Epilogue: Little Ying’s Speech

Hi everyone, my name is Han Ai. I’m a super~ unparalleled cutie that’s loved by all, flowers bloom whenever they see me and there would be lots of traffic whenever cars see me. I’m not that old, I just started going to primary school so please take care of me!

So, in order to express my utmost sincerity, I’ll send everyone a kiss full of love! Muah muah muah…everyone no need to fight, every person has a share! (Mummy taught me this.)

Although I’m called Han Ai but Daddy likes to call me “Baby” and Mummy likes to call me either “Little Brat” or “Little Meatball”. Their friends, however, likes to call me “Little Ying”. So, I’m quite confused. Just how many names do I have?

I have a pair of bright big eyes, long eyelashes, a small nose, ruby lips, rosy cheeks and a soft, plump body. Everyone likes me, especially my rosy, squishy cheeks so I always suffer from their “harassment” and “toying”. They were either squishing or kissing my cheeks which made my face to be even more rosy coupled with a few lipstick marks. Was it really that fun? So, I also pinched myself. En, it was really not bad, the skin was smooth and had a plump feel. It was really quite fun! 

They actually treated me very good. Everytime after they “harassed” and “toyed” with my face, they would always give me a lot of fun toys.

So Mummy said, one needs to be able to give and take. Although I don’t like their “harassment” and “toying” but for toys, I decided to deal and accept them bravely. What’d ya think? I’m definitely a person who could give and take!

However, my face would hurt after they pinched too much so I secretly remembered these guys who have “played” with me and planned to give them a “gift” after I’m all grown up. So, the names on the list were: my grandparents, uncles, aunties, Uncle Hao Hao, Auntie Su Xun, Uncle Liu Jun, Auntie Jiang Mo Mo, Uncle He Yi and Auntie Liu Jing. But because they were muuccchh older than me, I decided to “bully” their babies just like how they “harassed” me. Hmph hmph, I’m good at bearing a grudge!

My interest was to appreciate beautiful things such as handsome men and beautiful women so looking at them had became a must for me everyday after school. Moreover, it was with Mummy as she said that she needed to cultivate my standard from when I was little. But what bothered me was that none of them were more handsome than Daddy. So in my eyes, Daddy was the most handsome man on Earth until I met him… then Daddy pitifully retreated to second place.

Daddy, I’m really sorry!

Could everyone guess who this man was?

I loved Daddy and Mummy very much so I have to give them a great introduction.

Daddy is called Han Lei and in Mummy’s words, he’s a man who’s tall, handsome, and loves his wife and daughter. I also think Daddy is very handsome because everytime I go out with him, there would always be a lot of aunties who would peep at him. However, Daddy would always turn a blind eye to them. So I also imitated Daddy and turned a blind eye toward those aunties.

Mummy is called Xia Ying and in Daddy’s words, she’s a cute and beautiful woman who likes pranks. Mummy really likes pranks and Uncle Hao Hao, Uncle Liu Jun as well as Uncle Han Yu were all the objects of her teasing. As for the means and course of teasing, Mummy said it wasn’t suitable for children so she didn’t tell me.

Not suitable for children? What is “not suitable for children”?

Daddy loves Mummy very much because Daddy always shuts in a room with Mummy for a veerrryy long time. This was what Uncle Liu Jun told me. He said that this was how Daddy loves Mummy. So everytime Daddy wanted to pull Mummy into the room, I would always obediently run back to Grandma’s house and didn’t disturb them. En, no, it’s not me running back to Grandma’s house but Daddy sending me there for the night. Thus, every time this happened, I knew that Daddy was going to show his love to Mummy again and because I love them too, I would obediently go and live at Grandma’s. Wasn’t I clever?!

Daddy also loves me, he dotes on me lots! He would always satisfy my every request such as riding on his shoulders, holding me high in the air and even drooling or snotting on him.

Mummy also loves me, she dotes on me lots! She would always hold me tenderly and say, “Little Meatball, you’re my Xia Ying’s daughter. Not only should you inherit my heavy taste, but you should also try your best to trick Ouyang Shuai back home so he could be my son-in-law!”

What’s a son-in-law? Could it be eaten?

Although I don’t know what a son-in-law is but I know who Ouyang Shuai is. He is a super handsome brother, the one that retreated Daddy to second place. I like him a lot.

Mummy said that Brother Ouyang Shuai lived abroad and was super far away from us so we could only meet a few times per year. But, he would always come to my birthday party every year and not only would he gently smile toward me, he would also give me a super fun present. So, every year on my birthday, I would always wish that I could have a birthday each month. That way, not only could I see him every month but I would also get a present every month!   

I really liked Brother Ouyang Shuai. Not only because he was tall and handsome, but also because he was always gentle and nice to me. I liked how he would smile at me, play with me, hold my hand, hold me, kiss my cheeks and tell stories to me. So whenever I saw him, I would always be nestled in his arms and ignored Daddy.

So everytime Brother Ouyang Shuai was here, I would accidentally ignore Daddy. Everytime after Brother Ouyang Shuai left, he would always hold me and say, “Baby, you’re my little lover so you should remember that from now on, the man who can hold your hand is me, the man who can hug you is me, the man who can kiss you is me and the man you like the most is me. So, forget about Ouyang Shuai!”

And so, I would nod my head to promise Daddy every time. But once I saw Brother Ouyang Shuai, I would coincidentally “lose my memories” so Daddy would remind me every time and I would promise then forget every time. 

Of course, whenever Brother Ouyang Shuai wasn’t here, I love Daddy the most. But Mummy would sometimes tell me, “Little Brat, your Daddy is my man. Your man is Ouyang Shuai so be good and don’t fight over a man with Mummy.”

Although I didn’t understand what that meant but I would obediently nod my head every time just like when I sometimes nodded my head to listen to Daddy’s words and then “momentarily lose my memories”.

This was what Mummy taught me and it worked every time.

Daddy didn’t seem to like Brother Ouyang Shuai very much especially when he would kiss, hug and play with me. Why was that?

Was it because Daddy’s petty?

But Daddy also seemed to like seeing Brother Ouyang Shuai because every time he came back, Mummy would pull Daddy into their room and they wouldn’t come out for the whole night. Then, Daddy would be happy again. Why was that?

What a strange Daddy.

So Daddy would frown and smile whenever he saw Brother Ouyang Shuai which was quite weird. Whatever, I’m not gonna mind his business. I’m happy though because I could be nestled in Brother Ouyang Shuai’s arms!

Today was my eight birthday. I could see Brother Ouyang Shuai again!

After we celebrated at the Han residence, Mummy and I tricked Brother Ouyang Shuai back to our house and insisted on him staying for the night.

Daddy who had an unhappy expression on his face was mysteriously pulled into the room by Mummy. He reassuringly handed me to Brother Ouyang Shuai to take care, then he closed the door and locked it.

Why did they lock the door? Strange. Did that mean if Brother Ouyang Shuai and I slept in the same room, we would need to lock the door too? This was so complicated.

But, without Daddy’s disturbance, I openly slept on the same bed with Brother Ouyang Shuai and we chatted. Just that, I remembered we didn’t lock the door.

“Brother Ouyang Shuai, do you like me?”


“Great, because I like you too!”


“I’ll tell you a secret! But, you have to keep it a secret!”

Hehe, okay. I’ll definitely keep it a secret.”

“Mummy told me to trick you back home but I don’t know how. What would I need to do to trick you back home?”


“Tell me~ I’ll definitely take note! I promise!”

“…I’ll let you know when you’re all grown up…”

“In other words, you’ll let me trick you back home after I’ve grown up?”


“Then, when will I’ll be a grown up?”


Hehe, Brother Ouyang Shuai, wait until I’ve grown up and I’ll try my best to trick you back home. Wait and look forward to it!

– Epilogues End –