Chapter 5: A familiar warning

The skies had grown dark, but Han Yunxi was still fast asleep. Heaven knows how tired this body was. Despite this, she heard a familiar dootdootdoot, dootdootdoot from the depth of her consciousness. On instinct, she opened her eyes. Wasn’t this noise the warning signal from Lingyun Hospital’s newest detoxification system?

In an effort to keep her as an employee, Lingyun Hospital used vast amounts of funding to research and develop a poison-detection system. It was the equivalent of an intelligent pocket dimension where she could store antidote ingredients and equipment for her patients.

The system had been implanted into the nerves of her brain and was completely controlled by her mind. Han Yunxi never thought her transmigrated soul would carry over such a treasure as well. She was moved. Heaven hadn’t forgot about her!

The “doot” 「嘟」alarm sounded like “du” 「毒」, or poison. It was a reminder to Han Yunxi that there was poison within range around her. She had been suspecting whether the tumor on her face was created by toxic means. With the alert from the detox system, she was certain that was the case.

Closing her eyes, she tried to use her mind to open the detoxification system. She didn’t expect it to be just as easy to use as before. She took out a few acupuncture needles and some medical gauze from the contained dimension while checking over her supplies. There were still plenty of acupuncture needles and medicinal ingredients.

Han Yunxi then took a glance outside, seeing everyone else dozing around her. For the time being, she was certain she’d be undisturbed and started to treat the poison on her face. Originally, she wanted to collect and analyze some blood from the tumor in her detox system, until she recognized the poison with one whiff.

This toxin was also known as grape clusters, or staphylococcus, a commonplace poison used in ancient times to disfigure the face. Even poison experts with trifling abilities could dissolve the venom, yet the great medical family of Han had allowed its daughter to suffer without anyone treating her. She must have been poisoned on purpose!

Han family, was it. She’d remember this grudge for the body’s original owner. 

There was logic in not letting a doctor self-treat oneself. Although removing poison was easy, it was inconvenient when the poison was on her own face. She could only grope around in the dark to bleed out the poisonous blood and clean its remnants, choosing and applying her own medicine. Finally, she stuck a piece of gauze to her face and finished up everything within an hour.

After cleaning up her things, Han Yunxi replaced the bridal veil on her head and called out, “Nanny Wang, I’m hungry. Bring me a bowl of noodles.”

Nanny Wang had been on guard all day. When the Duke of Qin’s residence didn’t sent people to chase them off, her gut recognized the formidable person within the carriage and dared not offend Han Yunxi anymore. Immediately, she ran off to buy food.

A large bowl of delicious, steaming hot noodles was handed into the sedan chair, completely overtaking its previous scent of medicine. Han Yunxi dismissed Nanny Wang before removing her bridal veil and happily gorged herself on the fresh, hot noodles.

At the same time, Han Yunxi’s chosen husband, Long Feiye, the Duke of Qin, stood with his hands clasped behind his back atop a nearby building. He leaned against a parapet as he observed the scene in the distance. His expression was impossible to discern, but his form was tall, dashing, and as lofty as a mountain. In his black robes, he looked both mysterious and imposing as he emitted an aura of domineering arrogance. From this height, he resembled a respected god of the night, disdainfully looking upon the common people below.

“Duke, we’ve done thorough investigations. The woman inside the sedan chair truly is Han Yunxi. Nanny Wang is one of the grand concubine’s people.” a black-robed chamberlain respectfully reported.

“What’s the situation inside the imperial palace?” his voice was deep and chilly.

“The news has spread. Many are making private bets as to whether she’ll pass through the gates tomorrow,” replied his interior bodyguard, Chu Xifeng.

Only then did Long Feiye turn around, his handsome face cold, as if carved by the Heavens. Those looks were enough to arouse the indignation of both men and gods, yet the lamp light shining on his face did nothing to illuminate those dark eyes. They were like icy pools with endless depths, an eternal riddle.

“Your lordship[2] is also curious to see if she’ll enter.” Long Feiye said coldly before stepping into the air and leaving the Duke of Qin’s residence behind him.

Chu Xifeng was stunned. Heavens, had he heard incorrectly? Even the Duke of Qin could be curious, and the object of interest was a woman?

Was the sun going to rise from the west tomorrow?


[1] Chu Xifeng (楚西风) -bodyguard for the palace. Chu can mean “distinct, clear, pain, suffering,” Xifeng is “west wind.”

[2] your lordship (本王) -benwang, a pronoun used to refer to oneself in third person.

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