PCP C10 Part 1


Chapter 10: Medicine


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The boy’s family left soon after. Judging by the kid’s tear-streaked face, he was probably scared out of his wits. His father paid all the fees up front as a way of apology. Shen Qingzhou didn’t stop him; from his perspective, the family had gotten off extremely easily.

Yu Wan and Shen Qingzhou were the only ones left waiting by the surgery room.

“Why aren’t you going back?”

Yu Wan sat down on a chair. “I’m waiting for it to come out.”

Her voice was incredibly raspy. Shen Qingzhou gazed at her for a few seconds. He had never comforted anyone before, nor had he ever believed in the gesture. But the sight of Yu Wan’s pitiful state miraculously made him think otherwise.

Shen Qingzhou thought for a moment, then reached out to pat Yu Wan’s head gently. “This wasn’t your fault. You don’t have to be like this.”

Yu Wan tilted her head upwards to look at him. Because she was focusing purely on Red Bean, she had completely overlooked Shen Qingzhou’s rather intimate gesture. “I’m worried about Red Bean.”

Shen Qingzhou fell silent. He had always spoiled Red Bean, and it was the first time it had come to the vet’s in such a serious condition. When he heard about Red Bean’s incident, his heart throbbed like never before; however, he calmed down like usual. What went on in his mind never showed on his face. “It should be fine. Yu Wan, don’t worry.”

A few minutes later, the doors of the surgery room swung open. Shen Qingzhou and Yu Wan stood up at the same time and walked over with Yu Diandian hot on their heels.

“How is it?” Yu Wan asked hurriedly.

“It’s not a big deal. Though the wound is long, it’s not very deep. I’ve already given it stitches, so it should be fine with a good amount of rest.” The doctor stated.

Yu Wan and Shen Qingzhou both heaved a sigh of relief.

“Miss, please don’t worry. Look at all the blood on your clothes– you should hurry home and change, eh? Is this your boyfriend? Just have him stay here.” The vet was a fifty year old man, so he didn’t seem to recognize Shen Qingzhou.

Yu Wan shook her head, “He’s the owner of the dog, not me…”

“Oh, young man, your girlfriend is quite kind to have such concern for your dog. You have no idea how frightening it was to see her small frame carrying such a large dog.”

Shen Qingzhou glanced at her and could immediately imagine the scene. No wonder there was so much blood on her back and shoulders.

Yu Wan laughed dryly and didn’t want to explain to the vet. She peered inside the room, “Can I take a look inside?”

“Sure, but I’ve administered some anesthesia. It should be asleep by now.”

Yu Wan nodded and walked in. She stood by Red Bean’s side and saw that a patch of its beautiful white fur was shaved off for stitches. A feeling of sorrow welled up inside of her.  Now, an ugly scar was going to ruin Red Bean’s beautiful fur.

She unconsciously glanced at Shen Qingzhou. His brows were furrowed, and the hurt was clear in his eyes. Shen Qingzhou obviously adored Red Bean, and the sight of its injury must’ve carved itself deeply in his heart.

“We shaved off a bit of its fur while stitching the wound, but don’t worry. The scar won’t be noticeable at all when it heals, and the Samoyed’s thick fur will completely cover it when it grows back. It’ll be practically invisible.” The vet quickly explained when he saw Yu Wan’s expression.

“Doctor, what else do we need to look out for?” Shen Qingzhou asked.

“Just don’t have it move much in the next few days. As for food, don’t feed it anything that’s hard to digest. Bring it back later to disinfect the wound and apply new bandages.”

“Sure.” Shen Qingzhou looked at Yu Wan. “It’s late, you should go home first with Yu Diandian.”

“But Red Bean…”

“I’ll take it home when it wakes up.”

“… Oh.”

Shen Qingzhou saw Yu Wan’s saddened expression and said, “Let’s go buy kibbles tomorrow. Something easily digestible.”

Yu Wan’s eyes glimmered. “Then I’ll come visit tomorrow.”


Yu Wan and Yu Diandian left. Everything that had happened today seemed like a blur, and she still felt a bit dizzy from the whole thing. But to her surprise, Shen Qingzhou, as uncaring and hot-tempered as he usually was, didn’t criticize her at all. He didn’t lecture her, not for a single word…

Yu Wan slumped on her sofa after taking a long shower. In her mind, Shen Qingzhou’s every move was being replayed again and again. Suddenly, Yu Wan shot up to her feet. She finally felt a bit more awake and remembered, did Shen Qingzhou wipe away her tears at the hospital?

Shen Qingzhou, who despised the presence of every human in a million-mile radius, actually wiped away her tears for her?

The next day, Yu Wan went to the supermarket and bought kibbles super early in the morning. Normally, she would go to 702 at night, but Yu Wan knocked on its door at noon.

Shen Qingzhou opened the door. He wore a simple white T-shirt and gray casual shorts. His hair looked like it was just washed, and a few damp strands of hair still clung to his skin. He looked much gentler than usual.

Shen Qingzhou looked at Yu Wan and didn’t say anything. He immediately turned around and walked away.

Yu Wan took off her shoes at the door and put on the light blue flip flops that she kept at his house.

“Red Bean.”

Red Bean was sprawled in his little bed and didn’t look very energetic.

Yu Wan crouched down to pat its head. “Does it still hurt? I’m sorry, it’s all my fault that I didn’t protect you. Please don’t be mad at me.”

Red Bean playfully booped her palm with his nose, and Yu Wan broke out into a smile. “Here, I bought some new food for you. You can’t eat what I fed you before because you’re sick, so I’m going to heat these up so it gets soft.”

“It’s not really tasty, but you’ll get better faster this way. Bear through it, will ya?”

Yu Wan kept talking nonstop to Red Bean by herself. Shen Qingzhou came out of the bathroom after blow drying his hair and saw the two. Red Bean looked quite amused at her chatting with it, and his brows raised a little. Had he been talking less with Red Bean lately?