PCP C10 Part 2




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Yu Wan picked up the kibbles and stood up. She saw Shen Qingzhou standing quietly in the living room as she turned around. She paused and said, “It’s according to what the vet said. I soaked and heated Red Bean’s food.”

“Just put it there. You can come back later tonight.” Shen Qingzhou retracted his gaze and sat down on a sofa.

“I’m caring for Red Bean exclusively for free, not you. So there’s no pressure. I won’t be collecting pay for this.” Yu Wan raised an eyebrow and mumbled, “I’ll be satisfied once Red Bean’s healed.”

As she spoke, Yu Wan walked into the kitchen.

Exclusively for Red Bean? Not you? Shen Qingzhou’s face darkened. Since when did he say that he wanted a helping?

When Red Bean finished eating, Yu Wan went home to work. She arrived at Shen Qingzhou’s door in the evening without fail and prepared grub for the two barking customers in 702. When Shen Qingzhou finished eating, he put his dishes into Yu Wan’s dishwasher and prepared to take Red Bean to the hospital for disinfection.

“I’m going, too?” Yu Wan was about to leave when she heard that Shen Qingzhou wanted her to come along.

“Yes, you’ll be useful.” Shen Qingzhou replied stoically.

“Then, can I bring Yu Diandian along?”

“If you want to.”

The four rode the elevator down to the underground parking lot. This was the first time Yu Wan rode in Shen Qingzhou’s car. She wasn’t a car fanatic, but she could easily tell that the vehicle was of luxury class. It didn’t have many accessories inside, but it did have the aroma of car freshener.

Yu Wan sat at the back with the other two, holding Red Bean close so it wouldn’t bump into anything. The trip to the vet wasn’t very long, but Yu Wan still started to peek at Shen Qingzhou out of boredom.

She could only see the side of his face from her perspective, but it didn’t stop her from her admiration.

“Mr. Shen, have you raised any other dogs before?”

“Red Bean is the first one.”

“Oh, no wonder.”

What did she mean, no wonder? Shen Qingzhou glanced at her through the rear-view mirror. The girl in the back had one hand propped against the door and the other against her chin. A pair of glistening eyes stared attentively in his direction.

“The temperature in your house is too low. That’s bad for your dog. And, from what I can tell about your personality… I can guess that you don’t talk much with Red Bean.”


“Just keep your air-conditioner in mind. As for communication, it’s alright if you don’t like to talk. I’m here, anyways.”

Shen Qingzhou’s eyes narrowed and glanced at Yu Wan again. In the mirror, a smile was lit on the girl’s pale and exquisite face….

Shen Qingzhou realized that Yu Wan was nice to look at. He didn’t feel repelled by her strange words, either. The lack of repulsion was indeed rare for Shen Qingzhou.

He pulled back his gaze. “As long as Red Bean’s happy.”

“Of course it is. I’m really passionate in raising dogs.” Yu Wan patted the pet sprawled on her leg. “Isn’t that right, Red Bean.”

Red Bean, “….”

When they arrived, Yu Wan prepared to carry Red Bean out of habit. But just as she lowered her arms, a hand stretched out nearby. “I’ll do it.”

Yu Wan turned to look at him. Shen Qingzhou had already put on a facemask. It was sizeable, and only exposed his smoky eyes and pale forehead. Yu Wan suddenly remembered that Shen Qingzhou was supposed to be a public figure. It was fortunate that there weren’t a lot of people last night at the hospital when he arrived in a hurry.

But today was the weekend, so it would naturally be a lot more crowded. Shen Qingzhou probably didn’t want trouble, so he had made plans beforehand.

Shen QIngzhou carried Red Bean and let its head rest on his shoulder. Yu Wan and Yu Diandian followed closely behind, and they walked to the hospital’s front gate.

They found the doctor from yesterday. He quickly started to change Red Bean’s bandages.

“Young man, are you a celebrity or something? Apologies, but I’m a bit old. I can’t seem to remember a lot of the new ones.” The doctor said as he cleaned the wound. “When you two left last night, the nurses were all riled up. They said you were… Shen Qingzhou, eh. What films have you acted in? I’ll make sure to watch some later.”

Shen Qingzhou, “I’m not an actor.”

“No? Then, are you a singer?”

Shen Qingzhou, “….”

Yu Wan chuckled nearby. “Doc, he’s a director.”

“A director? Isn’t it a waste for someone with your looks to be behind the scenes? If you go in front, you’ll definitely be popular.” The doctor sighed.

Yu Wan followed up. “Yeah, you can clearly make a living off of your looks, but you’re dead set on using your brains.”

Shen Qingzhou looked at her in exasperation.

When the doctor finished, he turned to Shen Qingzhou. “Your girlfriend is quite cute. You two seem really suitable for each other.”

Yu Wan waved her hand. “Nah, I’m not his girlfriend.”

The doctor was surprised, but then seemed to realize something. “Oh~ I know, I know. Celebrities have to hide every little thing when they fall in love. Okay, I won’t say anything. If others hear me blather, it’ll all be exposed.”

Yu Wan couldn’t say anything. The geezer’s thoughts were quite creative.

Then, she turned to Shen Qingzhou. His eyes were nonchalant, neither confirming nor denying. Yu Wan pursed her lips. He probably didn’t even want to bother with stuff like this.

“Come with me for the medicine,” The doctor said.

Shen Qingzhou turned to Yu Wan. “Go, it’s best for me not to.”

Yu Wan nodded. So she was useful, after all.

Shen Qingzhou watched as Yu Wan walked out the door. The doctor’s words resurfaced in his mind.

Girlfriend? Each other? Suitable…..