In the evening, sitting at the Han residence, Han Lei was somewhat restless facing a couple who didn’t seem to already have a twenty something year old child.  

It’s not surprising. After all, he’s facing his father-in-law, he more or less should feel somewhat nervous. Who told him to steal someone’s daughter away? Although, that someone’s daughter was most willing to let him steal her away. 

Although my dad possessed a babyface but appearances were deceptive. He looked harmless on the surface but when he’s crazy, he’s crazy. His indifference was comparable to the coldness of Gree ACs (an AC brand in China)

It felt like Dad and Han Lei were somewhat similar. 

As for how crazy my Dad could become, I shan’t say anymore. Just solely based on him indulging my Mum to leave home, then chasing after her and vacationing all year round without caring about me had already said it all.

All the members of the Han family gathered in the living room. After all, there was a show to watch. Furthermore, it was a show that could make Han Lei, the king of masks, somewhat overwhelmed. 

My parents and Han Lei’s grandparents and parents exchanged pleasantries. The atmosphere was great because they were of the same kind, exactly the so-called “birds of a feather flock together”. 

After the greetings, my Dad and Mum began to “care” about Han Lei.  

“Hey lad, how the heck did you get nabbed by our brat?” My dad asked with a face full of anticipation. 

This question, how should Han Lei even answer it? Should he tell him, “your daughter came up to me, then we went home and rolled in bed together, got caught and then married”? 

Faced with this question, Han Lei sweated a little. He’s damned if he answered and damned if he didn’t. In addition, there was also a group of theatergoers watching at the sideline.  

“PASS!” My Mum couldn’t bear her son-in-law being bullied so she helped out. 

As expected, disappointed sighs filled throughout the living room except for my mother-in-law who was covering her mouth and laughing because she was the one behind this. 

“Then let me change the question. Why were you willing to be nabbed away?” 


What’s the difference between this question and the previous one? A change in words only. 

Mum couldn’t bear it. After giving Dad a slap, she got up and sat down beside Han Lei. She said affectionately, “Ignore him, he’s playing with you!” 

Han Lei forced a laugh. The other party was his father-in-law. Was “ignoring” even possible? 

After teasing Han Lei for a bit more, my Dad changed to a more serious expression and said, “I just have this one precious daughter. Although she was raised free-reined but she grew up well. Even though I feel that you might be a bit wronged when paired up with her but I just have this one daughter so I hope she can be happy. So, can you guarantee that you can make her happy for a lifetime?”

This was a moving statement, a pledge that a good father asks and strives for for his daughter’s happiness.

Han Lei also changed into a more earnest expression and firmly looked into my Dad’s eyes: “I swear that I will make her happy for a lifetime unless I leave this world a step before her.”

Everyone was moved by Han Lei’s pledge and couldn’t help but cheered quietly. But my Dad didn’t give face and muttered, “Is a man’s vow useful? If it was, what’s the use of the police then? Moreover, a man’s vow is used to trick girls into going to bed with them…”

In order to let our family catch up with one another, the members of the Han family cleared the scene.

Compared to my Dad, the more my Mum saw her son-in-law, the more she liked him. She grabbed him and took off to have a private chat with him. Hence, my Dad who was not resigned to being “abandoned” also grabbed me to have a private chat. 

“Have you won Mum over yet?” I asked with a frown. 

“Almost…” Dad said somewhat uncertainly.

“You’re so shameful…”

“I’m your Dad, okay? Give me some face!”

“Then what about the three women and one man in our house?”

“Throw them out then renovate the house again.”

“Then when will you tell me the story regarding them?”

“When you have a baby!”


After a half-time break, the conversation partner was exchanged.

“When will you let Dad win you over?” I asked with a frown.

“Almost…” Mum said hesitatingly.

“You don’t feel that it’s boring?”

“A habit becomes second nature…”

“Then what about the three women and one man in our house?”

“Throw them out.”

“Then when will you tell me the story regarding them?”

“When you have a baby!”


Thanks to the blessings of my parents, me and Han Lei’s anniversary was spent with them. It was not romantic at all. I even suspected that they deliberately came back on this day to pick a fight.

After we finished dealing with my parents, Han Lei’s father-in-law and mother-in-law, we had no more spirit to celebrate upon returning home because this anniversary had long passed.

We laid in bed mentally exhausted, idly chatting away.

“I think your dad… is unfathomable…”

“Congrats on finding out.”


“What did my Dad talk to you about?”

“He asked me how I hooked up with you…”


“Also… your performance in all aspects…”

“Including in bed?”


“That perverted old man!”

“…I think so too…”