Paying Respects to Father-In-Law

Han Lei: Honey, you dare to hug another man on our first year anniversary?!

As winter and spring passed and summer came, I was surprised to find out that I had been living with Han Lei for a whole year already!

Looking back a year ago on that night before today, I had unprecedented courage to actually dare to go to a club alone to find a one-night stand as a birthday gift to myself. Now that I thought about it, hats off to me. 

To have met Han Lei that night, I really think it was fate. It was fate that led me to walk up to him and said that first word, letting him choose me to roll in bed with, letting his mum caught us in bed and then her tricking me into selling myself, uh, marrying myself out…

Although it still feels inconceivable up to this day, but I couldn’t deny my luck. I guessed I must’ve been Lei Feng* in my past life for me to have such a good man.

Lei Feng – a soldier in the People’s Liberation Army and is a communist legend in China, he was characterized as a selfless and modest person devoted to the Communist Party, Mao Zedong and the people of China, subject of a nationwide posthumous propaganda campaign, “Follow the examples of Comrade Lei Feng.”

There are countless men in this world and it’s not a big deal to have encountered a rich man. The problem was, he was still young. It’s not a big deal to have met a young man who’s rich but the problem was, he was also handsome. It’s not a big deal to have met a young man who’s rich and handsome but the problem was, he was also loyal.

And Han Lei was exactly that, a rich, young, handsome and loyal man.

Love is incomprehensible and magical. It allows two strangers to meet then secretly intertwine that invisible red string of fate on their pinkies together, quietly binding the two of them.

Han Lei was a mysterious man with many faces. The more I got to know him, the more I was attracted to him. He was addictive like poppies*. This also made me realize that my heart would only throb and pound for him.

poppies – opium was made from poppy flowers

I remembered he once said, “As long as I set my mind on a woman, I would only look, embrace and love only her. So in equivalent, as the woman that I had set my mind on, you can only look, think and love only me! Of course, I’ll give you a huge present, which is the privilege to unearth my true colors.” Every time I recalled his declaration, I couldn’t help but be ecstatic to the point of having an internal injury. This was supposed to be a very happy thing but I felt that this happiness was somewhat unreal.

Han Lei was a very interesting man. He would only show his captivating qualities and true colors to people whom he wished it to be shown to. And I was fortunate to be able to witness his true colors at all times. From time to time, this man became domineering, gentle, romantic, stupid, devious, and childish. But it’s never a boring moment with him and I believe that a whole lifetime with him won’t ever be boring.

Looking at the calendar, it was the first time that I had felt time went by too fast. It seemed that time would never be enough when you spend it with your lover. 

On the first anniversary of our marriage, we went to work as usual and planned to celebrate it later at night. I wonder what kind of surprise Han Lei would give me?

However, things often don’t follow as desired. Before I had the chance to receive Han Lei’s surprise, I had inadvertently given Han Lei a big surprise. 

While at work in the afternoon, I was obviously absent-minded and daydreaming. With a sweet smile on my face and eyes crinkling, everyone couldn’t help but start guessing what caused this pink atmosphere around me.  

By the way, everyone still doesn’t know about me and Han Lei except for He Yi and Qin Hao. We’re not really trying to hide, at least we weren’t right now but it was odd how no one hadn’t taken note of it or noticed. I’m actually their boss’s wife, that was truly unimaginable to them. Had they never seen Han Lei and I go to work and get off together even once?  

But if everyone doesn’t mind then I’m even more happy. Even if they knew, I’ll still be me. If they were my friends then they were my friends. If they weren’t, I won’t insist on it. As to when my real identity will be exposed, Han Lei and I unanimously agreed — let nature take its course. 

While I was openly slacking off, I suddenly received a call. That brief call made my eyes slightly teary. Then under everyone’s gaze, I walked out of the design department and rushed to the entrance of the company. 

In front of the entrance, I saw that familiar back that I had missed, one that belonged to a man’s figure. His back was still as dashing and distant. When he turned around, I couldn’t restrain myself and ran toward him. 

He spread his arms out, affectionately looking at me as I ran toward him.  

I rushed into his arms, knocking him back a few steps.
We tightly hugged in silence.

But this silence and rapport was short-lived. 

After a few seconds, I pushed him away, clutched his neck and shook him around while complaining, “You’re such a heartless guy, forgetting about me once you have your former flame? How long did you ignore me this time? En?”

He struggled while laughing. Then he also started to return the attack  — kneading and pinching my face: “Why does your tone sound so sour? I did it for your own good! I was afraid that once you saw me, you would give your man the cold shoulder!” 

Hearing him mention my man, I suddenly remembered that we were actually bantering around in front of the company entrance without any regard for others. If Han Lei saw, maybe… no, he would definitely misunderstand if he saw this man who had me in his arms once again. 

Sure enough.

“Xiao Ying…”

Han Lei’s slightly trembling voice sounded behind me.

The man who held me seemed to have thought it was fun so he held me even tighter in his arms and looked at Han Lei. 

I couldn’t help but bit the arm of the man holding me and finally freed myself from his hold. When I turned around and saw Han Lei, yep, he had definitely misunderstood judging from the pain and inconceivableness written all over his handsome face.  

I sighed and glared at the man laughing beside me. I walked to Han Lei and took a hold of his hand: “Do you believe me?” 

Han Lei looked at me a little woodenly. Although he saw me “cheating on him”, he still firmly said, “I believe you.”

Before I could even praise Han Lei for his trust in me, that man was a step faster and said to me, “It seems like you’ve chosen quite a good man!” 

I fiercely glared at him. Then I affectionately looked at Han Lei and said, “Honey, to tell you the truth, this man, who doesn’t look like he’s an elder, is actually my dad!”

“You’re lying!” Han Lei said without a second thought. Then he pointed at the man while slightly trembling: “He looks so young; how does he pass as someone who has a daughter your age?” 

I knew it! But this was the truth. Who told my dad to possess a babyface that never age?!