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Dogs recover from injuries quite fast. Red Bean’s wound improved with each day, and its fur started to grow back. While it used to wallow in its bed, it could now walk around outside with Yu Diandian. Yu Wan felt as if a huge stone rolled off her heart as she saw Red Bean heal.

Today, Yu Wan went out to meet Luo Qian. She had made plans to discuss “Underworld of Wolves” with her, so she brought the script along.

The moment Luo Qian saw Yu Wan, she immediately pulled her aside to ask her about the latest updates in “The Last Tick of Time.” Yu Wan looked at her in exasperation. “If I give you answers now, wouldn’t it bore you as you keep reading?”

Luo Qian, “But you don’t update as much anymore. I simply can’t wait.”

“It’s all for the tasks you want me to do. All of my concentration is on ‘Underworld of Wolves’, you know.”

Her face fell. “Fine, fine. It’s my fault in the end.”

“As long as you keep that in mind.”

Luo Qian steadied herself. “Is the script ready?”

“Mm, it’s ready to be put into play. You can take it to review it again, since there may be some parts that still need changing.”

Luo Qian nodded. “The film crew is just about ready, too. Yu Wan, listen here, you may have to join the crew while they’re filming.”


“You’re the scriptwriter, and if we need to change scenes or lines out of the blue, you have to be there.”

Yu Wan furrowed her brows.

“But don’t worry, you won’t really have much to do. It’s really laid-back. You can stay in the hotel if you want, or you can be with the crew.”

However, Yu Wan wasn’t worried about how busy she would be. She thought that this would mean Yu Diandian having to go to the daycare again. Although, she would often drop it off there whenever she went traveling.

Also, didn’t she promise Shen Qingzhou to make him and Red Bean meals…

“How long will it take?”

“You’ll definitely have to be there for the first month. After that, we’ll see.” Luo Qian saw the hesitation in Yu Wan’s expression. “What, is it not convenient for you?”

“No…” Yu Wan said. “I’ll have to make some preparations, but I’ll go.” After all, it was her script. She couldn’t just leave it at the mercy of others.

“Good, then.” Luo Qian passed some documents to her. “This shouldn’t matter to you, but I thought you might be interested. These are the actors we picked, as well as every staff member we recruited.”

“Oh.” Yu Wan’s mind was completely focused on how she was going to be gone for the rest of the month. She stuffed the papers in her purse without a second thought.

“Then, I’ll be off. Yu Wan, the opening ceremony is in three days. You can come to Beijing after a week or so.”


That night, Yu Wan went to the supermarket to buy groceries before going home.

While she cooked in Shen Qingzhou’s kitchen, Yu Wan was still thinking about how she would tell Shen Qingzhou about this.

“Dinner’s ready.” She laid out all the utensils and sat down at the table. Shen Qingzhou sat across her, and he picked up his chopsticks to start eating.

Yu Wan took a few bites halfheartedly, and she peeked at Shen Qingzhou occasionally for a while. She probably glanced at him too many times, so he finally set down his chopsticks and looked at her. “What do you want to tell me?”

Yu Wan blinked. “How did you know I was going to say something?”

Shen Qingzhou stared at her calmly. Nobody in the world wouldn’t notice her being like that, he thought.

“I’ll be out of town for a while, so I wouldn’t be able to cook for you.”


“It’s for work, and it might be for a long time. You and Red Bean will have to survive alone.”


Shen Qingzhou’s response was so nonchalant that Yu Wan felt hurt. Was she really that unimportant? She was going to be gone for a month. Shouldn’t they burst into tears at the loss of her cooking?!

Yu Wan didn’t want to give up, so she continued. “I’m going to Beijing for at least a month. If it’s going to be more, it might be for three or four.”

“I know.”


Shen QIngzhou set down his chopsticks. “Coincidentally, even if you aren’t going to leave, you won’t need to cook for me for the next few months. I’m going to be out of town, too.”

Yu Wan was so surprised, she forgot to ask him what he meant with the “I know.” “Then, what about Red Bean?”

“I’ll send it to daycare.”

“Oh… Then, how long will you be gone for?”

“A few months. I’ll leave in two days, so you won’t need to cook soon.”

Yu Wan felt a little sad. She had grown used to seeing him every day, and now she might not see him for a couple months?

“Okay, good luck on your work. We’ll meet later. Mm…. i guess we’ll have to meet again much later, then. You won’t have to pay me a salary, too.

Shen Qingzhou left as promised in two days. Red Bean was sent away, too. Although Yu Wan felt uncomfortable, she didn’t have a choice. She started to make preparations for her long trip away from home.

[A few days later, Beijing International Airport]

“Hello, are you here to pick me up?” Yu Wan saw someone waving a sign with her name on it. He looked to be a young man about twenty years old.

“Are you Wei Wan? I was sent by Miss Luo Qian.”

“Yep, that’s me.”

“Great, follow me. The car is waiting outside.”

Yu Wan nodded and kept behind him. When she got on the car, Yu Wan asked, “Are we going to the hotel or the filming location right now?”

“The director, producers, and actors are dining right now in XX Hotel. Miss Luo Qian wants you to meet them there.”

“Well, alright.”

When she arrived at the hotel, the young man sent someone to take her luggage to her room. Then, he led her to the reserved room for the “Underworld of Wolves” film crew.

Yu Wan saw Luo Qian as she neared the room. Luo Qian quickly walked to Yu Wan, “You finally came!”

“Yeah, the flight was a little delayed.” Yu Wan glanced behind her. “Do I have to go in? I don’t know anyone in there.”

“You’ll get to know the staff in due time. As for the actors, well, you probably already recognize them.”

Yu Wan paused. She spoke hesitantly, “Luo Qian, I… don’t know a lot of actors.”

Luo Qian was surprised. “All of them are the super popular ones. Xiang Zeran, Li Mengmeng. There’s no way you have no idea.”

Yu Wan laughed dryly. “I really don’t.”

Luo Qian stared at her in amazement. “Yu Wan, do you live under a rock? Didn’t you see that document I gave you that day? The actors were all listed in there. You should really pay attention to the people who are going to use your script.”

The edge of Yu Wan’s lips twitched. She really didn’t want to say that she forgot.

“Well, it doesn’t really matter. You’ll become familiar with them in the end.” Luo Qian opened the door and pulled Yu Wan into the room.

“Hey, everyone, look who’s here. It’s our author-sama, Wei Wan.” Luo Qian announced loudly. A drop of cold sweat rolled down Yu Wan’s forehead.

Everyone turned towards the entrance.

As the actor for the female protagonist, Li Mengmeng read through the entire novel beforehand. The plot was extremely tense and invigorating, so she was dying to see what the author looked like.

The moment she saw Yu Wan, her jaw wanted to drop straight to the floor. She stood up in surprise. “You’re Wei Wan?!”

Yu Wan glanced at the girl and nodded. “Hi.”

“Wow, Wei Wan is a girl?? And she’s such a….” Li Mengmeng scrambled to find a word. “Such a cute girl? I thought you were a guy.”

Everyone had the exact same thought. The actor for the male protagonist, Xiang Zeran, was also amazed. He had read the novel too, and the girl before his eyes looked way too young. She didn’t look like someone who would write such an intricate novel at all.

“Hi everyone, I’m the scripwriter, Wei Wan.” Yu Wan thought to be polite and introduce herself.

“Yu Wan, I should introduce you to the director.” Luo Qian whispered. She gestured in front of her. “Here, this is our beloved Director Shen. He should be mentioned in the document I gave you… Oh wait, never mind.”

Shen, Qing, Zhou?

Yu Wan’s mind went blank. She didn’t look closely at the people in the room when she came in. Besides Li Mengmeng, Yu Wan had no idea what everyone looked like.

So when she heard Shen Qingzhou’s name and saw the man sitting directly across, her thoughts jumbled into a mess. The person who she thought was going to be gone for more than  a few months was about to become the center of her career. Yu Wan was too shocked to even think of being overjoyed.

She stared at him, but he continued to sit casually. His appearance was clean and chiseled. When his smoky tea colored eyes fell upon her… Maybe it was an illusion, but she thought that a smile was hidden behind his pupils.

“Mr. Shen?”

“The scriptwriter, right? Hello.” Shen Qingzhou greeted her in a formal tone.

Yu Wan blinked. “Hello…”

Shen Qingzhou tilted his head slightly. “Did you arrive today?”

“Yes, and I just got here at the hotel, too.”

“Mm, I’ve already read the script. There are still details that we need to discuss, so come meet me later tonight,” Shen Qingzhou said.

Yu Wan nodded. Her heart was beating rapidly.

Shen Qingzhou didn’t speak to her again when he stopped talking. His expression and his tone seemed as if he had never met her before. In fact, he had already turned away to talk with the other staff.

Yu Wan retracted her gaze. She was a bit irked at herself for not reading what Luo Qian gave her. It was no wonder that he already “knew” when she told him about her upcoming absence. Back then, she thought that it was just a slip of the tongue, but it clearly turned out to be the opposite.

Since he was the director, he definitely had her information. Did he know from long ago that she was going to be the scriptwriter? He’s way too good at acting, she thought. He never mentioned anything about it during the entire time they were together.

Though… Yu Wan felt a little excitement in her heart. This meant that they could still keep in touch, just in a different place and without two particular others playing around.