Epilogue: Story of Qin & Xun

In Xiao Xian Zi’s (下弦の咒*) concealed parlor with glittering lights.

下弦の咒 – the name of the author

Xiao Xian Zi: (purposefully portraying an elegant and dignified temperament) Let’s give a warm welcome to our main character Qin Hao who took time out of his busy schedule to visit Mum for an extortion, er, an interview! Xiao Hao Hao~~~~~

Audience: (applause) clap clap clap

Qin Hao: (shyly touched his head) Hello, everyone!

Xiao Xian Zi: I heard that Xiao Hao Hao is really popular in the novel! Congrats!

Qin Hao: (embarrassed) You’re too kind! It’s because of everyone’s love! As long as everyone likes me, thank you everyone!

Xiao Xian Zi: (grinned evilly) I was originally gonna invite Su Xun too but she was shy. She would rather be knocked down by me than to come here. So, I wisely decided to knock her down and gave up. Then, I cleverly invited a special guest to assist me and that is —- Xia Ying! Welcome~

A certain Ying: (pretending to be gentle and virtuous) You’re welcome! Everyone, clap harder! Enthusiastically clap! Cheerfully clap! I won’t let everyone’s expectations down!

Audience: (thunderous applause) clap clap clap

Qin Hao: (wiping his sweat) How come I have such a bad feeling? Why is my back suddenly cold? Is it because the temperature of the AC is too low? Furthermore, why is her applause much louder than mine, the main character?! Unfair! This is unfair! I’m the main character! I protest!

Xiao Xian Zi: (ignoring Xiao Hao Hao) Xiao Ying, where’s your little Ying? How come you didn’t bring her here to play?

A certain Ying: (helpless) Sigh, you also know her daughter complex of a dad. Whenever he has the chance, he’ll brainwash the little brat’s brain to consolidate his position. So, I came here by myself! Moreover, the content of today’s interview isn’t suitable for children! It’s better for kids to be a little more pure. Of course, I’m talking about right now… hehe

Xiao Xian Zi and a certain Ying evilly and sinisterly smiled at Xiao Hao Hao.

Qin Hao: Why’re your here? You know about my past with Su Xun?

A certain Ying: I don’t know but I can weave stories! Isn’t it just a love story…

Qin Hao: …

Xiao Xian Zi: (clap clap) Okay, okay! Let’s not waste any more time and start the interview! The style of today’s interview will have Xiao Hao Hao mainly talk and Xiao Ying will supplement.

Qin Hao: (held his head struggling) She has nothing to do with this!! AH! AH! AH! Ah…

A certain Ying: Xiao Hao Hao, you’ll start first or I do? Of course, I don’t mind starting first but you should know that the level of my storytelling is that besides ***** is ***** or ******

Qin Hao: (pretending to be dead) …

Xiao Xian Zi: (winked) Our Xiao Hao Hao is shy! Then let me ask you and have Xiao Ying supplement later. Xiao Hao Hao, how did you meet your senior sister Su Xun?

Qin Hao: (shy) At a club in college.

Xiao Xian Zi: What club?

Qin Hao: Taekwondo.

A certain Ying: No wonder why we were so compatible. It turns out she was also an undisclosed hidden man!

Audience: Are you sure that you really feel that way? You’re playing us, right?

Xiao Xian Zi: (evilly smiled) Then, how did you guys… get together?

Qin Hao: (blush) Upperclassmen and underclassmen…after practice…everyone would go eat and drink. Don’t think wrongly, it was with the entire Taekwondo club. As such, we got familiar…

Xiao Xian Zi & Ying: (evilly smiled)  We didn’t think wrongly, we didn’t say anything.

Xiao Xian Zi: (evilly smiled) Then how did you guys progress to rolling in the sheets? Don’t look at me like that, everyone’s interested in the backstory of that! Of course, your Mum also wants to know!

Qin Hao: (blush) Can I pass?

Xiao Xian Zi: You wanna pass? Why do you think you were invited here? It’s cause of the “rolling in the sheets” scene! OK? Don’t act pure and innocent, it’s not like everyone doesn’t know how far you guys progressed! If I didn’t arrange Xiao Ying to help you, you’d still be biting your handkerchief and crouching in the corner drawing circles! Be good and carefully explain everything! It’s for you and everyone else’s good.

Qin Hao: O…K…

Xiao Xian Zi: (amicable) Don’t be shy, I’m your Mum. Be good and be honest! I won’t go overboard, really!

Qin Hao: (blush) Just…that…this…then…

Xiao Xian Zi: Xiao. Hao. Hao! Do you think we’re talking about science or something? What would we know from “just”, “that”, “this”, and “then”? Are you trying to pretend to be stupid and naive?

A certain Ying: Xiao Hao Hao, if you’re really too shy to say anything, I’ll help you say it. It’ll save everyone’s time and anxiousness. As I told you before, I could only make up stories. Furthermore, I guarantee that I will improvise as I go!

Qin Hao: (surrendering) Uh…I’ll do it, thanks for the trouble though. But I don’t want to say it so I’ll write it down. Can Mum please read it…

Thus, Xiao Xian Zi drank some water, took the script and cleared her throat. With a sweet voice of an announcer, she narrated the story of how Qin Hao and Su Xun rolled in the sheets from a third person’s view. Er…the story of that year was called “Story of Qin & Xun”.

It was said that year, the campus of a certain university was full of vigor with gardenias in full bloom.

Amongst the many freshmen, Qin Hao who was tall, handsome, polite and had an extraordinary aura stood out from the rest. He was so eye-catching that he immediately became the focus of attention for the senior sisters. 

Qin Hao, who was an economics major, studied very hard and minded his own business. From the beginning, he stated that he’s only at college to study and not to date. Thus, he obtained the title “Handsome Iceberg” and shattered many senior sisters’ hearts.

At that time, Qin Hao kept true to his words as most of his friends were mainly men. Take note, it was mostly. There was an exception and that was his senior sister Su Xun, the only girl at his side.

Su Xun was very talented in computer science. She was tall, gorgeous and had a great personality thus why she and Qin Hao could be bros. This was also the reason why she could stand beside Qin Hao because they were bros and there weren’t any romantic feelings involved.

Perhaps it was indeed this simple at first, but they forgot that there was no such thing as a pure friendship between a man and woman in this world unless that guy was gay and that girl was lesbian.

Of course, Qin Hao was certainly not gay and Su Xun was also not lesbian or else how could they have rolled in the sheets together?

Qin Hao and Su Xun met at the Taekwondo club. Su Xun was two grades higher than Qin Hao so she was a senior to Qin Hao.

Sun Xun’s personality was very straightforward so everyone liked her including Qin Hao. His like was that of a friendship between bros.

When Qin Hao noticed Su Xun, Su Xun also noticed him. Without a doubt, Su Xun had feelings toward Qin Hao. Although she didn’t know when it started but she gradually fell in love with him. However, after a long time of interaction, Su Xun decided to hide her true feelings toward him. She would rather stay by his side as a “brother” and continued practicing and playing together. She didn’t want to risk her only excuse of standing beside him because when Qin Hao rejected girls, it was always a decisive clean break.

Gradually, Su Xun got used to this kind of interaction with Qin Hao and became his best friend, or perhaps close confidant was more fitting.

Su Xun was a beauty so, of course, there would be many pursuers just like how Qin Hao had a lot of pursuers.

Qin Hao, who had maintained a simple friendship with Su Xun for a year, began to have doubts about their friendship because whenever he saw a new pursuer around Su Xun, he would always feel upset so much that he became angry.

So whenever he went out drinking with Su Xun and saw her alluring honey lips, he seemed…seemed to have an urge to kiss them!

Qin Hao was surprised by this idea. After all, he had always regarded her as a bro and wanting to kiss your bro was really quite shocking. But fortunately, his “bro” was a woman, a super beauty on top of that.

Although Qin Hao had accepted the fact that he fell in love with Su Xun, he was also super vexed because he vowed that he attended university only for studying and not to get a girl. But now, he also wanted to get a girl!

So this was what it meant to make a mistake, be troubled and depressed.

Su Xun also felt the slight changes in Qin Hao. For example, he would frequently ask her out, complement her and even send her flowers which made her overwhelmed from favor.

In the face of Qin Hao’s “abnormality”, although Su Xun was happy but she was also cautious. She was afraid that they would break the boundaries between friends and couldn’t be friends anymore. 

Thus, Qin Hao pursued very hard and Su Xun was slow-witted enough. They were like two ostriches, one was desperately pursuing and the other was desperately burying which made their friends not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

As the saying goes “the onlooker sees more of the game” so their friends were able to see that they were certainly going to develop into something more.

So their friends planned to give them a gift and decided to give them a good push or else the parties involved would be even more confused and the onlookers would also get more anxious. There was a saying that though the emperor was not worried, his eunuchs were.

Then, on a windy and moonless night, the two naive man and woman who were schemed against were finally able to roll in the sheets and for many times that night.

That night, all the members of the Taekwondo club found a magnificent excuse to organize a party, a party of alcohol and conspiracy.

In terms of alcohol, Su Xun was a heavy drinker and so was Qin Hao but their friends were conspirators. Thus when the two weren’t paying attention, the conspirators poured some powder into their glasses and sinisterly swirled the alcohol in the glass around.


Qin Hao, who woke up in bed in heat, also saw Su Xun with the same situation on the same bed.

Su Xun, who got drugged, had misty eyes, cheeks flushed with slightly parted lips lying alluringly on the bed.

Of course, Qin Hao cleverly figured out that they were plotted against but rather than being angry, he was grateful.

He could tell that Su Xun had feelings for him. No matter how much she tried to hide it, he could still tell. So, he decided to eat her clean first then talk later.

Qin Hao turned over and pressed down on Su Xun’s body. His eyes gradually locked Su Xun’s eyes full of love and asked with a husky voice, “Do you know who I am?”

Su Xun replied in a hoarse voice, “Qin Hao…”

“Good!” Qin Hao was pleased and kissed her adorable nose, “Then I’m gonna eat you now, do you agree?”

Su Xun blushed because of Qin Hao’s question. She didn’t know whether to answer or not.

“Whatever, the result will be the same anyway because you’re definitely gonna be eaten by me!” Qin Hao domineeringly said.

Looking at the man you love, Su Xun decided to stake it all and kissed him.

The breaths of the man and woman linger…

Just at this time, Qin Hao suddenly ended the kiss. He looked at Su Xun who got even more alluring as a result and said, “This is my first time.”

“Me too.”

“Then let’s just rely on our instincts!”

As such, Qin Hao instinctively undid their clothes resulting in skin-to-skin contact…

Afterwards, they enjoyed a period of sweetness. But with the problem of Su Xun finding a job in her senior year, it made them realize the cruelness of reality.

One day, Qin Hao suddenly proposed to Su Xun to break up. Su Xun didn’t understand. He didn’t explain. Afterwards, Su Xun who was brokenhearted left to study abroad and subsequently, their love ended.

Why did Qin Hao do this? It was because of Su Xun’s dad.

Su Xun’s dad was a man who had money, power and one that loved his daughter dearly. For his daughter’s future, he went and found Qin Hao.

So, after calmly and rationally analyzing Su Xun’s future prospects, Qin Hao came to a decision. It was painful yet one he wouldn’t regret because as long as his woman was doing good, what couldn’t a man who loved her couldn’t bear?

He believed that they would still have a chance to be together again.

Sure enough.

Fate really did allow them to meet again. They once again rolled in the sheets due to their friends’ plot. It was just like the beginning with everything having a fresh start.

Xiao Xian Zi: (grumble) If I knew the story was so long, I wouldn’t have helped you read it. My mouth is all dry now! AH! AH! AH! Ah… But, the part where you guys broke up was really quite melodramatic!

Qin Hao: (blush) Wasn’t that what you arranged, Mum?

A certain Ying: But, you really did dare to brag about yourself a lot! Haha! I really couldn’t tell that you were as thick skinned as me! As expected, one can tell that you’ve been hanging around Han Lei for a long time!

Qin Hao: …

A certain Ying: Anyway… couldn’t you have gone more into details about when you guys rolled in the sheets? It’s not satisfying enough!

Qin Hao: Not satisfying enough? Then go home and ask your man to be more detailed with you, satisfying you enough.

A certain Ying: Seriously, you really didn’t have any bad thoughts or intentions toward Han Lei? You sure you don’t like him? While we’re here, just be frank. I promise I won’t look at you with colored glasses. Isn’t it just bisexuality? I can accept it.

Qin Hao: Let me say it again and for the last time, I only revere CEO Han! Worship! Admire!

A certain Ying: (pleased) Anyways, you can’t deny that I was your biggest savior who had made it possible for you guys to roll in the sheets again!

Qin Hao: Yes…you are…

A certain Ying: (even more pleased) Then honestly say, am I a beauty?

Qin Hao: (gave in) …Yes…you are…

Xiao Xian Zi couldn’t bear to watch it anymore so she clapped her hands and made the final conclusion.

Xiao Xian Zi: (smile) This is the end of the story about Xiao Hao Hao rolling in the sheets. Thank you Xiao Hao Hao for your explosive, breaking news and for Xiao Ying’s guest appearance. So, Qin Hao, go home and accompany your wife. Xiao Ying should also go home and accompany your hubby and daughter. Everyone disperse, go and do whatever you guys need to do. I also need to go and rest. Bye guys, I won’t bother seeing you guys out!