Surprised & Delighted

A certain Ying pondered: Han Lei mentioned another good place. I wonder where it would be this time?

What’s a “happy ending”?

A happy ending was when Mum finally decided to let Dad win her over. Then the two of them, who were already parents, went home and settled down like a newlywed couple. As for the three women and one man in the house, just like they said — throw them out. Yep, they were really thrown out, but the frightening and bizarre thing was that they were unexpectedly “perfectly happy” with being thrown out. 

As for the inside story about the love triangle between my parents and that woman, who I had always thought was my stepmum, they continued to use the excuse of “when I have a baby” and refused to reveal anything beforehand.

My parents and Han Lei’s parents and grandparents could talk endlessly and always lamented for not meeting earlier. Thus, ever since they met, their relationship and bond was strong and tight. Sure enough, birds of a feather flock together.

Thus, thanks to my parents, the Han residence became more active and lively. My parents frequently hung out at the Han residence and played. As for what they played, only they would know.

But what exactly could six elders play? It’s somewhat unimaginable.

Recently, my parents used renovation of the house as an excuse…uh, a reason, to hang… uh, to stay over at the Han residence because our Han family’s head of the household said that the Han family didn’t have anything but plenty of rooms. Thus, my parents moved in. Thank god that Grandma Han didn’t say, “you guys can stay as long as you want” or else I reckoned that the two of them would live there for the latter half of their lives. Not for anything else but for the liveliness and atmosphere there. Trust me, they were the kind of people that would dare to do so.

Thus everyone would actively return to the Han residence for dinner almost every night. Firstly, there was free food; secondly, we could relax and make fun of each other; thirdly, we could cultivate feelings between family.

This man and woman from my family were both super sociable people and able to easily be friends with almost everyone. Hence, both the Han family’s young and old generations were easily swept away by them.

It was another Friday evening and we dutifully reported in at the Han residence. Everyone sat around the dining table, not forgetting to talk and laugh in between eating and drinking. The main characters were still my parents because they went to many places so what they saw and heard was closely followed, attracted curiosity, and admired by everyone. Therefore, my parents fervently spoke about their travels to satisfy their curiosity.

But little did anyone know that they would have a “lecture” every night. A week had passed and their “lectures” were still continuing so you could imagine how many places they had traveled to. It was truly pure happiness! A happiness that came from abandoning their daughter!

Because time was limited and because everyone still had things to do, the “lecture” would be continued next time.

After scattering, those who didn’t live in the Han residence drove away and those who did live in the Han residence also drove away. It was obvious that they were going to go on a date. Among them, Han Yu’s smile was still as infuriating. Ever since he had the beauty in his arms, his mood was great to the point of being frightening. Senior Sister, who was strong and powerful, also showed bashfulness belonging to that of a woman. It was truly rare and I could feel the magic and greatness of love. 

After everyone tacitly said their goodbyes at the front entrance, Han Lei also drove out onto the road.

As soon as I saw that we weren’t on the road home, I couldn’t help but ask, “Where’re we going?”

Han Lei, who was driving, turned around and smiled at me: “Taking you to a good place.”

It’s a good place again. I remembered that the first time he mentioned a good place, he took me to the club where we had first met. The result was so crazy that I couldn’t believe it. Whatever good place he mentioned this time should be different, right?

This time’s so-called good place had certainly changed location. It wasn’t a club but a hotel.

He actually brought his wifey out to open a room!

This was a highly rated hotel because I saw stars. Really, just right below the name of the hotel on the signboard. One, two, three, four, five, there were five stars. It was a five-star hotel.

Han Lei calmly drove into the underground parking lot then under my gaze, he took out a duffle bag from the back seat. He then smiled and held my hand as we walked into the elevator until we reached the service desk in the lobby.

Looking at his confident smile and the duffle bag in his hand, this guy had came prepared and furthermore, acted first then report later.

After stepping out of the elevator, I found that a five-star hotel was really different. That floor was polished so much brighter than other highly rated hotels. Looking at the floor that was so shiny and reflective, I was glad that I didn’t wear a skirt or else I would’ve exposed myself.

The style of the five-star hotel was luxurious but not tacky, so was their reception desk. The ladies sitting inside had a sweet smile on their faces and seemed like their character and personality was not bad as well. One of the ladies at the reception desk first smiled professionally at us before she noticed Han Lei’s handsome looks, then that lady smiled like flowers in full bloom and received us.

After seeing that receptionist’s radiant smile, Han Lei who was smiling from ear to ear suddenly changed his expression and somewhat coldly talked to her.

“What kind of room would you like to reserve?” The receptionist smiled while enquiring.

Han Lei ignored her smile and said, “The suite that your President Han Si helped to book.”

So, it turned out that this was Han Si’s territory. Wait, Han Lei had actually brought me to our elder brother’s territory to open a room! And even asked him to help us book! Ah! Then wouldn’t I have to cover my face when I see Han Si in the future?!

That receptionist was first startled then she couldn’t help but turned to look at me, eyes full of admiration.

I smiled at her and allowed her to admire. Who told this man to be mine? If you want to be admired, then go find someone for yourself.

The receptionist quickly helped to check us in and handed our room card with a real professional smile this time. She then politely directed us to the elevator that would take us right to our suite.

Han Lei was this type of man. Once he found that a woman didn’t have an over-the-top delusion toward him, he wouldn’t be stingy and would offer a warm smile to them. Thus, that receptionist was lucky enough to earn a genuine smile from Han Lei.