Two weeks later, symptoms of my pregnancy began to appear which made me complain endlessly.

I always thought that if a person wasn’t even interested in food then what pleasure would they have in living?

Thus, I always lamented and resented why women have morning sickness, vomiting and nausea during their first trimester. 

For the next several days, I only felt nauseous when faced with my favorite foods from before. Even if I was able to eat it, I would vomit it all out the next second which made Han Lei very worried. 

Thus, Han Lei decided to move back to the Han residence so everyone could take care of me and forcibly granted me maternity leave in advance.

Grandma Han and my Mother-In-Law were very concerned about me but since it was natural for pregnant women to have morning sickness, they were also powerless.

But Han Lei was the one who was anxious, suffering along with me.
Whenever he saw me unable to eat or vomiting it out right after, he would frown and looked at me worriedly, wishing that he was the one who was pregnant.

Therefore, due to his strong wish, he succeeded in sharing my pain and sorrow.

This morning, everyone sat around the table and ate breakfast. Unsurprisingly, I felt nauseated at the sight of food. Before that scoop of porridge had even entered my mouth, I couldn’t help but tossed the spoon aside, turned around and vomited just from smelling it. 

Unexpectedly, I didn’t hear Han Lei’s worried questioning this time but instead, I heard the sound of vomiting. That sound belonged to Han Lei. 

It seemed like because of his vomiting sound, I actually felt less ill so I turned around to see how he was doing.

The dining table went silent and everyone looked at Han Lei puzzledly. After all, it was his woman who was pregnant. It wasn’t his young master’s business to vomit. But what was the explanation for that clear vomiting sound then?

After vomiting, Han Lei went a little pale and looked at me confusedly.

Ultimately, Mother-In-Law said that this was because he loved me so  much that he subconsciously wished to share my pain thus he accompanied me in throwing up.

Although it seemed a little ridiculous but it also seemed to be true.

Ever since that day, whenever I wanted to vomit, Han Lei would vomit a sec before I did. It was like giving me a heads up so I could be mentally prepared.

Thus everyone knew that Han Lei really loved his wife to the point of even experiencing morning sickness together.

In July, the meet-up between Han Lei and his friends arrived again. 

Because I didn’t want him to skip out on it, I forced him to bring me to their “illegal gathering”.

So far, my vitality was actually pretty good, apart from my lack of appetite, morning sickness, and drowsiness.

My vigor was also pretty good today too, so after repeatedly assuring Han Lei, he then dared to take the “risk” and go out. Because the doctor said that the first three months were the most dangerous, they treated me as if I was a treasure. 

It was still the same abandoned soccer field from a year ago, still them six men and still us six women on the bleachers.

The men stood on the side of the field and confronted each other. There weren’t any punches or kicks as anticipated, just chatting.

We women sized each other up and then tacitly smiled. It turned out that we all happened to be pregnant with some just like me being pregnant for about a month and others already swelling up.

The men decided to not fight this time because the women were all pregnant so they decided to find a place to chat instead.

After relocating to a cafe with a good ambience, the men attentively took care of their woman and occasionally teased each other and exchanged information.

Just at this time, I began to feel ill again. Sure enough, Han Lei once again vomited before I did. Obviously, Han Lei then got “teased” by his group of friends.

But Han Lei didn’t mind, he wrapped his arm around me and proudly said, “If you have the ability, then you can also vomit with your wife! This shows that I love my wife!”

I smiled happily when I saw Han Lei looking inexplicitly proud.

After the first trimester, my morning sickness finally went away and my appetite recovered but I was still drowsy.

As my stomach gradually began to bulge, there were other changes to my body, for example my chest developed more, edema, hyperemia and etc. The most terrible thing was that my weight was steadily increasing! What a tragedy!

At night while nestling in Han Lei’s arms, I uneasily asked, “Have I become ugly?”

Han Lei smiled and kissed me then he bit my earlobe and said, “How can that be? Also, I’m not the kind of man that attaches an importance to a woman’s appearance!”

This man was going in a roundabout way of saying that I’m no longer pretty, right?!

Han Lei had hardly touched me ever since I got pregnant. No, it should be said that he hadn’t intensely loved me. Even when the baby was stabilized, he “reluctantly” loved me only after I initiated it. Hehe, he’s truly a cautious man. 

I was never worried that Han Lei would cheat because I was pregnant. Although there were many men who would betray a woman when she’s pregnant but if this man was Han Lei, I wasn’t worried at all because he loved me. How could a man who would accompany their woman to have morning sickness have the thought to do such a “stupid thing”? 

After six months, my stomach grew even bigger and moving was a lot more inconvenient, especially when I had to use the bathroom. Although the toilets at home were the sit-down type but with this stomach it was quite a challenge to sit and get up. Moreover, during this time where I had to pee a lot so everyone accompanied me.

For a better prenatal education, Han Lei found several pregnancy handbooks, literature books as well as some light music. Among which, the literature books and light music were prepared for me and the pregnancy handbook was left for him to read.

It’s true that I did like reading and listening to music but that was only limited to romantic fiction, transmigration, manhua and rock ‘n’ roll music. I would rather sleep than face what Han Lei had prepared for me.

In order to participate in the whole process of my pregnancy, Han Lei, the company’s big boss, couldn’t distinguish between public and private interests, abused his power and also gave himself a paternity leave. So apart from meetings that Qin Hao were truly unable to be qualified for, Han Lei practically accompanied me everyday with strolling, maternity exercise, reading literature and listening to light music… 

When I entered the eighth month of my pregnancy, I felt just like a cute, fat balloon. I was somewhat nervous because I heard that giving birth would hurt a lot. But Han Lei seemed to be even more nervous because he heard that when women give birth they’re at risk of having abnormal bleeding.

I found that I had no time to be nervous when faced with his strong emotional fluctuations. Instead, I turned to comfort and enlighten him. Wasn’t it just giving birth? Furthermore, he wasn’t the one giving birth.

As we neared the due date, Han Lei insisted on showing a relaxed front before me when he was actually quite nervous on the inside. Thus, he would idly talk everyday. But didn’t he find that our topic every night was astonishingly the same?

“Honey! We’ll definitely have a little Ying this time!”

Yep, we intentionally didn’t ask for the gender of the baby so that we could get surprised. Anyway the Han family didn’t have any unhealthy thinking of valuing males and attaching less importance to females.

“You seem to like daughters very much.”

“Of course, because daughters are their fathers’ sweethearts in their past life!”