It Is Not The Time

When the old madam heard this, her brows slightly furrowed. What reason would she have to mention Xiao Ruo when talking to the Third Prince?

Xiao Yuan did not wait for Lian Jiye to respond and laughed, “Xiao Ninth is already fine. Many thanks to his highness for deliberately making a trip.”

Lian Jiye frowned. Xiao Yuan’s meaning was obvious. She was fine so what was Lian Jiye doing coming here?

Lian Jiye was somewhat in disbelief. Previously, hadn’t Xiao Yuan been so excited to see him that she immediately clung to him? How come today she was so strange? He felt unused to it.

“This child, his highness making a trip is not easy. Don’t have a childish temper. His highness came to see you and expended quite a bit of effort.”

Fan, who walked to the front, gave Xiao Yuan a playful coquettish look as if to say Xiao Yuan wasn’t intelligent.

Having a temper? Purposefully drawing his attention? Lian Jiye’s eyes displayed a disdainful expression. She truly didn’t want face. In order to win his attention, she was willing to use any kind of trick.

The old madam approved of what was being said and patted the back of Xiao Yuan’s hand. It was not easy for Lian Jiye to come this early in the morning.

The corner of Xiao Yuan’s mouth twitched and she looked at Lian Jiye. “His highness truly came to see Xiao Ninth?”

Her tone of voice hid a slight implication of question and a hint of mockery. Lian Jiye was rather angry and sighed because Xiao Ninth was being just too tactless.

“Naturally,” Lian Jiye unhappily said.

Xiao Yuan wrapped herself around the old madam’s arm. “Grandmother, Little Ninth is already fine, there’s no harm in making him wait for a little while. but Imperial Physician Sun shouldn’t be kept waiting for too long.”

Xiao Ruo took in a deep breath. What was wrong with Xiao Yuan today? She wasn’t letting her get away.

“Ninth sister, I really am fine. There’s no need to bother Imperial Physician Sun.” Xiao Ruo repeatedly waved her hands, and looked at Lian Jiye with an expression that contained a cry for help. Lian Jiye’s brows furrowed.

“Xiao Yuan, this prince has some important matters to discuss with you in private.”

The old madam was just about to open her mouth to agree on Xiao Yuan’s behalf but Xiao Yuan quickly replied, “His highness should speak cautiously. If you have something to say there’s no harm in just saying it now. A single man and woman alone together in a secluded setting. If some rumors started spreading, that wouldn’t be good.”

“You!” Lian Jiye choked on his words and looked embarrassed. She still knew to be reserved. What total nonsense. It was utterly laughable.

Without waiting for everyone’s reaction, Xiao Yuan grabbed Xiao Ruo’s wrist and smiled coldly. Xiao Ruo couldn’t help but shudder.

“Fifth sister, little ninth truly is worried about you. Why not let the imperial physician take a look at you?”

Xiao Ruo’s back went cold and she looked to Fan for help. Fan wanted to step forward and block Xiao Yuan. The old madam also felt like something wasn’t quite right.

“That’s also fine. Sister Ruo, just have Imperial Physician Sun take a look at you. He’s already made the trip so it wouldn’t be a bother at all.”

Fan opened and closed her mouth, swallowing the words that wanted to come out.

Xiao Yuan was very strong and grabbed onto Xiao Ruo’s wrist, pulling her towards the direction of Imperial Physician Sun. Xiao Ruo was not as strong as Xiao Yuan and her body was quite weak so Xiao Yuan easily dragged her.

“Mother!” Xiao Ruo said with great alarm.

Originally, the old madam was only slightly suspicious, but with Xiao Ruo putting up this much of a protest, the old madam became more and more suspicious. Xiao Yuan was not an unreasonable person who enjoyed pestering people. The old madam’s gaze fell upon Xiao Yuan’s handkerchief, which had an eye-catching plum red drop.

“Enough!” Lian Jiye suddenly spoke out, “Why should Lady Xiao Ninth force her to do this? Old madam, I will speak the truth to you. This prince came today to ask the old madam for permission to marry someone. This prince’s mind is made up. I want to marry Lady Xiao Fifth and make her my princess. I came with this purpose in mind.”

The old madam was shocked and didn’t dare to believe her own ears.

Xiao Ruo quickly threw off Xiao Yuan, took a few steps back, and hid behind Fan’s body.

Xiao Yuan sneered. Finally, their true intentions were revealed.

The old madam quickly responded, but had a dark expression, “Your highness, this joke isn’t to be made lightly. Little ninth returned safe and sound. Moreso, you two were betrothed when still in your mothers’ wombs. What position do you want to put Little Ninth in? What position do you want to put the Prime Minister’s prestige in?”

Lian Jiye laughed back, “My first wife is still from the Xiao manor. The old madam cannot be too partial. These past few days, there have been quite a few rumors being said in the city. This prince doesn’t need to say anything further about that. This prince is still a dignified prince. How could I possibly take a person who carries such a bad reputation to be my princess consort? Lady Xiao Fifth is well-educated and highly cultured, as wise as she is fair and cannot be more suitable.”

Lian Jiye thought for a moment, glanced at Xiao Yuan and spoke again, “This prince can also disregard my former hatred and take in Lady Xiao Ninth. That way our original promise will not be considered a slip of the tongue.”

The old madam was both shocked and angry. The third prince was truly going too far, marrying Xiao Ruo while still thinking of Xiao Yuan. It was outrageous.

Xiao Yuan suddenly stepped forward and said coldly, “His highness cannot look down on Xiao Ninth this much. Today, Xiao Ninth thanks his highness for not taking me to be his bride. Xiao Ninth might as well settle things with his highness. Consider the matter of marriage between you and I dropped. We both don’t want to do it. If there are any violators, then may they suffer a fate similar to this teacup!”

Xiao Yuan raised her hand and ruthlessly smashed a teacup onto the ground. It made a “pa” sound as it shattered into numerous pieces. Her red lips spat out each word one by one, “And meet a violent end!”

“Little ninth?” The old madam was taken aback and was growing increasingly distressed.

Xiao Yuan raised her dress so she could kneel before the old madam. She straightened her back. “Grandmother, you often say a person must have a moral backbone. Little ninth often keeps this in mind. His highness does not like Little Ninth. Even if Little Ninth is wedded to him, it will not be a happy marriage. I beg grandmother to help me.”

Not only was the old madam shocked by Xiao Yuan’s words but everyone in the room was as well, especially Lian Jiye. Before, if he so much as opened his mouth, Xiao Yuan would definitely not reject him. Today, Xiao Yuan actually swore this promise in front of this many people. She had firmly struck him with a slap to the face. Lian Jiye took awhile to recover.

“Little Ninth, don’t act out of anger. Don’t you like his highness? Quickly, rise. Don’t make his highness unhappy.”

Fan recovered and stooped over to support Xiao Yuan but was frozen in place by Xiao Yuan’s fierce and cold gaze.

“Little ninth….”

Xiao Yuan laughed back, “Is mother forcing Little Ninth to become a wife?”

Fan was shocked, opened her mouth but didn’t know how to respond. Of the two people, only one person could be the princess consort. Fan didn’t even need to think about it. Obviously, Xiao Ruo would be his wife.

The old madam glared at Fan. Fan withdrew her hand out of shame and stood to one side.

The old madam was relieved. It was rare for Xiao Yuan to be this sensible. She originally considered the third prince to be a good person. She had never thought he would humiliate Little Ninth like this. What Little Ninth said was right, even if she was wedded to him, people would still belittle her behind her back.

The old madam suddenly looked towards Xiao Ruo, her voice getting colder as she spoke, “Sister Ruo, you are serious about marrying into the third prince’s home?”

Xiao Ruo lifted her head and quickly looked at the old madam and once again looked at Lian Jiye. She mumbled in a small voice, “Since Ninth sister does not wish to be married, I ask grandmother for help accomplishing this marriage.”

The old madam closed her eyes all of a sudden. “Good! Good!”

She said “good” twice and then the old madam personally helped up Xiao Yuan. “Good child. You are the Xiao Manor’s jewel. How could someone mistake a pearl to be a fish eye? Never mind. There’s no use in forcing someone to do something. As for this matter, your grandmother will make decisions for you.”

The old madam was scolding him indirectly. When Lian Jiye heard this, he tightly clenched his fist and his face twisted with anger. But he endured it for Xiao Ruo’s sake.

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