When I went up to the top floor in the afternoon to wander around, I coincidentally met Qin Hao who was also wandering around.

“Huh? Xiao Ying, why’s your face so red?” Qin Hao first concernedly asked then smiled vulgarly and said, “Oh! I know! You must’ve done something naughty, right?! Hehe…and it’s with Han zong!” 

I wanted to die already. He actually dared to tease me?

Hmph hmph, on the topic of being naughty, you and Su Xun also did it, right? Just last night, you also know… that the soundproofing of the houses isn’t actually that good…”

As a result, a certain man immediately blushed from my random guessing and bolted away.

I laughed seeing Qin Hao’s fleeing figure. How could I actually hear something? Even if I didn’t fall asleep from exhaustion, the soundproofing was so good that I wouldn’t even have the chance to eavesdrop!

So Qin Hao, love really does make people dumb!

A month later, beside having a high fever once, I was basically a healthy baby but I suddenly felt the anomaly within my body which was characterized as fatigue, drowsiness and a loss of appetite.

Looking at the spiritless me, Han Lei complained somewhat worriedly, “I told you not to stay up and watch anime. Look, feeling sick, right?”

I obediently listened and decided not to stay up and watch anime anymore but it was still the same. Thus, I loudly shouted that it wasn’t because I stayed up to watch anime.

Then over the next couple of days, my symptoms didn’t go away but intensified; especially my appetite which had me quite worried. It should be known that I didn’t have any other interests besides anime and eating. Now, my appetite was affected. How could I not be worried?

Seeing my fatigue and drowsiness, the great Han zong specially gave permission for me to not go to work but to rest at the Han residence during working hours.

After two days of sleeping, my mum and mother-in-law vulgarly smiled, uh, radiantly smiled and brought Han Lei and I to the Gynecology department of the hospital for a check-up.

The gynecologist auntie and nurses affectionately smiled and kindly guided me of a newcomer. After the lab report came out, Han Lei, my mum, mother-in-law and I held our breath and waited for the gynecologist auntie to speak.

Looking at our nervous appearances, that gynecologist auntie kindly smiled and said, “Congratulations, this child’s been pregnant for three weeks.”

Hearing this, Han Lei was somewhat stunned. The two women who were about to be promoted to being grandmas clapped and cheered. Whereas I calmly accepted the news despite the fact that I was actually quite nervous and my heart was beating excessively. The body was mine so I more or less could guess what was happening. Though I hadn’t been pregnant before but I had more or less heard about it before? Just like how one never ate pork before but have seen a pig running.  

Surprised! I’m pregnant! Delighted! Pregnant! It’s truly surprising and delighting and magical!

Han Lei finally reacted and foolishly smiled, emitting the aura of a prospective father. It was clear that he liked the baby very much.

Over there, Han Lei took out his phone and asked the doctor for precautions while jotting it down. On this side, I slowly turned to my mum and smiled.

“Mum, you can tell me the story regarding the three women and one man in our house this time, right?!”