Chapter 15: Birthday, Part 1

Yu Wan quickly caught up and stayed behind Shen Qingzhou’s heels as he walked into his lounge.
“What’s going on, Director?” Yu Wan sped up her pace to walk beside him. “Why did you call me here?”
“It’s about the script. What else would it be?”
“Oh, okay. What about the script?”
Shen Qingzhou glanced at her, but didn’t say anything. He sat down on a chair and gestured by gazing at the lunch that was sitting on a coffee table nearby.
“Bring me my lunch.”
Yu Wan pursed her lips and handed it to him. “You haven’t had lunch yet?”
“I wasn’t the one who was having such a good time eating at the set.” Shen Qingzhou took out a pair of chopsticks and started to eat slowly.
She stood aside while being ignored.
“Then…. You can keep eating, and I’ll come back later?” Yu Wan asked hesitantly.
He lifted his head to reveal a cold stare. She silently put down her raised foot.
“Are you going back to eat?”
Yu Wan shook her head and muttered, “You were the one who called me over, yet you’re the only one eating. Am I supposed to just watch you, or…”
“You weren’t done yet, right? Sit down and eat.”
Yu Wan raised a brow. “It’s rare for you to be so kind.”
Shen Qingzhou callously glanced at her, and Yu Wan shut her mouth with a smile on her face.
Though he seemed cold, he still passed her a pair of chopsticks. Yu Wan had already grown familiar with eating in his company, so she didn’t even feel uncomfortable at the thought of sitting down and having a meal with him.
However, it couldn’t be said the same for anyone else. When Shen Qingzhuo’s assistant, Yang, opened the door and stepped inside, he immediately halted at the sight of the two. His heart was choked with surprise and fear.
The two turned towards the door at the sound of it opening.
“Yang, have you eaten yet?” Yu Wan greeted him normally.
“I-I’m here to pick something up…”
Shen Qingzhou, “It’s on the coffee table.”
“Oh…” Yang walked briskly and took the files on the coffee table. Countless questions blazed through his brain: “Why’s the director having lunch with the scriptwriter? Why’s the director letting someone else eat from his bowl? Why do they look so close with each other? Why, why why?!!”
“THUMP!” Yang shut the door in a flurry of emotional chaos.
Yu Wan looked curiously at Shen Qingzhou. “What’s wrong with him? Did he really need to go to the bathroom or something?”
Shen Qingzhou paused. “Perhaps.”