Chapter 9: Red Bean


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“Go wave down a taxi for me!” Yu Wan didn’t have a car, and her driver’s license was rotting away somewhere in her apartment. Since there was nobody around, she could only have the three kids go.

The children stood still in shock.

“Don’t you see how much it’s bleeding? Go, now!”

The kids looked as if they wanted to run, but Yu Wan shouted furiously, “There are security cameras all over the place, I’ll report you three to the police if you don’t!”

Given their young age, they were quite frightened by the idea of policemen. The bigger girl furrowed her brows, “Miss, I’m sorry, but could you promise not to tell our parents or the police… My parents will yell at my brother if you do. If, if you promise then I’ll go get a taxi.”
Yu Wan’s eyes darkened. “Does it really matter whether or not your brother will get yelled at! If you don’t go, I might just stab him myself!”

The boy crouched behind the girl in fear. When the three of them were playing with the dogs, he had just come back from art class, so he had a boxcutter on him.* He got in trouble quite often and grew mischievous at the sight of the dog. The boy just wanted to scare it with the knife, but he didn’t expect the dog to struggle and the knife to really go in. The blade was too sharp, and blood instantly start to pour out…

When the girl heard Yu Wan’s words and looked at her expression, her instinct told her that this person might really stab her brother. She bit her lip and thought to first find a taxi and then her parents to deal with this mess.

Since taxis couldn’t drive in from the outside, the girl ran out to flag one down. Yu Wan hoisted Red Bean onto her shoulders. The dog was large and very heavy, so Yu Wan had difficulty while carrying it.

The driver was aghast when he saw the bloodied Yu Wan and two large dogs. “M-Miss, you’re…”

“Drive to the nearest animal hospital!”

“With this much blood…”

“I’ll pay you three times the normal fee, so please drive!”

“… Okay, okay.”

On the way, Red Bean whimpered as it laid on Yu Wan’s leg. Yu Diandian sat uncomfortably nearby, and Yu Wan’s hands didn’t stop shaking. She bit her lip tightly as she stared at Red Bean.

The smell of blood was very heavy, and Red Bean looked like it was in a great deal of pain. Yu Wan felt like her heart was stabbed.

She didn’t know what to do with Shen Qingzhou and couldn’t muster the courage to call him and hear his voice. Shen Qingzhou treasured Red Bean and entrusted it to her, but she had failed him. A feeling of immense guilt surged within her, and Yu Wan’s eyes started to redden. Tears blurred her line of sight.

Yu Wan had already forgotten the last time she had actually cried. It was very rare for her to do so, but now that both feelings of guilt and sorrow had combined, she couldn’t stop her tears. The driver glanced at her through the mirror and couldn’t help but try to comfort her. “Miss, don’t cry. We’re very close to the hospital.

Yu Wan raised her hand and wiped away her tears. “What am I going to do… Shen, Shen Qingzhou…”

The driver couldn’t hear her words through her muffled voice and pressed down harder on the accelerator. “Five more minutes. Don’t worry, miss.”

Yu Wan whimpered and tried to calm down.

Finally, they arrived at the hospital. Yu Wan hoisted Red Bean off the car. “Majesty, follow me!”

Yu Diandian obediently kept at her heels. Everyone nearby was looking at her in surprise. No matter how you looked at them, a skinny girl carrying a huge bleeding dog on her shoulders was a frightening sight.

Once they were at the door, the vet rushed to her aid.

“It got cut by a knife. Doctor, please hurry!” Yu Wan cried.

“Put it on the table.”

A few vets pushed Red Bean into the surgery room, and Yu Wan slumped down on a chair once Red Bean fell out of her sight. She put her head between her knees and started to cry.

After a long time, Yu Wan took out her phone and found the three characters Shen Qingzhou in her contacts list. She bit down on her lip and pressed the call button.


She heard his familiar cool voice. Yu Wan couldn’t bring herself to say anything. She was afraid that she would break down once she opened her mouth.

“Yu Wan?”

“Mr. Shen.”

Yu Wan took a deep breath and didn’t know where to start.

Shen Qingzhou felt that something was wrong from her silence. “What happened? Talk.”

Yu Wan tugged at her skirt and finally rasped, “Shen Qingzhou, you should come back…”

“Daddy, it’s this big sister.”

“Miss, miss?”

Someone tapped at her shoulder, and Yu Wan slowly raised her head. Her clothes were stained with blood and her face was also streaked with blood from wiping at her eyes. The family was shocked at her appearance.

Yu Wan’s gaze stopped at the twins and looked at the adults.

“My… My kids injured your dog, so I came here to apologize.” The man explained embarrassedly.

Yu Wan grunted.

The man looked very awkward, “Then, how much is the medical fee? I’ll pay.”
Yu Wan looked at him, “Your child needs discipline, and he needs to apologize to Red Bean.”

The woman behind him looked unhappy at her words. “It’s just a dog, we’ll just pay you the money. What’s the point of apologizing? It can’t understand, anyways.”

It’s just a dog?!

Yu Wan narrowed her eyes and turned to face the woman. “I treat Red Bean no different from how you treat your kids. Lady, if your own children were injured like this, I don’t know if you could talk as carelessly as you did just now.”

“If you won’t have your child apologize wholeheartedly, will he ever learn? This time his knife was pointed at Red Bean. Who knows where it will point next time?”

If it wasn’t a kid but rather an adult, Yu Wan would’ve charged at them without a moment of doubt. Yu Wan felt a rush of anger at his mother’s insensitive words.

The woman huffed. “Really, Duoduo told me that you threatened to harm my son. You seem much more dangerous at the moment.”

“Stop!” The man scolded his wife and turned to Yu Wan. “See…”

“You don’t need to say any more. Since you don’t seem to be serious about this, all of you can leave!” Yu Wan said coldly. “Sir, it seems that not only do your children need discipline, your wife needs it too.”

The woman flared up in an instant. “What did you say?! You’re quite rude for a girl!”

“Don’t make a ruckus!”

“So you’re siding with her? Why, because she’s young and pretty?”

“Shut up!”

Yu Wan stared at them coldly. She didn’t feel any urge to talk.

“Yu Wan.” A single voice pierced through all of theirs.

Yu Wan turned, and her throat seemed to close up. He was standing nearby, and his elegant figure attracted the attention of everyone nearby.

A single tear streaked down Yu Wan’s face and fell to the floor. She felt horrible.

Shen Qingzhou quickly rushed to her location and saw the messy scene.

The blood looked extremely stark against her white skirt, and the mixture of blood and tears on her face was frightening. Shen Qingzhou’s chest tightened, and he walked closer to her with his brows furrowed.

Yu Wan slowly stood up and didn’t know what to do. “Red Bean, Red Bean’s inside, the vets are giving it stitches…”
“Stop crying first.” Shen Qingzhou instinctively wiped away the tears on her face, and the blood caught on his fingertips. He furrowed his brows and kept wiping away the blood. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, this blood is all Red Bean’s…” Yu Wan couldn’t even think of celebrating Shen Qingzhou touching her first. She lowered her head, “Mr. Shen, I’m sorry… I’m really sorry, it’s all my fault that I wasn’t watching Red Bean.”

Shen Qingzhou glanced back at the surgery room, and the light in his eyes grew heavy. He turned to her and clumsily patted her shoulder, “Don’t say these things, you should go home and take care of yourself. I’ll clean everything up here.”

Yu Wan gazed cloudily at Shen QIngzhou, and he asked who the others were through his gaze.

Yu Wan got the message and said, “These are the family members of the boy.” She had already told Shen Qingzhou what had happened through the phone.

Shen Qingzhou’s gaze shifted to the family. Because he looked very cold, the two kids hid behind their parents.

The woman recognized him from the moment of his arrival. Since they were rather wealthy, she didn’t do much except chat with the other housewives in the neighborhood and watch dramas and movies… She was familiar with all the celebrities in the entertainment industry and especially with Shen Qingzhou since she watched many of his projects.

The woman never expected that the injured dog would be his, and she started to say, “Shen-dao, my apologies, my child…”

“Don’t you think that your child needs discipline?” Shen Qingzhou suddenly said.

The woman stopped and realized that he had heard what she said to Yu Wan earlier. “My, my child was wrong in doing this, but he didn’t mean it. This girl even said that she was going to take revenge on him, isn’t that over the top?”

“Revenge.” Shen Qingzhou said coldly. “She isn’t wrong, though. A cut for a cut.”

The woman widened her eyes. She couldn’t believe that Shen Qingzhou would say something like this.

“Kid.” Shen Qingzhou didn’t look at the woman again and spoke directly to the boy. “Why did you do this?”

“Mr. Shen, he’s still a child. He won’t understand.” The woman quickly said.

“I wasn’t asking you.” Shen Qingzhou swept his icy gaze across the woman. His pressure made her shut her mouth.


The boy was scared out of his wits. Because his family was present and there was only one Yu Wan, he wasn’t very worried. But now… Shen Qingzhou’s pressure was too heavy, and he said “a cut for a cut”?

“I, I didn’t mean to do it, it jumped on me first…”

“Do you know the consequences of lying?” Shen Qingzhou looked down with a heavy stare.

The boy looked like he wanted to cry. After a while, he finally broke. “I… I shouldn’t have scared it, I scared it first. But I didn’t know that it would really get hurt, I won’t do it again, I promise I’ll never do it again next time.”

“Next time?” Shen Qingzhou’s tone showed that he didn’t treat the boy like a child at all. “Harming others with a knife is a felony. Don’t think that you can do whatever you want just because you’re a child.”

The boy’s tears streamed down like a water faucet. From a distance, it seemed like Shen Qingzhou was going overboard, but none of the parents dared to say anything.

“I’m sorry…” Though the boy was young, he realized the severity of his mistake. He felt that he would never do anything like this again.

“Don’t say that to me.” Shen Qingzhou looked at the surgery room and spoke emotionlessly. “You should apologize to it. Oh, and don’t let Red Bean see you again. It might be frightened at your presence.”

“Eh, Mr. Shen.” The boy’s mother thought that the matter was getting ridiculous, but her husband pulled her back. He bowed at Shen Qingzhou, “I’m truly sorry, I’ll take care of all the medical fees. It’s my fault for not disciplining my son.”

Shen QIngzhou nodded at him slightly and his stare fell upon the woman. She looked uncomfortable at his gaze and finally squeezed out a “sorry”.

The boy ran to the surgery room’s doorway and apologized clumsily.

Yu Wan looked at the boy in surprise and then at the silent family. She felt a sense of admiration for Shen Qingzhou; his presence was far more powerful than she thought…