After the brat’s one-month birthday, Han Lei finally returned to work but he still put me on maternity leave to let me wholeheartedly take care of the little brat .

Okay, the boss was the most mighty. I’d obediently obey .

The little brat was really cute, she was chubby, round and fair. It always seemed as if I couldn’t hold or kiss her enough. But there were times when I also disliked her and that was when she wouldn’t go to sleep at night.

Currently, the little brat who slept right after eating always liked to sleep during the day and abuse people at night. Once it’s night, her eyes would be wide open, sometimes crying and sometimes giggling while drooling. In short, if she wasn’t asleep, nobody could sleep either.

Han Lei did not seem to be affected at all because his daughter was number one. If he was sleepy the next day, then he would just simply not go to work. In any case, he was the boss and moreover, there was an omnipotent Qin Hao there holding up and didn’t believe that the company would go bankrupt anyways. Thus, Han Lei would always wait for his baby daughter to come “bother” him. The two of them would be up in the middle of the night which any other people would be fed up with. Well, I would be tired. Then after the little brat fell asleep in his arms, he would happily hug me to sleep.

Huh? Am I a substitute?

Ever since my pregnancy and my one-month confinement, Han Lei hadn’t made love to me. Before, it was because of special reasons but now that I’m done with my one-month confinement and my body was okay too, he still hadn’t made love to me.

This was a very serious problem. Even if he could bear it, I admit I couldn’t, alright? But as a woman, I also had a woman’s reservedness. But Han Lei, there was only his baby daughter in his eyes. Did he really regard her as a lover? Then what should I, his wife, do then? How could he forget his old love once he had a new flame?!

So, I decided to seduce him!

The little brat liked Han Lei’s embrace but liked my embrace even more because mummy had milk to drink.

The little brat who was in my arms drinking milk was really cute, just like an angel and Han Lei loved this scene the most. It couldn’t be helped, after all both of them were his favorite ladies. Thus, I fed the little brat in front of him and of course, my clothes were opened so it was quite rapturing. I didn’t believe that I was not able to seduce him. Sure enough, Han Lei’s eyes gradually darkened and his * was quite obvious. Of course, since we hadn’t made love in a while.

Thus after my persistent efforts, I coaxed him to let Mother-In-Law to take care of our daughter for a night. Then when he carried her to find Mother-In-Law, I quickly prepared myself. I changed into the black sexy nightgown that was lying unused all this while and sprayed some perfume on. After dimming the light, I stood behind the door and waited for the prey to take the bait.

When Han Lei entered the room and just right after he closed the door, I pulled him and pushed him down onto the bed. Then, I sat on his waist, making him unable to budge under me. Next, I took out a tie and tied his hands above his head with a smile. Afterwards, under his scorching and needy gaze, I licked my lips and played with my hair. I puffed my chest out and allowed him to admire the figure which I was quite satisfied with through the transparent nightgown.

Thus, under my provocation, Han Lei’s adam’s apple rolled up and down. I smirked and rubbed my butt against his most sensitive part. Then I leaned and kissed his five features, lightly and puffed my hot breath on him. When he wanted to catch my lips, I naughtily moved my lips away and wouldn’t let him succeed. My hands wandered all over his body, making him tremble. This was so much fun!

“Honey, I’m reminding you to never play with fire before you regret it! Otherwise, be prepared for the consequences!” Han Lei “warned” me with his sexy, husky voice.

“Honey, don’t forget that you’re being bound by me right now!” Who’s afraid of him?!

“Hehe…” Han Lei suddenly chuckled, “just with a tie?”

Thus, before I was able to be smug for even 30 seconds, Han Lei struggled for a bit and freed himself.

I startling straightened myself up and looked at him somewhat fearfully.

Han Lei also sat up and encircled me in his arms. He smiled like a big bad wolf and said, “Did you think I’m like my stupid Dad? To be stupidly tied up by his wife? Sorry, I’m Han Lei. So honey, prepare yourself because I’m not gonna let you off! I’ve endured it for a long time because I was afraid that your body wouldn’t be able to handle it but now it seems like… I thought too much!”

Did I wake up a hungry lion? Was it too late for regret?

Of course, it was too late. Han Lei, whose hands were freed, began his counterattack. First, his hands ignited everywhere they roamed on my body then he kissed me like how I did at first. He then tore my panty into pieces. PIECES! It was clear that he had been hungry for a long time now.

Thus, Han Lei entered me while our clothes were still on. With the face-to-face sitting position, my legs were wrapped around his waist and I felt his powerful and intense rhythm. That pleasure was so ecstatic. I could hardly speak and could only utter fragmented moans…

The passion burned for a very long time until Han Lei was satisfied.

I laid in bed “dead”. I regret it to the point where my intestines were turning green from regret. Come back quickly, my daughter, my baby! Come back and take your Dad away or else you wouldn’t be able to see your lovely Mum anymore!

Ever since that night of intense love making, Han Lei seemed to have gotten busier. He went to work in the day, played with his daughter at night and exercised with me in the middle of the night. The days went by quickly.

The plan “striving for favor” was successfully carried out and the results were remarkable. But I was exhausted after dealing with the small one then needing to deal with the big one. What a blunder! I shouldn’t have underestimated that man’s endurance and explosive power. It was a mistake, truly a mistake.

On this day, I brought the little brat back to my maternal home while Han Lei went to work.

Mum and Dad beamed widely once they laid their eyes on that little brat, then they proceeded to kiss and hug her.

I sat on the sofa, arched an eyebrow and smiled. I’d let them be happy for a while because they were going to be interrogated later.

After patiently waiting for them to be tired from playing, I held the little brat in my arms and held one of her little, fleshy hands and waved it at them. I deliberately said with a baby voice, one that could raise goosebumps, “Grandpa, Grandma, Mummy said that once I’m born, you guys will tell her something. So, can you guys tell her now?”

Dad and Mum were suddenly startled by this attack of mine and then, they cajolery smiled and said, “Then you must promise that you won’t be angry after knowing the truth!”

“Of course! How could I dare be angry at you guys?”