Chapter 8: Into the nuptial chambers

The bride had crossed the threshold, but without a groom how could she do the traditional three bows? Granny Wang listened to Grand Concubine Yi’s orders and sent her off to the nuptial chambers.

“Is she really that beautiful?” Grand Concubine Yi asked, her face full of doubt.

“Grand Imperial Concubine, your servant saw it with her own eyes! It’s the absolute truth! I don’t know where these groundless rumors came from to call such a beauty an ugly hag!”

“Impossible!” Grand Concubine Yi sat up straight. “I’ve seen her when she was young, she had a large scar on the right side of her face!”

“Grand Imperial Concubine, you’ll get to see the bride when she comes to pay her respects tomorrow. How would your servant dare to trick you? The Han family is renowned for their medical skills, so perhaps they’ve finally cured her,” Granny Wang could only try to explain things this way.

Grand Concubine Yi impatiently waved her hand, awarding Granny Wang some money before letting her go. 

Mufei, this is great news! It’s better if she looks pretty, or else we’d completely lose face for the Duke of Qin by letting her in today, even though the empress dowager forced elder brother’s hand. Isn’t it better that she didn’t shame us?” Murong Wanru chirped happily.

Grand Concubine Yi was a little appeased by the fact that Han Yunxi was beautiful, but hearing the words ‘empress dowager’ put her back in a foul mood. She coldly replied, “The empress dowager forced the daughter of her lifesaver on my son. What else would this be, if not humiliation? So what if she’s beautiful?”

Murong Wanru had no choice but to heave a sigh. “Aye, if her mother hadn’t saved the empress back then, then now…”

Murong Wanru didn’t have to finish the sentence, but even an idiot knew that if that incident hadn’t happened, even the fate of current emperor might have changed. Han Yunxi’s mother saved the empress dowager’s life back then, changing the lives of an entire generation.

“Enough of that, I don’t covet that position. I’m already plenty satisfied with Feiye as a son. You can leave now,” Grand Concubine Yi rubbed her forehead as she spoke.

“Yes, Wanru’s said too much,” Murong Wanru retreated meekly. As soon as she went out the door, she headed towards the Duke of Qin’s Hibiscus Courtyard, but stopped just short of the door.

She was very clear that Long Feiye’s private quarters lay beyond the doorway and he resented others casually entering his space. Even a foster sister like herself was no exception. But that Han Yunxi had openly entered them under the title of his official wife. After thinking for a bit, Murong Wanru couldn’t help but clench her fists. She couldn’t help but muse that Han Yunxi would be chased out of the household as soon as Long Feiye returned. 

Han Yunxi had no idea about the particulars of this Hibiscus Courtyard. In the end, she ending up sitting on the bed, waiting for half of the day for nobody. She actually dared to lift the wedding veil and stood up to stretch, before deciding to take off the phoenix wedding coronet. Immediately, it felt as if a heavy weight had been lifted off her head, making things much more comfortable.

The first thing she wanted to do was check a mirror because she had no idea what she looked like to startle all the people outside. The nefarious culprit that had tried to incriminate her with the stealthy dart only put her in spotlight instead. That person must be very gloomy now, right? Han Yunxi was in a good mood as she casually sat in front a mirror, only to be stunned by her own reflection.

Her reflection was similar in spirit to her own face, but the shape, skin color, and features were far more attractive. The pretty looks of the original body combined with Han Yunxi’s own innate charm truly combined the best of beauty inside and out for a stunning sight. 

Han Yunxi lightly caressed her right cheek, where there wasn’t even any sign of the old scar. It was as if it’d never existed in the first place. She couldn’t help but think that this face was at least worthy of a Duke of Qin. That man still hadn’t shown up yet, so who knew what he looked like?

She stood up and paced around in a circle before discovering these rooms were unusually large. The bedroom wasn’t part of the main rooms, but separated from them by a layer of thick and heavy curtains. Beyond the curtains laid an even bigger space, with an indoor hot spring on the right and a study on the left. Straight in front of her stood a long, serene passageway flanked by two rows of pillars that led directly to the front gates. It would be better to say that this wasn’t a bedroom, but sleeping quarters equivalent to that of an emperor and empress.

“So excessively extravagant!” Han Yunxi went for a stroll, feeling her legs ache by the time she made it back. Didn’t rich and influential families have lots of attendants? This house is so large, yet there’s no sign of anyone around. She couldn’t even find a person to question here, how strange.

Han Yunxi sat back on the bed, wondering whether the bridegroom would come home tonight.

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