After attaining the room card, Han Lei once again revealed a sexy smile that only I could see. He gently held my hand as we walked into the elevator and pressed the button for the top floor.

There were only the two of us in the elevator. Han Lei didn’t look at me but the temperature of his palm was so high that it seemed as if it could burn my palm which made my body involuntarily heat up.

OMG, this was the first time I had opened a room with a man! Han Lei, how many of my first-times did you want to take away before you’re resigned? Although I was most willing to because the man that could take away my first-times henceforth would only be you.

Han Lei calmly led me to a suite, took out the room card and opened the door. He then gently pushed me inside.

What an incredible night view!

The moment I entered the room, the night view captivated me. The suite was large and luxurious but the wide French window captivated me most. As it was the highest floor, I was able to have a panoramic view of the entire nightscape.

I practically threw my handbag on the sofa and rushed to the window, insatiably appreciating the lights outside.

Han Lei came up behind me with his hands against the glass encircling me within his embrace. He bent slightly and leaned his handsome face against mine: “Happy?”

I repeatedly nodded and couldn’t help but turned around and planted a kiss on his face to express my delight. Of course, Han Lei wouldn’t be satisfied with just a kiss hence he took an inch for a mile and attacked my lips first with a French kiss. 

When both of us were gasping for air, Han Lei slowly left my lips and let me lean against him then encircled me in his arms. He lightly sucked on my earlobe and said, “Did you know that I originally wanted to bring you here on our first year anniversary to celebrate? Who knew that I would meet father-in-law and mother-in-law? Afterwards, I missed the opportunity…”

I giggled because of his sucking and words. His intonation had unspeakable aggrievement and innocence. Moreover, that aggrievement was one where you wanted to complain yet didn’t dare to. Afterall, the other party was his father-in-law and mother-in-law so it was simply too funny. 

The mood in the suite was great. The night view outside was still as eye-catching but only Han Lei’s seduction captivated me now.

His kisses trailed down to my neck and his hands encircling me began to liven up. He first nimbly unbuttoned my shirt then caressed my fullness.

My eyes were half-closed and I found that I was slowly becoming aroused. I couldn’t help it, Han Lei led my body astray. As long as he touched me with any need, my body would also respond with a strong need. 

Unwilling to be passive again, I turned around and clasped his handsome face and kissed him. Then under his eyes full of desire, I pulled his shirt out from his pants and unhurriedly unbuttoned it. Next, my lips left his and slowly kissed his Adam’s apple. His Adam’s apple rolled up and down because of my kisses. The more I teased him the happier I became hence I continued to trail my kisses downwards. When I came to his nipples, I naughtily teased it with my lips and tongue making Han Lei sound a painful yet in actuality excited moan.

Before I was able to rejoice long enough, Han Lei clasped my head and kissed me. Then he pushed me against the glass window. After removing my pants and underwear in lightning speed, he undid his belt and pulled down his zipper. Next, he hung one of my legs on his waist and finally, he filled me while kissing me. He pressed me against the French windows and ferociously embraced me. It was truly insane.

As for me, while I became muddle-headed from my desires, I was also worried about two realistic matters. Firstly: was this glass firm? Secondly: no one would peep through binoculars, right…?

After going at it crazily in front of the windows, Han Lei led me to the bathroom. Do you know how big the bathroom was? It was luxurious yet wasteful because we had only used a tiny portion of the space. Truly, since I was sitting on top of Han Lei so how much space could we have used up?

After another round in the bathroom, I staggered towards the bed and plopped down to take a breather.

If I hadn’t escaped while Han Lei wasn’t paying attention, I wouldn’t know how long I would still be inside being seduced by him.

After Han Lei got into bed, I laid dead still. The two rounds of intense loving was already a little bit too much for me to bear.

With my eyes closed, I distinctly heard Han Lei chuckled, “Honey, we have plenty of time. Let’s have a rest tonight!”

Plenty of time? Was it what I thought it to be?

Sure enough, what he referred to as “plenty of time” was exactly what I had thought it would be. A great weekend with us cooped up in the suite intensely having sex — on the bed then the sofa then on the floor then against the wall…

Ah! It was truly a weekend that made one want to cover their face and die from embarrassment!

When I went to work on Monday, I couldn’t help but blush at the thought of the wildness that had occured the past weekend. This Han Lei, did he want the death of me? To become the first woman in the Xia family to venture off to India on a quest for Buddhist scriptures due to excessive indulgence?