PCP C8 Part 2

Chapter 8 Part 2: Feeding


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She peered around the corner and watched him clumsily wash one plate at a time. “Mr. Shen, have you never washed dishes before?”

Shen Qingzhou didn’t answer her and turned to face her with an icy stare. “I’ll buy a dishwasher tomorrow.”


Yu Wan went home with Yu Diandian as soon as she had gathered all her things. With a sudden thought, she opened Weibo and searched “Shen Qingzhou”.

As expected, his account was verified*. Yu Wan excitedly clicked into his profile, but there wasn’t much other than some retweets of movie trailers. There were no signs of life on the page.

However, Yu Wan still followed Shen Qingzhou’s Weibo. Her “following” list grew by one along with Jian Yunong and Yu Huan’s accounts.

Her cooking arrangement for Shen Qingzhou continued for two more weeks. She started to get creative with her dishes, and even though he didn’t say much, Yu Wan could clearly see his immense satisfaction with each meal.

Yu Wan was glad that she didn’t mind his cold attitude. She was fine with just the privilege of admiring a hunk ever day.

Jian Yunong frequently called her, and she would never leave the topic of Shen Qingzhou. Her enthusiastic praise of Shen Qingzhou had never stopped, and she kept telling Yu Wan to revere or even worship Shen-dao. She nearly fainted after Yu Wan told her about her cooking job and started nagging at her constantly to secretly take a photo of Shen Qingzhou eating; but of course, Yu Wan would never do something like that, nor would she ever have the guts to.

On a Friday morning, Yu Wan was about to start writing after getting out of bed and finishing her morning routine.
Just as she sat down at the computer, the doorbell rang. Yu Wan stood up and sluggishly walked to open the door. When she slumped against the peephole, she was instantly stunned.

She quickly opened the door, “Morning, Mr. Shen. Why are you here so early?”

Shen Qingzhou, “It’s not early, it’s ten o’clock.”


Yu Wan awkwardly cleared her throat and sized him up. She realized that he was dressed rather formally today. He wore a business shirt and tie and had a suit draped on his forearm. His stature carried a strict and unrelenting manner.

Yu Wan, “You’re here because?” It was only the second time he had stood at her doorstep. Normally, they would communicate directly by phone.

Shen Qingzhou, “I have to go on a trip for a few days, so I want to leave Red Bean to you.”

Yu Wan looked down at Red Bean. “No problem, but… When are you coming back?”

“Not sure.”
“Oh, okay.”

Shen Qingzhou said, “You only have to make food for it and walk it at night. Otherwise, it can stay at my home.”

Yu Wan frowned. “It doesn’t sound right for it to stay at your place alone. Why not have it stay with me? Yu Diandian can keep it company and I can look after it.”

Shen Qingzhou paused, “Fine.”

“Mm.” Yu Wan smiled as she crouched down. “Red Bean, that means you’ll be crashing with me. Aren’t you excited?”

“Woof, woof!!”
Shen Qingzhou, “Then I’ll be leaving.”

Yu Wan looked up at him and lifted Red Bean’s paw. “Say goodbye to your owner.”

Shen QIngzhou’s gaze lingered on Yu Wan’s shining face, and reached down to pat Red Bean’s head. He lowered his voice, “Be good.”

“Got it.”

Shen Qingzhou paused and looked at the girl who jumped to answer. A smile flickered in his eyes.

Yu Wan realized that her words had been a bit strange, but she quickly regained her composure. “Red Bean won’t have any problems. I’ll call you if anything happens.”
Shen Qingzhou stood up and turned to leave. Red Bean barked at his silhouette a couple times, then was led into the apartment by Yu Wan.

Shen Qingzhou was gone for four days and called her every night without fail. Yu Wan reported on Red Bean’s day to him every time in a formal manner.

Today, Yu Wan took Yu Diandian and Red Bean out for a walk as usual. She followed behind them and went to the garden in the neighborhood to play.

There were kids about twelve to thirteen years old at the garden, and they immediately ran up to play with the dogs when they saw them.

Yu Diandian was rather familiar with them, but Red Bean seemed a bit bothered by strangers. The kids were still excited and petted them enthusiastically.

Yu Wan stood nearby and smiled at the kids circling around the dogs. Her earbuds rested comfortably in her ears, and she sat down on a bench while listening to music and watching the reservoir in the distance.

Yu Wan didn’t pay attention to the two dogs for a while, so it was only until she heard strange noises through her earbuds when she looked over.

The scene was enough to make her heart jump with fright. All of her blood seemed to rush to her head.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!!” Yu Wan felt like she had never yelled this loudly before. She ran to the dogs and the kids with her hands shaking.

It was obvious that the three children didn’t know that the dogs’ owner was Yu Wan, and their faces paled at the sight of her.

“I, I didn’t mean to do it.” A boy wearing a blue T-shirt stuttered in panic.

“Yeah, my brother didn’t mean to do it, the doggie suddenly jumped forward, my brother cut it because he was scared!” A girl stood in front of the boy and said.

“That can’t be true! There’s no way Red Bean would ever jump on you, it’s not aggressive at all!” Yu Wan was furious. She knew Red Bean, it would never try to harm someone given how calm it usually was.

“It… It jumped and was going to bite…” The girl locked eyes with Yu Wan.

Yu Wan glared at them, brimming with anger.

But it wasn’t the time to get angry. Yu Wan turned back to look at Red Bean’s wound. There was a long cut along its side, and she didn’t know how deep it was. Because the blood had matted the fur, she couldn’t even see the wound.

Out of the corner of her eye, Yu Wan saw the boxcutter in the kid’s hand. A vein bulged at her temple, and her heart felt crumpled. Yu Diandian had been sick before, and Yu Wan was hysterical every time it was. Seeing Red Bean’s horrific injury was almost enough to make her faint.