Chapter 14: No Confidence At Heart

The bloodstained handkerchief was with the Duke of Qin? The old mama couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath as she looked towards him in disbelief. 

What kind of joke was this?

Nobody knew when the Duke of Qin had returned last night. It was already inconceivable that he hadn’t chased this woman out of the Hibiscus Courtyard. To walk together with her like this, she guessed he was there to pay respects to his elders. How could he and this woman do this and that…and bring the bloodstained handkerchief with him? This woman had to be lying, but how did she dare in front of the Duke of Qin? Was she looking to die? The old mama’s thoughts were all in a knot. She wanted to ask but dared not speak, only waited for the Duke of Qin’s reply.

Long Feiye only threw them a ‘Wait,’ before walking back by himself. 

To get the evidence?

The old mama couldn’t help but cover her mouth and steal a glance at Murong Wanru, who was spying on them from a distance. Han Yunxi curiously followed her gaze but saw nobody there.

“You…the two of you…” the old mama was extremely shaken. The way she was acting, it was as if she was watching an adulterous couple instead! Han Yunxi rolled her eyes before leaning against a bamboo fence to wait. Actually, she wasn’t confident either. Heaven only knows if Long Feiye would really bring back a cloth with blood on it. Last night she only made sure he’d accompany her to pay respects, but forgot all about this thorn. If there wasn’t a drop of blood on the handkerchief, then him coming with her would still be pointless. 

Only something like that could prove he accepted her.

Although she knew something like that was impossible, it was hard to accept that truth. Han Yunxi still held onto that tiny bit of hope since she’d already married him. 

Long Feiye, we were married because of the emperor’s orders, not because I insisted. If you can’t defy the emperor, could you not put all the pressure on my shoulders, please?

Han Yunxi lowered her eyes, falling into silence as she leaned against the fence. The old mama was burning with impatience as she paced in place, shooting glances at her every few seconds as if she was some strange creature. Finally, Long Feiye returned, but his hands were empty. Did he bring nothing because he decided to tell the truth? Han Yunxi did her best to ignore the misery in her heart and smiled without asking any questions. The old mama wasn’t so patient.

“Your Hhighness….where is the handkerchief?” she asked him nervously.

“I’ll bring it inside,” Long Feiye replied.

The old mama was greatly shocked. “Your Hhighness…Yyour Hhighness is going to see the grand imperial concubine, with her, together?”

Long Feiye didn’t answer her. Neither did he pay any attention to Han Yunxi, but started walking as soon as he finished speaking. His legs were long, so he walked very quickly, and Han Yunxi hurried to catch up before her brain could process what had happened. Her heart started to pound as she wondered exactly how he was going to deal with this. She wanted to ask, but didn’t know how, and followed him all the way to Grand Concubine Yi’s front doors.

Before them stood a girl of seventeen to eighteen years, as slender as a thread. It seemed that a simple gust of wind would knock her over. She was dressed rather simply, with a fresh and pure look and an exceptionally gentle warmth in her eyes. This girl was none other than Grand Concubine Yi’s adopted daughter, Murong Wanru. As soon as she saw them arrive, she hurried forward and called out shyly. “Elder brother, you’ve come too?”

Murong Wanru’s voice was soft and demure, enough to melt a person’s heart. Han Yunxi couldn’t help but grow goosebumps and sigh inwardly. What a big show for a ‘delicate and fragile’ flower! Tender and temperate, she was the type of beauty to attract attention wherever you looked. A shame that Long Feiye treated her as air and walked right past. 

So it seems like this guy is just cold to everyone he meets.

“Elder brother…”

Murong Wanru’s voice was warm enough to melt one’s bones, but filled with hurt at having been wronged. Han Yunxi shivered again, trying to shake off another round of goosebumps. She didn’t expect the girl to come over and attempt to measure her up, eyes filled with jealousy even as she smiled and spoke with a kindly tone. “Sister-in-law, you’re very beautiful!”

As she finished speaking, she affectionately took Han Yunxi’s hands to comfort her. “My brother’s just has this kind of personality, don’t mind him. Come, I’ll bring you inside.”

Wasn’t it Long Feiye who treated Murong Wanru like air just then? She was talking like she was the mistress and Han Yunxi was but a guest of the house. No matter how good this adopted daughter was, her surname still wasn’t Long. And no matter how unfavored she, herself, was as wife, she was still going to be mistress of the house in the future. Han Yunxi put on a false smile.

“Many thanks, Miss Murong, but I can go by myself.”

Having said so, she pushed aside the offered hand and stepped inside.

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