A Man With Morning Sickness Too

Mother-In-Law laughed and said, “When a man really loves a woman, he will go through morning sickness with her!”

Xia Ying was going to be a mother and Han Lei was going to be a father. This meant that in another eight or night months, a little Xiao Ying or a little Han Lei would come out and say hi to everyone.

In the hospital, Mum rationally decided to ignore me when faced with my question. After leaving the hospital, these three people were instead planning on how to bring this surprise to everyone.

Han Lei solemnly informed everyone that there was an announcement to make. Hence making everyone’s mood turned somber.

When we arrived at the Han residence, I was placed on the sofa and was met with everyone’s concerned gazes as if I had unfortunately been infected with an incurable strange disease. From their expressions, I knew that they had believed it. They had fallen for those three’s plan to deliberately create a “somber” atmosphere. As for me, I was forced to become an accomplice.

Faced with everyone’s solemn expressions, Han Lei, who was sitting on the sofa with me in his arms, foolishly smiled typical of a prospective father, uh, radiantly smiled: “Let me tell you guys a good news! My woman’s pregnant, listen clearly, pregnant! That means in eight or nine months, you guys will be promoted to great-great-grandmother, great-great-grandfather, great-grandmothers, great-grandfathers, uncles and aunties!”

Apart from the two women who knew what was going on and were secretly laughing, the rest of the members of the Han family plus our dads were completely stunned and were immersed in the reversal of the situation.

Thirty seconds passed, one minute passed, five minutes passed…

It was not until the tenth minute mark that everyone reacted to it. It couldn’t be helped since this was the first time that the Han residence welcomed a joyous event. It really did need some time to adjust, especially with a baby on its way. But, didn’t they think they took too long though?

After everyone finally got into their new promoted role, the Han residence was bustling with noise and excitement again.

Everyone casted their gaze on me again. This time it was a different kind of emotion: excited, moved, joyous, happy, magical, proud, congratulating, unimaginable…

Everyone was scrambling to congratulate us and express their excitement.

The true and second head of the household had tears brimming in their eyes and held my hand for a long time, unable to speak. It was clear that they had waited for this for a long time. Finally, Grandma Han patted my hand and affectionately said, “Child, if you need anything in the future, let us know. Our Han family is lacking in everything but manpower and resources!”

I firmly nodded. Believe me, I won’t be polite when the time comes.

Then, the men surrounded Han Lei and patted him on the back. It seemed that this was the only way men congratulated each other. While the women surrounded me and fought to ask my current feelings.

After frolicking for a while, I met my Dad’s somewhat dazed gaze.

I got up and sat beside him. He held my hand and somewhat excitedly said, “I’m, I’m going to be a Grandpa?”

I lightly nodded; although he basically didn’t seem like one with his baby face.

Then he laughed and said, “Great! Great! Now that you have a child, I won’t believe that your Mum wouldn’t make me legal!” (as in remarry)

What’s with this and that? This wasn’t what I wanted to hear from him most.

“Now you can tell me about the story regarding the three women and one man in our house, right?” I repeated the question that I asked Mum before.

Just at this time, Mum who was also sitting beside Dad exchanged a meaningful look with him then said in unison, “Are you hallucinating? We said it before, we’ll tell you once your child is born!”

Oi! Did they rehearse this before? They were actually able to say such a long sentence completely synchronized!

After dealing with the rest of the family, Han Lei and I finally got home to rest.

After showering, we laid in bed with me nestled in Han Lei’s embrace.

The two of us couldn’t help but placed our hands on my still flat stomach and had the following conversation:

“It’s so weird, I’m actually pregnant! It feels super unreal.”

“Hehe, according to my calculations, you got pregnant during those two days in the suite!”

“Uh-huh, it’s all your fault for not using raincoats (another for condoms).” 

“Hehe… being consumed by desire, I forgot…”

“Uh-huh, you sure you didn’t do it on purpose?”


“Anyways, do you like a little Ying or a little Han Lei?”

“En… I like both. What to do?”


“But I have a feeling that this is a little Ying.”

“Oh? Why?”

“F.E.E.L! So, let’s first have a little Ying and then a little Han Lei!”

“Mr. Han, have I ever told you that you’re very greedy?”

“For men, if you have ambitions then you need to be a little greedy.”

“…Let’s sleep…”

Thus, the two novice rookie father and mother used this boring conversation to quell the excitement of knowing that a baby was on its way.