Behind the Scenes

The Han family’s youngest sister said, “Third Sister-In-Law, I want to taste the forbidden fruit, lend me a helping hand!”

It was a perfect weekend morning to laze around in bed. I nested into Han Lei’s embrace and continued to laze around until the very end.

The phone on the nightstand suddenly ominously rang. I closed my eyes, frowned and grumbled. I buried into Han Lei’s chest and covered my ears with my hand, hoping for it to block the ringing.  

Han Lei’s chuckles impolitely transmitted from above me and I suddenly felt an arm over me. Then, the ringing stopped and I heard Han Lei lowered his voice intentionally and said, “Hello? … I am your Third Brother, you have a problem with that?”

I turned over sleepily to a lying position and continued to sleep, completely unconcerned with that caller who seemed to have been looking for me.

Han Lei leaned over and pressed against me, slightly rubbing my nose with his perfectly straight one, happily playing by himself.

En… Okay, I will tell her! Hanging up!” Han Lei said while he played.

I pushed him off when I heard him end the call, touched my nose, and asked with my eyes closed, “Were they looking for me? Who?”

Han Lei who was pushed off by me buried himself in my hair and laughingly said, “Honey, did you become stupid from sleeping too much? People who called your phone, of course they were looking for you! It was Han Hui, that child called, said that she’s looking for you for something. I helped you arrange to meet at ten. Right now it’s only seven, we still have time.”

I grunted satisfyingly, looks like I can still continue to laze around in bed but I unexpectedly ignored his deep meaning of “We still have time”.  

Suddenly, I felt a numb prickling pain on my neck above my collarbones, startled, I opened my eyes and patted his shoulder, “Don’t fuss! I still have to go and see your sister later!”

Han Lei happily planted hickeys while guaranteeing, “I’m just planting one for fun, I promise!”  

Three black lines (originated in manga, used when people see something ridiculous/weird or when they are in a depression. It is usually easy to tell which meaning applies depending on the context) appeared on my forehead, I gnashed my teeth and said, “The important thing is not this, it’s that I have to go out later! How am I supposed to cover this hickey that you have planted here?!”

“No problem! I prepared band-aids for you! Water and bacteria proof!” Han Lei complacently said.


I helplessly rolled my eyes, okay, I give up, as long as he’s happy.

Suddenly, this man who would want a mile if given an inch unexpectedly extended his hand inside my pajamas. This almost made me jump.

I clasped his handsome face and gravely said, “I have to go out later and right now, I need to preserve my strength. I’m serious!”

Han Lei looked at me with an unrivaled sinister smile and jokingly said, “So? It’s fine if I’m the one moving. Honey, I’m also serious!”

This evildoer unexpectedly used his charming smile to crush my last shred of resistance.

Ultimately, it was quite clear that I was eaten relentlessly clean by Han Lei.

I stood in front of the mirror holding Han Lei’s band-aid. I carefully and accurately plastered it on that heart shaped hickey that Han Lei planted, just enough to cover it completely.

Although I was somewhat guilty for hiding 300 silver taels (to reveal what one intends to hide) but it was better than showing that hickey out in the open.

I politely declined Han Lei, this free chauffeur’s kind intentions and hurriedly left that “evil” bed and went to meet up with Han Hui.

Han Hui was the Han family’s youngest and a girl that was extremely lovable. She was at the prime of her life, only 17 this year, a time that made people envious. Since she inherited excellent genes, her development was superb, tall and was a rarely seen beauty.

Han Hui arranged to meet at a milk tea shop. I walked in and looked around two times until I finally found her beautiful silhouette at a hidden corner.

I suddenly felt that the members of the Han family had a low-profile habit and liked to nest into corners, especially the hidden ones.

I sat in front of Han Hui, ordered a milk tea and both of us exchanged a smile.