Baby was eight months old now. The restless her began to learn how to crawl.

She was kneeling with her palms propped up on the floor, using all her four limbs to crawl forward. Her speed was slow and it was quite a strenuous action for her but her little meaty PP (bum) twisted and turned which made people have an impulse to push her PP with their toe to help her.

Whenever she was struggling to crawl forward, I always liked to lightly push her small PP with my toe to give a nudge for her to crawl forward.

She seemed to have also noticed that this was a game, so every time, she would energetically crawl around. After getting tired, she would cleverly stop, carefully moved herself into a sitting position, then she would turn around and grin at us. At this time, she already had two teeth.

After she was completely competent in turning over, sitting still and crawling around, she became even more adept in amusing us.

Whenever there were a lot of people, she always liked to crawl around  to display her vitality. After crawling for a while, she would turn around and grin at us. After earning everyone’s cheers, she would continue to energetically crawl around. Then after a while, she would suddenly sit up straight, turned around and grinned at everyone, proudly showing off her two teeth.

Han Ai, how could you be so cute? As expected, you’re indeed Xia Ying and Han Lei’s daughter!

Soon, it was almost Han Ai’s one year birthday. As a toddler, she seemed to have endless energy and had a strong desire to learn how to walk. We had to follow her everywhere she went, accompanying her on learning how to walk.

Thus, we didn’t know whether to cry or laugh whenever we saw her full of energy.

Today was the birthday of the Han family’s little princess. Like her one-month celebrations, we were neither extravagant nor high-profile and just invited our neighbors of the 15th floor to come celebrate at the Han residence.

What’s different this time was that a special guest flew all the way across the ocean to join us — Ouyang Shuai.

I haven’t seen him in a year and Ouyang Shuai’s features had become even more refined and prominent… It wasn’t hard to imagine what a heartbreaker he’d become in ten year’s time.

Ouyang Shuai’s popularity was similar to that of our little brat’s but he seemed to only be interested in our little meatball. He’d been lying down next to the little meatball’s side, trying his best to entertain her.

This was a scene worthy of endless YY (fantasizing).

Our family’s meatball seemed to have really liked Ouyang Shuai too. Her little hands were always waving in front of him, seemingly wanting to plunge herself into his embrace.

Oh! She really was my daughter! Her eye for things and heavy taste as well as being unreserved and proactiveness were really inherited from her mum’s taste and eye for things. With a glance, she was able to see that Ouyang Shuai was a top quality good. Not bad daughter, take him down. Don’t let one’s own fertile water flow into others’ field. I would happily accept him as our son-in-law. Fighting!

Perhaps due to the tacit understanding between mother and daughter, everyone who were vying for the little brat to call them either uncle or auntie ended up being defeated and only able to smile bitterly. All except for Ouyang Shuai. He only taught her a few times and our little meatball was already mumbling an obvious “shuai”.

Everyone left while shouting ‘man over family’. The most broken-hearted was her dad, my man, because with Ouyang Shuai’s “shuai”, the little brat wouldn’t even say “daddy” no more. This made Ouyang Shuai blush but there was a distinct faint smile on his face.

After sending off Ouyang Shuai, sad Papa Han was eager to hold his baby daughter in his arms and began to brainwash her: “Xiao Ai Ai, you have to remember that the most handsome guy in the world is me, your father. The man who can hold you is me. The man who can  kiss you is me. The man who can hold your hand is me. Forget about that guy named Ouyang Shuai. You only need to love me!”

“Oh? Then how will she get married in the future?” I stood to the side and smiled.

“We’ll talk about this in the future! Furthermore, Ouyang Shuai is older than Xiao Ai Ai by a cycle! I refuse to accept it!” Han Lei who had developed a daughter complex answered unreasonably and firmly.

“Haven’t you heard that age is not a problem and that height is just a distance?” I grabbed the little brat to my arms and smilingly said towards her, “Baby, don’t listen to your dad’s nonsense. If you like him then fight for it. And as it turns out, your eye for things is great! Suits your mum’s taste too! So, when you grow up, let’s trick Ouyang Shuai back to our house, okay?” Thereupon, I gave her a big kiss.

The little brat seemed to have understood my words. She radiantly smiled and incessantly waved her little hands around while mumbling “shuai”.

Hence Han Lei, who envisioned seeing his baby daughter being taken away by some man to the other end of the world, held his head and shouted he’s gonna barricade Ouyang Shuai. While us mother and daughter were of course smiling widely.

Ouyang Shuai, just stay still and wait to be my son-in-law!