Epilogue: Behind the Glasses

Hi everyone, I’m Han Lei — the fourth child of the Han family.

My family was very different. The main reason was because I have a buffoon of a Mum. But I noticed later on that in addition to my Mum being a buffoon, my Grandpa and Grandma were also buffoons. So, I’m a child that grew up in a family of buffoons.

I noticed that I was different since I was little. In short, I have two selves. A specialized term for it would be a minor split personality disorder. Haha, I’m joking. I just have a double personality that’s all.

I could be quiet, calm and indifferent. I could also be passionate, enthusiastic and crazy.

I was once really troubled by this double personality of mine. Until one day, I discovered the greatness of a pair of glasses as it not only made me look more refined and handsome but also magically suppressed one of my personalities, the passionate side of me. Thus, even though I wasn’t nearsighted, I got used to wearing glasses.

The lens allowed me to observe the world as well as the many kinds of people more distinctly and objectively. It also made me get used to showing people the harmless and friendly side of me. I couldn’t help it, the world was so vast and society was so complex too, being low-profile was the way to go.

I don’t deny that I’m handsome nor do I deny that I need a woman. But, I admit that I’m very picky.

I certainly didn’t lack women throwing themselves at me because of my identity and appearance. But I don’t like them since I don’t like  complex feelings or those with intentions, especially in regards to love. So I stayed single until I met a woman named Xia Ying and thus, ended my bachelor life.

I’ll never forget that night, the night that made me impulsive yet unregretful, the night that I met Xia Ying.

It was nothing if a 28 year old man was still single but it would be something if a 28 year old man was still a virgin. It couldn’t be helped, I couldn’t accept loveless sex. Although some say that a man could separate his body and his heart, I couldn’t do it. It was perhaps because of the relationships involving the men of the Han family. We either didn’t love or just loved one person. So I’ve always been waiting patiently for the woman who could make me love unconditionally.

So that night, I stepped into that club.

The reputation of this club was quite good. There were different types of women but none of them could move my heart so I rejected every woman who tried to actively hit on me.

There were a lot of women in the club but I only took notice of one of them. She seemed out of place inside the club, hiding in the corner of the club… she didn’t seem like a woman who came out to play.

She didn’t have any heavy makeup, just a bare face. She didn’t wear skimpy clothing but rather a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Her entire person looked like a little white rabbit who had entered a wolves den by mistake. She seemed uneasy yet mischievous.

She also seemed to be observing the people in the club, her eyes looking around and from time to time would shake her head, pout and frown, seemingly disappointed.

What did she want to do? Looking for someone? I suddenly wanted to know.

Just at this time, she seemed to have shifted her attention onto me. She finally had focused her attention on me. Then, she turned around and went to the counter. After chatting with the bartender for a while, she drank her glass of alcohol in one gulp.

Wasn’t she afraid of getting drunk?

Then, she left the counter… and walked toward me.

I admitted that my heart was beating a little faster at this moment but I was used to wearing a mask and soon, I calmed down. I pretended to be calm and waited for her next move.

She stood in front of me and suddenly, sat down beside me. Then she looked at the front for a few seconds. Suddenly, she turned to face me and began to come near me. 

What did she want to do? Hence, I subconsciously dodged her.

She seemed to have froze for a while. Then, she pursed her lips and continued to come near me, placing her lips near my ear and said, “I’m the same kind of person as you!” 

The same kind of people? Which kind?

While she was stunned by me, I secretly sized her up through the lens. In my opinion, she wasn’t that kind of woman who’s a beauty at first glance but she damned suit my taste. There was no heavy makeup or coquettishness, there was only blatant… stupidness.

So, looking at this completely unfamiliar woman, I decided to wager everything. Who told her to be the first woman to make me feel like this in my 28 years of life?

Yep, it’s the feeling. The feeling of wanting to hug her. It was a strong feeling.

This was probably fate. So I dragged her out of the club and brought her home.

I never brought a woman home before except for when my Mum and Grandma invited themselves over. But I wanted to take her home and see her wake up on my bed.

The price of an ecstatic night was to be caught in bed by my Mum. Then this foolish woman was fooled by my Mum and sold herself away before she was conscious.

I have to admit that I was really happy.

But in order to respect her decision, I deliberately asked her whether she wanted to marry or not. Who knew she would unexpectedly roll her eyes and sweetly replied, “Marry! Of course, I’ll marry!”

As expected of a strange woman who differed from other women. But, I like it.

Then she told me she was called Xia Ying.

I’m married. I actually got married to a 419* lover.

419* – if pronounced, four one nine, it sounds like “for one night”, and 419 lover means a one  night stand lover

The life after marriage was as interesting as I thought it would be. I deliberately slept in a different room. I was intentionally polite with her and endured my desire for her because I didn’t want to force anything on her. So, I decided not to touch her until I was sure of her feelings toward me.

After meeting my buffoon of a Mum, she started to become weird and seduced me as soon as she got the chance. Yep, seduced.

I could hardly hold on when she wore her sexy nightgown. Fortunately, I had a great control and passed the night calmly. Next, it was either her flirting or revealing her chest. Hehe, how fun. Although I was holding on for dear life, she really knew how to play so I decided to play with her. Thus, I deliberately pretended to be slow-witted, making her excited at first with defeat in return. Whenever I saw that she was about to explode, I thought it was quite cute.

I felt quite regrettable that one time when we had almost went all the all on the kitchen counter but I was also somewhat glad. After all, I wasn’t fully prepared to love only her for the rest of my life.

But soon, I knew that I wouldn’t change my answer. I decided to only love, look and pamper her for the rest of my life

Afterwards, thanks to my Mum, I was able to smoothly show her my true face due to a powerful pill. Then later, I said to her, “Once I’m certain about a woman, then I would look, hug, and love only her. So likewise, as the woman I’m set on, you should also look, think, and love only me! Of course, I’ll give you a huge gift and that’s the privilege of unravelling my true colors!” 

She smiled, heartily.

I really like her smile. I truly felt that as long as I guard her smile, I would be super happy.

This was love, right? 

I’m a greedy man and I want her love too. I didn’t know when it started and even though she didn’t say it, I could feel her love too which made me simply elated over the moon. We’re the type of people who didn’t like to talk about love but what about it? I knew that she loved me as much as I loved her.

Yep, from now on, I’m Xia Ying’s man and Xia Ying can only be my woman.