PCP C8 Part 1

Chapter 8: Feeding


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Shen Qingzhou looked at the disoriented girl in front of him. Her inky pupils were still unfocused…

His gaze held against hers for a few seconds, then shifted to the two pet dogs that had been roused by their voices. Red Bean and Yu Diandian had rested themselves against each other by his leg, and were looking at him with their little heads raised. Their Samoyed smiles were the cutest he’d ever seen.

Shen Qingzhou paused and looked at Yu Wan again. Why did he feel like he was raising three pets in his house…

Strangely, the chilliness on Shen Qingzhou’s expression eased.

But Yu Wan’s immediate reaction was to frantically let go of him, jump from the sofa, and say awkwardly to Shen Qingzhou: “Sorry, I fell asleep by accident, wait just a moment! I’ll go make dinner right away.”

It wasn’t until she ran into the kitchen that Yu Wan realized something. Upon first glance, Shen Qingzhou’s expression was very cold, but it seemed to have warmed slightly afterwards. That… Couldn’t have been because of her random hugging, right?

In the living room, Shen Qingzhou looked at Yu Wan’s panicked silhouette. A thin smile formed on his lips, then disappeared as quickly as it emerged.

Shen Qingzhou sat down on his sofa. His furniture, usually used by him and no one else, was still warm with Yu Wan’s temperature. It felt peculiar, because her warmth seemed to linger on his waist, too. Shen Qingzhou wasn’t very familiar with this sensation, so he went to the air conditioner and turned it down two degrees.

As he put the remote back on the coffee table, Shen Qingzhou’s gaze fell upon the documents. The words “Underworld of Wolves” were stenciled very clearly on the cover. He picked it up and randomly flipped through. The papers were riddled with meticulous notes like an ant hill, and the writer’s care and dedication could easily be seen. Shen Qingzhou flipped to the last page and saw the two words “Weiwan” written at the bottom.

Weiwan, Yu Wan.

Shen Qingzhou stared at the girl in the kitchen. So it was her, all along.

“Three dishes and a soup, complete.” Yu Wan took her  apron off and set two bowls of rice on the table.

Shen Qingzhou sat down on a chair and examined the dishes. Twice-cooked pork, sauteed green beans, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, and a mushroom soup. Though they were common household dishes, they were made very delicately and were impeccable.

Yu Wan rested her chin against her palm. “Have a taste.”

Shen Qingzhou picked up his chopsticks and took a bite. Yu Wan’s gaze lingered on his hand holding his chopsticks. She felt that his slow though elegant pace was extremely attractive.

“It’s not bad, right?” At least, Yu Wan was still confident in her cooking abilities.

Shen Qingzhou nodded. “It’s decent.”

“That’s for sure.” Yu Wan’s mood rose greatly from his compliment. Before, she had never thought that her cooking was very good, but today… She felt that all those years had beenworth it.

Yu Wan picked up her chopsticks and also began to eat. Shen Qingzhou’s hand stopped as he pinched some green beans. He looked up at Yu Wan, who was munching very naturally and didn’t show a sign of hesitation. However, he didn’t recall saying that she could eat with him.

Normally, he would probably boot someone like that out the door, but today he lost that impulse. Whatever, it wouldn’t be very practical if she refused to cook for him anymore as a result of him doing that.

The two ate silently, and Yu Diandian and Red Bean also trotted over to catch up on the fun. They barked a few times and Yu Wan was exasperated. “What do you want, are you not full yet?”

“Woof, woof!”

At home, Yu Diandian liked to beg for scraps from time to time. Yu Wan gave up and threw a piece of meat into its mouth. Yu Diandian chewed in satisfaction, and Red Bean also started to beg her for a scrap. Yu Wan turned to Shen Qingzhou, “Can it eat something?”

It was just a piece of meat, so Shen Qingzhou nodded. Yu Wan tossed a piece into Red Bean’s mouth.

As she fed them, the two dogs started to get more and more excited. They didn’t leave even after feeding them many times.

Yu Wan put on a show of being angry at them. “I’m not going to give you guys any more, Mr. Shen isn’t going to have anything left.”

Shen Qingzhou, “…”
“Majesty, go play with Red Bean. Don’t go around stealing other people’s food.”

Yu Diandian and Red Bean left with their heads drooped down, and Yu Wan turned back to Shen Qingzhou. “Since they like it so much, I’ll make some more meat next time. That way, all three of you will have enough.”

Shen Qingzhou, “…”
Did something feel out of place?

When they finished, Yu Wan put her bowl and chopsticks in the sink and went to play with Yu Diandian and Red Bean. Shen Qingzhou looked at the dirty dishes on the table and got up to follow Yu Wan.

“The dishes aren’t washed.”

Yu Wan laid down between the two cute pets and pushed Yu Diandian’s head aside. “Then you can go wash them.”

Shen Qingzhou stopped and looked at Yu Wan in confusion. “I wash them?”

Yu Wan nodded. “You hired me to cook, not wash dishes. You wash dishes and I cook, isn’t that perfect?”

Shen Qingzhou, “…”

He had never washed dishes once in his lifetime.

Yu Wan laughed at the two dogs’ playfulness and squeezed in a suggestion, “Or, you can bring the dishes and wash them at my place, I have a dishwasher in my kitchen… Ah, Red Bean, let go…”

Shen Qingzhou looked down upon the mess that was the three of them and took a deep breath. He turned around and walked back to the kitchen.

He couldn’t bear a messy house, though he hadn’t employed a maid yet. Shen Qingzhou hadn’t expected her to refuse washing dishes so confidently, and he couldn’t argue against her logic at all. It was true that he didn’t seem to have specified on this matter when he employed her.

He looked at the dirty dishes and leftovers and finally carried them to the kitchen.

Yu Wan messed with the two pets for a little while before glancing at Shen Qingzhou’s shadow. Shen Qingzhou stood up and walked to the kitchen.

She liked to cook but hated washing dishes, so she bought a dishwasher at home. Earlier, she didn’t really mean for him to actually go wash the dishes and was merely joking. She thought to just take the dishes home to wash later, but she hadn’t expected Shen Qingzhou to actually do it.

She peered around the corner and watched him clumsily wash one plate at a time. “Mr. Shen, have you never washed dishes before?”