Vie For Favor

A certain Ying grieved: Han Lei, you’re actually also one of those men who would forget about your old love once you have a new flame!

A certain day in April, a little brat separated from her mum’s body and officially came into contact with the world.

That’s right! I gave birth! A little Ying was born!

I didn’t want to recall the process of giving birth again. I only knew that it was a pain like no other. It was a hundred times more painful than your first XXOO, it was f*cking painful!

I sincerely hoped that no one recorded my screams and saved it as their ringtone, amen!

But the gratifying thing was that the pain was over and there was a little princess in my arms. I couldn’t help but frowned a little. Who said that newborn babies must be all wrinkly? Must cosplay like an alien first?

Fortunately, baby quickly “unraveled” and under the meticulous care of the nurses and everyone else, that little brat was round and fair and tender, super cute.

The elders of the Han and Xia family were so delighted and fought to please that little brat who only knew how to eat and sleep, playing with her so happily. But I didn’t understand, that little brat simply ignored them. Why were they still so happy?

Han Lei, who was expelled from the baby’s side, sat at my sickbed and tenderly looked at me. He then softly thanked me.

I glanced at them circling around the baby and while they weren’t paying attention, I naughtily winked at him and smiled: “Mr. Han, did you think a ‘thank you’ would satisfy me?”

Han Lei was stunned at first then he stood up and bent down. He grinned then he pressed against me, giving me a solid kiss as thanks.

Oi! How could he seduce a woman who had just given birth and couldn’t be stimulated right now?!

Hey! I simply only wanted a kiss!

After that, I stayed in the hospital for another few days until my wound was no longer hurting then we went back home with the baby. We decided to stay at the Han residence since everyone could help out but mainly because of my one-month confinement.

As baby was still so little and I had to do my one-month confinement, Han Lei reasonably abused his power again and gave himself a month leave to “accompany wifey through confinement”. Thus making Qin Hao want to complain yet not daring to. It was truly hard on him but who told him to follow a boss like Han Lei?

The one-month confinement was quite a challenge as there were many precautions and taboos to observe.

For example, you needed to maintain personal hygiene, keep warm, prevent being shocked, pay attention to diet and only do mild activities. Aside from that, you had to stay faraway from radioactive items, keep a good mood, no wind, no tears, couldn’t read for long periods of time, and couldn’t eat or drink cold stuff. Thus, I had to temporarily say sayonara to my laptop and phone. Those manhua that could make me laugh to tears was also taken away by Han Lei and was urged by everyone to get out of bed…

Fortunately, I was glad about one thing and that was the “maintain personal hygiene” part. I had heard: since ancient times, it had been said that women were not allowed to shower and wash their hair during their one-month confinement. This was so misleading! How could you maintain personal hygiene without showering and washing your hair? Fortunately, our family was modern or else I would’ve definitely collapsed.

Thus, Han Lei who couldn’t take a bath with me found a new pleasure and that was to help me blow dry my hair. I liked to be beautiful so I was very unwilling to cut my hair. Hence Han Lei always liked to help me blow dry my hair and I also liked to watch his concentrated appearance in the mirror. He was gentle and captivating.

During the month of confinement, that little brat grew astonishingly fast. She was still as round and fair and tender but she would sometimes laugh. Her Mona Lisa like smile was so moe that it could make everyone in the family willingly work like a horse for her. They extremely loved her and spoiled her where the sky was the limit.

Perhaps it was the innate tendency between father and daughter but that little brat would smile whenever she saw Han Lei. Furthermore that smile was especially radiant and this made Han Lei quite smug. Thus the relationship between father and daughter were inseparably close and that sweetness made me somewhat…jealous.

Before, Han Lei would always kiss me first. But now, he gave this first to his baby daughter. I’m now like a supplementary product. Before, Han Lei liked to latch beside me, but now, he’s always together with his baby daughter…

How could this be? This little brat was clearly stealing my man! A little baddie! Although she was also innocent…

Thus, I decided to draft up a plan to vie for favor and to implement it after I’m done with confinement, or else Han Lei would soon forget about his wife after having a daughter.

Now, the first thing I wanted to do was to lose weight! Thanks to my Mum and Mother-In-Law, I was greatly nourished. Although I was thankful for their concern and love but the results were severe. Let alone bidding farewell to my previous small waist, even a bucket wouldn’t recognize the me right now. Were the consequences severe or not?

Although the current mellow, fair and tender me looked very cute but there was not an ounce of femininity. It made me look as if I was Han Lei’s eldest daughter, completely lacking in charm.

So, I diligently exercised and strove to restore my body to my previous succubus or a more satisfied figure before that little brat’s one month old birthday.

Fortunately, my hard work paid off and I was able to restore my body to my previous figure before that little brat’s one-month birthday. My hard work and sweat, you guys were not wasted.

On the day of the baby’s one-month birthday, instead of being extravagant and high-profile, we invited our close friends over to the Han residence and celebrated.

In fact, our so-called “close friends” were just our three neighbors from the 15th floor.

Tonight, Grandpa Han finally announced the little brat’s name — Han Ai, in the hope that she would be loved by everyone.

That little brat who was surrounded by everyone was so energetic, her eyes were wide-open and weren’t shy with strangers at all. She would smile at anyone she met and was so moe to the point where everyone couldn’t distinguish between north and south. Her cuteness made Jiang Mo Mo, Liu Jing, and Su Xun wished that they could give birth to a baby tomorrow to play too.

Qin Hao, who originally complained about Han Lei’s abuse of power, immediately surrendered when he saw the little brat smiling sweetly at him. He was immediately willing to be enslaved by Han Lei. It couldn’t be helped, Han Lei’s daughter was a great contributor in winning peoples’ hearts for her dad. Look, wasn’t Xiao Hao Hao successfully won over?