I’d Rather Die Than Be Married

The old madam was both angry and gratified. She was angry because Xiao Ruo was too much of a disappointment. She had placed the Xiao Manor’s face at someone’s feet and allowed herself to be humiliated. She had no self-respect!

“Seeing as how his highness has already made up his mind. This minister will agree to terminate the marriage contract. I will definitely report the truth to the emperor.”

The Right Minister took a step and entered the room, his face had an indeterminable gloom to it. In the Right Minister eyes, never mind if it was the third prince, he was still not a worthy match for his most precious daughter!

When Xiao Yuan noticed this sentiment, she was ecstatic. “Many thanks father for your help.”

Xiao Yuan’s expression didn’t appear to be faked and that shocked Lian Jiye. He was confused about Xiao Yuan’s thinking. In the beginning, he had only thought she was throwing a tantrum when she said she wasn’t willing to be married, but was secretly holding herself back. He thought after some time had passed and she had calmed down, Xiao Yuan would definitely agree.

It was only now that it looked like something wasn’t quite right. Xiao Yuan actually didn’t want to be married to him. It was the first time Lian Jiye had been rejected by someone and it was making him increasingly upset.

Xiao Yuan was definitely doing this on purpose in an attempt to get his attention. Lian Jiye nodded, thinking to himself that was exactly what was happening.

“Lord Minister, this prince also had no other choice. Miss Xiao Ninth is absolutely unfit to be the princess consort. This prince has heard that Miss Xiao Fifth and Miss Xiao Ninth have a very good relationship. In the future, they will still be sisters. Lady Xiao Fifth could even look after Lady Xiao Ninth….”

The Right Minister’s lips raised and he laughed grimly, “Your highness, how could the daughter of this minister’s first wife be a concubine? Seeing as how his highness is unwilling, what reason do I have to force you? I’d much rather drop the matter from this point onward. Why should we continue to pursue this matter?”

The Right Minister turned his body and asked Xiao Yuan again, “Little Ninth, this minister is asking you for the final time. Are you willing to marry the third prince?”

Lian Jiye directed his line of sight to Xiao Yuan, who had a dark and gloomy expression.

Xiao Yuan, with a determined look, shook her head. “Father, your daughter would rather cut off her hair and become a Buddhist nun than take even half a step into the third prince’s house!”

The Right Minister laughed, turned his eyes towards Lian Jiye. “Your highness, did you hear that?”

Lian Jiye’s face was taut. He looked at Xiao Yuan as if to discover something from her face but Xiao Yuan’s face was only filled with decisiveness, not at all like she was acting out of anger.

Lian Jiye had been spoiled growing up. When had he ever servilely pursued someone? His temper started flaring and he humph-ed.

“Seeing as how things are like this, this prince is not heartless. If Lady Xiao Ninth is so determined then it would be no good for this prince to force her. In a short while, I will send an authentication token.”

After Lian Jiye’s words fell, no one could have been happier than Xiao Ruo. She was so excited that her heart almost jumped out of her chest. The marriage was cancelled. The marriage was actually cancelled. Xiao Ruo’s dream had finally come true. Very soon, she would become the third prince’s princess consort.

Xiao Yuan loosened a jade pendant from her waist, which she had prepared the night before and handed it to over to the Right Minister. “Father.”

The Right Minister extended his hand to receive it, glancing at it before handing it to Lian Jiye. “Your highness, hold onto it.”

“Many thanks to the Right Minister for your help.”

The Right Minister smiled, the smiling expression in his eyes flashed and there was a hint of coldness.

“Your highness, this old woman still has some family matters to take care of so I won’t be sending you off. Take care.” The old madam’s view of Lian Jiye had immediately dropped to the lowest point. She started ousting people without much consideration.

Once the old madam’s temper flared, it didn’t matter who it was, even the emperor could be on the receiving end. Lian Jiye didn’t dare rebuke the old madam. The Right Minister was a famously filial son. Whoever dared to be rude to the old madam, the Right Minister would certainly find them and they would endure unspeakable suffering.

Lian Jiye took in a deep breath and looked at Xiao Ruo. “In two days time, this prince will dispatch people to send betrothal gifts. We will select a date for our marriage.”

When Xiao Ruo heard this, she lifted her head and bashfully nodded.

After Lian Jiye left, the old madam’s expression had completely darkened. Fan’s eye twitched, suddenly realizing this turn of the events wasn’t good.

The Right Minister was silent.

The old madam waved her hand and said to Wet Nurse Yuan, “Go get Imperial Physician Sun!”

Wet Nurse Yuan nodded, turned and left.

“Grandmother!” Xiao Ruo’s heart pounded as she clenched the corner of her clothes, “Granddaughter truly is fine.”

The old madam was no longer listening to her. Her face was filled with resolution and her attitude was not one to be easily refuted.

Fan’s heart sunk. This disaster was positively unavoidable. Xiao Ruo looked towards Fan with a begging expression, but Fan was also helpless. She ground her teeth and gave Xiao Ruo a meaningful look.

Xiao Ruo bit her lip and felt somewhat cowardly. She did not dare to look at the Right Minister’s expression.

Xiao Yuan stood behind the old madam’s body. She had her head lowered and a stubborn expression on her face. When the old madam saw it, it was unspeakable how much her heart hurt.

Very soon, Imperial Physician Sun took a step into the room. Xiao Ruo ground her teeth, her legs gave out under her and she kneeled onto the ground.

The old madam closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. She glanced at the Right Minister.

The Right Minister laughed and stood up, “Imperial Physician Sun, we’ve inconvenienced you in making a trip.”

Imperial Physician Sun was a man with extensive experience. He saw this state and, as he had seen many homes’ secrets, just nodded. “Lord Minister is too polite.”

“Someone come, send off Imperial Physician Sun!” said the Right Minister.

The old madam returned her line of sight back towards Xiao Ruo; her eyes contained some disgust.

“Speak. How many months?”

Xiao Ruo was stunned and raised her eyes, biting her lip. Tears started flowing from her eyes, “Grandmother, granddaughter is guilty. Granddaughter was only momentarily scared so she didn’t dare to say it out loud.”
The old madam waved her hand, “Don’t tell me that you were helpless. I will ask you again, how many months?”

The old madam’s patience was clearly exhausted as evidenced by her expression.

Xiao Ruo pursed her lips and didn’t dare to speak. The old madam suddenly violently smacked the table. “Do you still dare to not speak?”

Fan also kneeled, “Grandmother, it was daughter-in-law’s fault….”

“You’re going to shield her for how long? You are now the first wife’s mother. You have

irremovable responsibility in this matter. The Xiao manor has lost face because of you!”From the very beginning, the old madam disliked Fan. If it weren’t for the fact that Xiao Yuan liked her, the old madam would never show favor to her.

Except this time, she had crossed the old madam’s bottom line. Xiao Yuan had almost lost her life. Xiao Ruo was her sister, but, unexpectedly had climbed into the bed of her sister’s future husband and had even gotten pregnant out of wedlock. Just thinking about it made the old madam feel disgusted.

The old madam took in a deep breath and looked at the Right Minister. “You decide for yourself how to deal with this. This is the first marriage matter that I don’t approve of. The matter of the Dazhao Temple and Little Ninth must be thoroughly investigated. If I learn of who was behind this matter and resorted to such petty tricks, humph!”

The old madam immediately suspected Xiao Ruo was the one up to cause mischief behind Xiao Yuan’s back as she was in a hurry to get rid of Xiao Yuan. The more she thought of it, the more suspicious it seemed.

When Xiao Ruo heard this, she suddenly became nervous. “Grandmother, the third prince has no evil intentions towards ninth sister. Why can you not fulfill granddaughter’s wishes? Could it be that in grandmother’s eyes, there is only ninth sister?”

Fan was shocked and hurriedly rushed to cover Xiao Ruo’s mouth. “Shameful! How can you speak to your grandmother like this?”

The old madam laughed grimly again and again. Xiao Ruo was an ingrate who would never grow up. No matter how well you treated her, it would be useless.

The Right Minister nodded. “Mother, be at ease. Your son will definitely get to the bottom of this matter. I will absolutely show no tolerance.”

Xiao Yuan was standing to one side and when she heard this, her heart warmed but also felt more ashamed. Just as in the past, grandmother believed in her and protected her. In this life, she would make sure to cherish her.

“Sister Ruo. If you are someone that has a sense of honor, what harm is there in someone accomplishing this aim? But you, so young and yet you don’t know to be reserved. Getting pregnant before marriage. Making a vain attempt to take the place of your sister in getting married into the third prince’s manor. You might not want any face but the Xiao family still wants face!”

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