decisions and came close to offending the Right Minister.

“Mother?” Lian Jiye raised his eyes; his expression revealed he was puzzled. He obstinately said, “Your son does not want to marry Miss Xiao Ninth. Your son has already made his decision and I must marry Miss Xiao Fifth as soon as possible. I beg mother for help in accomplishing this matter.”

Asking him to go beg Xiao Yuan for forgiveness? It’d be better if they killed him.

Pure Consort suddenly slapped the table. Her beautiful face twisted slightly, “As soon as possible? How soon! Who exactly can’t wait anymore? Jiye, you idiot. Miss Xiao Fifth has no honor, getting pregnant out of wedlock. She’ll be giving birth just a few months after getting married. Do you think everyone else is stupid?”

“Let mother tell you how this matter will be settled. Tomorrow morning, mother will meet with Miss Xiao Fifth. Follow mother’s orders and go to the Minister’s manor and find Miss Ninth.”

Lian Jiye was somewhat unwilling. “Mother, the child in Ruo’s stomach is also your grandchild. Furthermore, the Right Minister has already agreed to break off the marriage. Your son will not have any dignity if he goes back to the Minister’s manor.”

Pure Consort was so angry; her chest was rising up and down. Xiao Ruo horribly disgusted her, certain that it was her who had seduced Lian Jiye.

“Good! You’ve grown up. You won’t even listen to your mother anymore. Let mother tell you, if the Right Minister wants to make things difficult for you, mother will be unable to help you. Think of your Fourth Brother. He was sentenced to guard the frontier and almost lost his life and wasn’t that because he displeased the Right Minister?”

Pure Consort was earnestly advising as she was truly worried that Lian Jiye’s momentary idiocy had offended the Right Minister.

At the mention of the Fourth Prince, Lian Jiye almost jumped up. “He wouldn’t dare!”

Pure Consort sneered, “In the Right Minister’s eyes, how are you any different from the Fourth Prince? Only that you’re the older brother, but you’re just the same in how rude you are to the Right Minister. Mother will stop talking. Whether or not you listen is up to you. Don’t blame mother for not warning you.”

“Also, the Right Minister’s most precious daughter is Miss Xiao Ninth. If you want to marry Miss Xiao Fifth, you must look to him for approval. How can the Xiao’s family daughters be up to you to pick and choose as you please?”

Pure Consort was anxious. She spent a lot of effort to get on the Right Minister’s good side. If it wasn’t for age, Pure Consort would have wanted to marry Xiao Ninth to the great prince*, adding to the great prince’s power.

(TN: The eldest son aka the first prince is referred to as great prince.)

Unfortunately, Lian Jiye had willfully ruined this marriage, which filled her with rage.

Lian Jiye thought about it and did have some worry. He remembered the look the Right Minister gave him, which was filled with coldness. Lian Jiye couldn’t bear it and his body went cold.

“Third brother!” The great prince, Lian Jiming, walked in. His dark expression made Lian Jiye guiltily take a step back.

“Big…. Big brother.”

“Tomorrow morning, you will go to the Minister’s manor. No matter how you do it, you must get Miss Xiao Ninth to forgive you.”

Lian Jiming was not one to mince words; he directly made orders. His dark eyes scared Lian Jiye. Lian Jiye was most afraid of his elder brother, Lian Jiming.

Lian Jiming and Pure Consort’s thinking were the same, the Right Minister was not to be offended.

“As for Miss Xiao Fifth, if you like her then you can take her in. But as for Miss Xiao Ninth, she can only be the third imperial concubine. After you marry her, you can care for her or put her on display. It’s only a matter of an extra pair of chopsticks. If she disgusts you, just don’t look at her. For what reason should you risk offending the Right Minister over a woman?”

Lian Jiming was in a terrible mood, the more he looked at Lian Jiye, the darker his expression became. It was rare for him, who was normally quite terse, to say this much.

Lian Jiming spoke again, “I heard that Miss Xiao Fifth is with child?”

Lian Jiye quickly said, “Big brother, the child is innocent. Tomorrow, I will go to the Minister’s manor. You better not act recklessly.”

Lian Jiye promised again and again. Lian Jiming purses his lips, softly made an “en” sound but his expression was impossible to figure out.

Pure Consort finally let out a sigh of relief. Leave it to the eldest son to come up with a solution and to be able to control the younger son.

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