Chapter 15 Part 2


As two weeks hurried by, the filming locations moved from one spot to the next. While the crew was entrenched in work, Yu Wan wandered leisurely between the hotel and the set. 

Yu Wan sat down next to Li Mengmeng, who was busy playing a game on her phone while still in her costume. She idly asked, “Mengmeng, how long is filming going to take today?”

Li Mengmeng closed the game once she noticed Yu Wan and whispered to her, “We’re stopping at five o’clock today, but the crew’s planning something big.”

“Something big?”  Li Mengmeng’s mysterious tone piqued Yu Wan’s curiosity.

“Do you know what day it is?”

Yu Wan shook her head.

Li Mengmeng glanced at her disdainfully. “It’s the director’s birthday!”

“Huh?!” Yu Wan’s eyes widened. Today’s his birthday? Did she really just… forget about his birthday?

“That’s why the producer and a few other higher-ups want to host a surprise birthday party for Director Shen. It’ll also provide some stress relief; everyone’s been working so hard lately.”

She continued, “Although Director Shen is a strict figure in our hearts and we don’t dare to mess with him, it’s not really his fault. He’s just like that. Everyone else is fine, and it won’t be a problem if we all have some fun…”

Yu Wan’s thoughts started to drift. She didn’t catch a single word Li Mengmeng was saying.

“We’ve also got some tea to spill too, Weiwan. I haven’t told you about it yet. Someone’s coming today…”

“Mengmeng, I gotta go.” 

“Huh? Didn’t you just arrive?”
“See ya!”

“Hey, remember to stop by tonight,” Li Mengmeng shouted. As Yu Wan’s shadow quickly disappeared around the corner, she muttered, “I had some really good gossip to share with you, and you’re just gonna leave me hanging? Jeez…”

Yu Wan had looked at his wiki before; she had specifically remembered his birthday. However, she had never paid attention to the current date, so it completely went over her head. 

Now that she knew, she should do something about it, right? Yu Wan thought about buying him a present, but she couldn’t think of anything he would lack…

She roamed around the streets. Yu Wan saw a bakery across her. She’ll make a cake for him, then.

Yu Wan had extensive experience in cooking, but it was her first time baking a cake. With the help of the shop owner, she experimented with many kinds until she finally found one that she was satisfied with. Yu Wan contentedly wrote Shen Qingzhou’s name on the cake with icing, then drew a “Happy Birthday!” at the top. After she wrapped it up, she called a taxi and returned to the hotel, where she placed it on his coffee table. It’ll be a nice surprise for him when he gets home tonight, wouldn’t it?

Yu Wan returned to the set when Li Mengmeng called her. Because the crew went to a mansion for the setting, they decided to bring everything over there tonight for the party.

Shen Qingzhou wasn’t there when she arrived. Li Mengmeng told her since he didn’t know about the party, it would be difficult for the set to wrap up early today. He had gone out on other business, and everyone was working hard on tricking him to come back.

Yu Wan stood outside the mansion’s yard and watched as the crew hurried back and forth. Everything from the tablesto the wine was ready.

“Hey, Yeyu!” Li Mengmeng suddenly gestured behind Yu Wan.

Yu Wan stopped. That name was familiar. She turned around and saw a gorgeous woman in high heels, a pencil skirt, and a dark coat walk towards them. The woman took off her sunglasses when she heard Li Mengmeng call out. “It’s been a long time, Mengmeng.”

Yu Wan’s gaze rested upon her. Lin Yeyu.

Li Mengmeng rushed up to hug her. “I know, right? That awards ceremony was so many months ago.” 

Lin Yeyu glanced nearby. “Is Qingzhou here?”

“Nope, but the producer will tell him to come soon. Yeyu, I’m glad you came for the director’s birthday even with your busy schedule.”
“Eh, it’s fine. I was in town.” Lin Yeyu chuckled. She suddenly looked at Yu Wan, who was nearby. She had thought she looked familiar, but upon a closer look, she was sure she had seen her somewhere before.

Li Mengmeng saw her staring Yu Wan and explained to her, “Yeyu, this is our scriptwriter, Weiwan. She’s a really talented author. Weiwan, get over here!”
“This is Lin Yeyu, a super duper movie star. I bet you know her.”

Yu Wan curled her lip and nodded. “Hello.”

Lin Yeyu smiled gently. She didn’t bring up the memory of meeting her in Shen Qingzhou’s home; instead, she just said, “Hi.”

“Yeyu, did you buy something for Director Shen? Can I see?” Li Mengmeng asked with interest.

Lin Yeyu chuckled. “I ordered a big birthday cake for him. It’ll be coming soon. As for the other things… I’m not telling.” 

“Huh, that’s mysterious enough. Fine, I won’t pry on anything you want to give the Director in private.” Li Mengmeng smirked knowingly.

Lin Yeyu gazed exasperatedly at Li Mengmeng. The two kept talking and laughing. 

However, Yu Wan had silently shifted away. As she turned a corner, she left their line of sight. Yu Wan walked to the balcony on the mansion’s second floor. Her mind was still reeling Li Mengmeng and Lin Yeyu’s conversation.

According to Li Mengmeng’s tone, Lin Yeyu seemed to have some sort of relationship with Shen Qingzhou? Was her hunch earlier correct? Or maybe it was only half right. No matter what, it did seem certain that Lin Yeyu has feelings for Shen Qingzhou…

What about Shen Qingzhou? Judging from his personality, if she wasn’t special to him, Lin Yeyu wouldn’t have just walked into his house like that. 

Yu Wan felt a little irked. She thought of the cake that had taken her a whole afternoon to make, then remembered the bigger, grander cake and presents Lin Yeyu had mentioned. She leaned wistfully against the railing. 

“Weiwan?” Xiang Zeran tapped her shoulder once he recognized her.

Yu Wan turned around. “Oh, it’s you.” 

Xiang Zeran saw her melancholic expression, “What’s wrong? The director’s coming soon. Aren’t you going down?”

“I’m fine. I’m just here to get some fresh air.” 

“Oh. Do you want to head down together?”

“Sure.” Yu Wan smiled to appear more natural, then walked downstairs with Xiang Zeran.

As soon as they reached the bottom step, Shen Qingzhou and Lin Yeyu coincidentally walked through the front door. Most likely, he had just learned of the birthday party the crew had held for him, so he had hurried back. And Lin Yeyu… waited at the front door to greet him.

Yu Wan’s heart started to thump when she saw them walk in, shoulder to shoulder.

“Oh, you’re here too, Zeran. I didn’t see you earlier.” Lin Yeyu pleasantly waved to him as she saw the two walk down the stairs.

Xiang Zeran smiled, “I just arrived. Director, you both should head outside, everyone’s waiting for you two.” He looked at Shen Qingzhou. “Happy birthday, sir.” 

Shen Qingzhou nodded slightly. “Thank you.” 

Then, his gaze silently shifted to Yu Wan. Yet, Yu Wan’s attention had drifted to the backyard. She wasn’t looking at him at all. Shen Qingzhou felt irritated by this.

“Weiwan, we’re going. Sit next to me later, we should have a glass together. Eh? Do you drink?” Xiang Zeran casually laid his hand on Yu Wan’s shoulder and led her outside.

Yu Wan forced herself to look away from Shen Qingzhou. She managed to keep a straight face, but her mind was completely scrambled. She didn’t quite hear what Xiang Zeran said, but agreed halfheartedly.

Shen Qingzhou watched the two walk out, and his stare started to darken.