Yu Wan put on her pajamas and climbed into her little blanket burrito after her shower. When she turned on her phone, she saw a little red “1” notification by her social media. Yu Wan tapped it open without even thinking twice. Someone she was following had retweeted her post?

Yu Wan stared in confusion at the retweeter. Shen Qingzhou? Shen Qingzhou?!

He actually gave a reply? And he was following  her, too? Yu Wan’s grin was ear-to-ear. The power of food was truly universal. Director Shen’s generosity was proof of that.

Yu Wan giggled as she clicked open the comments. The whole section was aflame with Shen Qingzhou’s retweet. 

“Who’s Weiwan? Can someone fill me in here? My idol actually retweeted something?”

“She’s the scriptwriter for Director Shen’s new TV drama. She’s the original author of the adaptation’s original, too. I heard the novel is dope.”

“Aaahhh, it’s the first time my bae Zhou actually retweeted something that isn’t a promo. Big thank!”

Yu Wan noticed that the number of her followers was rising fast. Her most recent post was like a hotspot for the “Shen Qingzhou Group Tour.”


The next morning, Yu Wan went to the set. The other two scriptwriters held a little brainstorming session once she came. When they were done, Yu Wan watched the actors from above. Of course, she also enjoyed the view of the overbearing director-sama.

Yu Wan felt satisfied as she kept looking. Li Mengmeng and Xiang Zeran were an excellent pair; both were extremely attractive and phenomenal at acting. Moreover, she had heard through the grapevine that Shen Qingzhou personally picked the two, mm…. Director Shen really made everything a lot easier for her feelings.

When they finished, they walked to the side to take a break. Li Mengmeng bounced right on over the moment she saw Yu Wan sitting. 

Xiang Zeran also pulled up a chair. He remembered his screw-up the previous night: “Weiwan, I’m really sorry for eating your dinner yesterday. Why don’t I treat you out during lunch today?”
“When did you even do that?” Li Mengmeng asked curiously.

Xiang Zeran explained what happened, and Li Mengmeng broke into a giggle. “Of course, you should definitely treat her out. You’ve got some balls to eat my Weiwan’s food.”

“I wanted to give mine to hers, but she left right away…” Xiang Zeran moaned.

Yu Wan chuckled. “I wasn’t really hungry yesterday, anyways. I don’t mind if you ate it, you don’t need to treat me out.” 

“Oh, we can’t have that. Stay here during lunch, I’ll have my assistant get us something good to eat.” 

“Yeah, for sure.” Li Mengmeng piped up. 

With the duo’s insistence, Yu Wan had no way of rejecting them. “Alright, alright. I’ll join you guys, then.”

“Sure, no problem.”

Li Mengmeng suddenly thought of something in the middle of her laughter. “Weiwan, I saw yesterday that Director Shen retweeted your post! He even followed you. Say, even though I’m casting as the female protagonist, he isn’t even following me.”

Yu Wan smiled as calm as she could. She would never expose for her life that she had used some… peculiar methods to get on Shen Qingzhou’s good side.

“Oh… Really, then I’m flattered.”

“Yeah, right? Anyways, with how long I’ve been following Director Shen, I’ve never seen him retweet someone else’s stuff. Oh, besides promos.” Li Mengmeng whispered wickedly, “Weiwan, spill the beans. Is there anything… exotic happening between you two?”

Yu Wan raised an eyebrow. “Do you really think that?”

Li Mengmeng was quiet for a moment before turning back. “Hmm…. I guess it really is my imagination. It’ll be a miracle if there was. There’s no way someone can warm up the director’s resting b**** face.”

Yu Wan: No way? Definitely not. He clearly smiled yesterday.

During lunch, the whole crew received boxed lunches except for Xiang Zeran. He had followed through on his promise and had his assistant buy lots of delicious takeout. Yu Wan sat between Li Mengmeng and Xiang Zeran, feasting in happiness. 

The other actors passed by. “Brother Ran, you didn’t call me over for food?” 

“Here, have a bite. Don’t take too much, though. This is compensation for our scriptwriter-sama.”

“Brother Ran actually has to pay someone back for once?”

“Well, obviously.”

“Then, I won’t intrude. You better do your job, then… Ouch, Director.” The actor wasn’t watching where he was going and directly bumped into Shen Qingzhou. 

“Mm.” Shen Qingzhou nodded slightly. 

The actor scampered away in a flash. Shen Qingzhou’s gaze fell upon Yu Wan, who was still eating away in bliss. Xiang Zeran pinched some food for her with his chopsticks, and Yu Wan didn’t seem to mind. She took it in her plate, almost by habit. 

Shen Qingzhou suddenly felt extremely annoyed. 

He walked up front and stared down from his tall figure towards Yu Wan, who was still chomping down furiously. “Scriptwriter, out.”

Yu Wan looked up. “Mlem?”

“Are you done eating? Get up.” 

“Nope, not yet.” Yu Wan answered honestly. 

The vein on Shen Qingzhou’s temple bulged. “You’re coming with, even if you aren’t finished.” 

Yu Wan, “…”

Shen Qingzhou walked out first. Li Mengmeng clapped Yu Wan’s shoulder. “Director Shen gets really scary when he’s mad. Wish you luck.” 

Yu Wan, “Did I mess up somehow?”

“Definitely. See, the director is terrifying, but he always acts with reason. He won’t pick on you if you’ve been good.” 

Yu Wan’s face soured as she put down her chopsticks. “You guys can keep eating, then. I’ll be back.” 

Xiang Zeran, “You haven’t even eaten much. I’ll save some for you.”

“No, there’s no need for that. You guys can finish it.”