We had gone to all the attractions at the amusement park except for the ferris wheel. Thus under Ouyang Shuai’s yearning gaze, the three of us entered the ferris wheel.

The ferris wheel slowly ascended and when it reached the summit, the view from the window made people exclaim with excitement.

The brat was basically leaning forward against the window, excitingly exclaiming and sighing.

Originally, I was just like the brat wholly engrossed in appreciating the view when Han Lei suddenly pulled on my hand. When I turned and looked at Han Lei, I saw him slightly leaned forward and grinily hooked his finger at me, indicating for me to lean forward.

People say that there is little space in the ferris wheel. I obediently leaned forward and I found that the distance between us was very close as if a slight movement could cause one of us to kiss the other.

I was startled and hurriedly leaned backward. But just when this thought was forming in my head, Han Lei who had already seen through this notion of mine extended his hand and pulled on the mickey mouse chain in front of my chest. With a force, my body obediently leaned toward him… lips crashing onto each other.

I glared at him, what is he playing at? The brat was still there although his attention was on the view outside.

Han Lei narrowed his eyes and continued to kiss me with a grin on his face. It was very tender, very brazen.

It couldn’t be denied that this was a very romantic kiss and yet because Ouyang Shuai was there, it was also a very provocative kiss.

Until I couldn’t help but let out a moan due to the excessive stimulation and arousing Ouyang Shuai’s attention, only then did Han Lei reluctantly let go of me, smiling at the brat.

“What were you guys playing with just now? Why is Ying jiejie’s face so red?” The brat frowned and asked.

I refused to answer whereas Han Lei laughed loudly.

During the evening, the brat’s mood was still full of excitement. After telling today’s events at the amusement park to Qin Hao and Mother-In-Law, he was still reluctant to take a shower and go to bed.

Just at this moment, Han Lei held Ouyang Shuai’s hands and tenderly, enticingly said, “Let’s take a shower together!”

The brat was very happy of course but he turned to look at me with a look that I could not describe.

I smiled and mischievously said, “What? Do you want to invite me and shower together?” I paused and deliberately continued to regretfully say, “It’s too bad that the bathtub is not big enough! How about you first shower with Han Lei then shower one more time with me?” After saying this, I winked at him.

As a result, the brat blushed, pulled Han Lei and ran to the bathroom.

Ahahaha, he really was a pure and adorable little brat.

I couldn’t help but smile when I heard the giggles coming from the bathroom. I thought of today’s interactions between Han Lei and Ouyang Shuai, remembering how Han Lei carefully held the brat and how he amused him to smiles. It seems like Han Lei will become a good father in the future! Who knows how much better Han Lei will do as a father?

When Ouyang Shuai came out smelling fresh and clean, I couldn’t help but tease him again, “You’re really not going to shower with Ying jiejie? It’s a rare opportunity!”


What answered me was the banging of the door. The brat blushingly ran into his room and… locked it.

Once again, we’ve arrived at the airport where we had met Ouyang Shuai a month ago.

Ouyang Shuai refused Qin Hao, Mother-In-Law and everyone else who wanted to send him off, only requesting Han Lei and I to.

The brat came alone back then. Now, the brat went back just as such.

When I think of the cruel reality that he has to face when he goes back due to his parent’s divorce, I couldn’t help but be slightly reluctant and emotional. His eyes were moist and he had a runny nose. If I hadn’t controlled myself, I would have been like the movies showing an emotional scene of me wiping his tears away with my hand.

The brat was ungrateful as I looked at him with “abnormal tenderness”, grinning just like Han Lei: “Let me tell you a secret! I’m actually 11 years old this year, not 10! You guys got it wrong!”

Pfft!” I laughed subconsciously.

This brat unexpectedly made my tiniest bit of sadness disappear just like that. But that grin of his was 99% similar to Han Lei’s!

As expected, one would be stained if one is near ink, so scary ah.

After seeing that I was smiling again, Ouyang Shuai hugged Han Lei then me. He turned around, pulled his suitcase, and said with his back toward us, “I was very happy during this one month, thank you so much… Ying jiejie, I won’t forget about you guys. I will write emails to you! Bye!”

After saying this, the brat walked to the boarding area without turning back. He coolly waved his hand with his back toward us.

This brat did not forget to act cool even before he leaves.

A certain day after a month.



“It’s been a month!”


“There still haven’t been any emails!”

Ouyang Shuai, that brat said that he would definitely send me an email yet it’s already been a month and my inbox still hasn’t received an email from him.

“Are you sure that you gave him your email?”

“Of course! I wrote it on every page of his notebook!”

“…Then, are you sure that you wrote it correctly? Didn’t leave out a letter or anything?”